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Rating 8/10

On 7-14-12, I ordered a refurbished Motorola Xoom tablet from Daily Steals. It was advertised as being the 3G version. After 5 days passed with no shipping notification and having read here of nightmare situations where customers still hadn't received their orders after weeks of waiting, I contacted Customer Service to ask about their cancellation policy. Two days later, I got a response via email and the following day, my order shipped.

On 7-26-12, I received the Xoom but it was NOT the 3G version, it was the cheaper Wi-Fi only version. I immediately thought I had fallen for a "Bait and Switch". I promptly contacted Customer Service again, both through their web site as well as via a direct email to the agent that sent me the cancellation policy information. She wrote back right away and, after I sent a description of what I had received as well as some photos of it, she was convinced that I had gotten the wrong one. She assured me that this was not a case of "Bait and Switch", however, they did not have the 3G version in stock. I was offered an RMA but I hated the thought of having to start my search for this tablet all over again as it has gotten really hard to find. And although the one I received was the cheaper Wi-Fi only version, it worked great and showed no signs of being a refurb. Basically, it looks brand new. (The AC adapter, on the other hand, looks to have been abused... all scratched up with a bent pin.)

In the end, they offered me a small refund (less than 10%) if I wanted to keep it rather than return it, and decided to keep it. Ultimately, I would say that I am a satisfied customer and am pleased with Daily Steal's Customer Service. They really made every effort to rectify what appeared to be an honest mistake.

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Rating 2/10

After checking Pricescan.com and Pricegrabber.com, I was happy to see that a company I have dealt with before, Etronics, had one of the lowest prices for the camera I wanted. I visited Etronics' web site and was delighted to see that the camera was in stock and "usually ships in 24 hours". Because I had been a satisfied customer in the past, (you can see that their lifetime record here is very good) I didn't bother to check resellerratings.com and went ahead and placed an order on the evening of Tuesday, 1-16-07. Almost immediately, I received a automated "Thank You For Your Order" email. The next morning, I was delighted to see that it had gone to the third step, "Processing", out of five and I received another automated email stating that the order had "passed the authorization and verification process" and had been "released to the shipping department." The final two steps in the process were "Packaging" and "Shipped" and I expected to see that it had cleared both by the time I arrived home from work that evening. However...

That evening, it was still sitting in the "Processing" stage. Not only that, there were 2 messages on my answering machine from "DJ", a salesman at Etronics. One at 5:52 and another at 6:37. All he said was that it was in regard to my order. I figured it was to sell me accessories so I did not call him back. I did, however, email Etronics service dept. because my camera had not been shipped and it had been well over 24 hours.

The following day, I got yet another call from DJ. I let my answering machine pick it up (for evidence, should I need it) and it recorded the same message as before and time stamped it. Ten minutes later, I got an email from DJ. This is what he wrote: "Thank you again for your online order. In order to speed up the process of your order please call to verbally confirm at (877) 377-6600 extension 211." Speed up??, I wondered, it's already 24 hours BEHIND what you promised on your web site. I wrote him back...
"Why do I have to verbally confirm? I've ordered from you before and have never had to do this nor does any other company I've dealt with require this. If this is to try to sell me accessories or an extended warranty, be advised that I want neither. What's the point of being able to order online if I have to speak with someone on the phone as well? If I have to call you in addition to ordering online, I expect the free tripod and screen protector."
I also got an email from Mark Billings stating that my first email to the service department didn't go through so I wrote him as well explaining what had transpired to that point, including the unending phone calls from their salesman, DJ, and requested that they "just process my order." Also, by this time, someone on one of my photography forums pointed out that Etronics had a HORRIBLE rating on resellerratings.com. I visited this site to read the stories from other poor souls and my heart sank. I went back to the Etronics web site and saw that the camera was now listed as "ships in 1-2 days". I knew I was in deep doo-doo.
I gave them one more day and on the evening of Jan 19th, I checked the Etronics web site and now the camera WASN'T EVEN LISTED! And my order was STILL in the "Processing" stage! So I hit the "cancel this order" link. Almost immediately, I got an automated email stating that they were "Unable to cancel my order". I was LIVID!

I then sent this email to their service address, to Mark Billings, and to the salesman, DJ:
"This item has NOT shipped... it still is in "Processing" stage. I attempted to cancel the order tonight and have received an email stating that the order was not voided. There is NO reason this order should not be able to be canceled. I have contacted my credit card company to inform them of what you are doing. I will not accept the package if you ship it and I will have my credit card company deal with you as I will DISPUTE any charge you make to my card.
Your service has deteriorated to an unbelievable low since I ordered from you last. Had I had the sense to check out resellerratings.com, I would have seen and read all about the deceitful practices you now stoop to in order to make a profit. See for yourself... (insert resellerratings web site address) how can you people sleep at night?
I will be contacting the New York Better Business Bureau to complain about this matter as well."

All weekend, the Etronics web site listed my order as "This order is in the process of being cancelled". DJ had the gall to call me yet again on Sunday, the 21st. Again, I let my answering machine record the message. Finally, today, the order is listed as cancelled. I better not EVER hear from them again. PLEASE save yourself the headache and DO NOT ORDER FROM ETRONICS no matter how good their prices seem to be. Don't put yourself through what I and so many others have been through. It is a horrible experience and could cost you a lot of money. This company, and others like it, are despicable.

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