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Abysmal company. I recommend not using them for any substantial purchases (like furniture or other large items). Here is my horrible experience when dealing with this company.

Placed an order for a curio cabinet on June 10th. Needed it by June 25th as it was my anniversary. Order said the estimated time of delivery would be "On or before June 25th." So, I placed the order. Received an email a day or so later confirming my order. Now, the estimated delivery date was changed to "On or before June 30th." There is no way on earth I would have placed the order if the site indicated that. Was about to cancel the order when I received an email on June 15th that the item was sent. I was thrilled and figured there is no possible way that it would take longer than 10 days to deliver my package. How wrong I was.

On June 24th, I called to see the status of my order. Wayfair told me that the "Estimated delivery date" doesn't mean 'to your home'. It actually means, to the freight company. So, the freight company received my package on June 22nd, but won't get it to me. Wayfair says they're within their guidelines. I bring up the website, look at my order, and tell the Customer Service Representative that I'm staring at their website and my order says, "On or before June 25th." She claims I need to look at other pages on Wayfair in order to find this verbiage. I find this infuriating and highly dubious. If your product page lists an item as being in stock and gives an estimated delivery date. Then it's reasonable to assume the product is indeed in stock and the delivery date is to your home and not to a third party delivery agent.

Well, today is June 30th. The item was supposed to be delivered today between 8am and 12 noon. I took the day off of work so I'm not getting paid. And the item hasn't arrived. I called the delivery company and they said there truck was experiencing engine trouble. That they'd deliver the item as soon as the truck is up and running. Called the delivery company again at 3:03pm EST, and guess what? They're closed for the day. Nice hours.

Called Wayfair. Wayfair said there is nothing they can do. Said I'll have to schedule the delivery again with the freight company and miss another day of work. The Customer Service Rep today said she tried reaching out to people in her delivery department, but no one was available as they were already working on other things. I told her if the product wasn't delivered today, then I'd refuse delivery.

She claimed that Wayfair has a refined ETA policy that allows them to adjust the delivery date. According to this policy, their systems don't consider this a problem until July 2nd. Wow. How nice. No where did my invoice, or the "My Orders" page on their website, indicated this refined ETA policy. But she indicated it was mentioned in one of the emails that were sent to me AFTER I placed my order.

Horrible horrible company. In the end, the product never came. I missed my anniversary present to my wife. I missed a day of work which resulted in a days worth of lost wages. And Wayfair hides behind a policy that is hidden on their website and says, "Wink wink. I know we said it would be delivered by the 25th, but that doesn't mean delivered to YOU. That means delivered to the freight company. And then, we can adjust that delivery date up to a week afterwards internally before we deem this a problem."

I guess if you can wait a month for a product to be delivered, then Wayfair is your company. But if you're looking for an honest, forthright and expedient company to do business with, then steer clear of these guys. I will never deal with this company ever again. And neither should you.

PS - they didn't even offer to discount the item due to the problems. They literally provided zero assistance. All they said was, "Sorry for your troubles?" How pathetic.



Horrible experience. I ordered 4 curtains and 2 curtain rods from their website. A week later, I received the items. When I got home, I open the packages and find they only sent 1 curtain rod instead of 2, despite the invoice saying there was 2 included. So I called customer service who told me, "According to the weight, the item shipped was 6 lbs. There's no way a single curtain rod weighed 6 lbs." I told her, including the 4 1/2 ft box the rod came in & packing material, I'm sure it weighed 6 lbs. She insisted that was impossible and refused to send out a new one until I informed her that I would dispute the charges on my credit card since they failed to ship what I paid for. Finally she acquiesced and agreed to ship me out a new curtain rod. But, in order to do so, they'd have to issue me a credit on my credit card for the one I originally ordered and then reorder an entirely new one. I agreed, but there was a catch. The credit will take up to 30 days to show up on my credit card. Just peachy.

Well, the new curtain rod came today and, first off, according to the package, it weights 6 lbs. Secondly, they sent me the wrong size. I originally ordered a 48" - 86" rod and they sent me out a 24" - 48" rod. So once again I called to complain. So, one again they tell I have to order a new one and then take a credit for the wrong item. And again, that credit will take up to 30 days to appear on my credit card. Or, I can make a special trip to a store and return it in person and get a credit a bit faster. I told them I didn't want to wait another 30 days for a credit and agreed to take it to the store.

Now here's the best part. The item I ordered was on sale for $19.99. But now it's no longer on sale and the price is $39.98. However, they will honor the $19.99 price...but they'll have to charge me $39.98 and I'll receive a credit adjustment 2 weeks later.

This is ludicrous. By the time I get the right size rod, I will have been forced to purchase it 3 separate times, had my credit card charged for all 3 of the purchases being double what I originally paid...and then I'll be waiting for these supposed credits to get applied to my credit card some time within 30 days.

Beware. Kohls online is EXTREMELY shady and offers abysmal customer service.



Woot is great in my book. Their prices are amazing and everything I've bought has worked like a charm. With that said, shipping is INCREDIBLY slow. I have waited for as much as a month to receive an item I've bought. But if you can deal with a 2-4 week delivery date, their prices are unmatched.


Horrible company. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cliffs: Bought a computer 6 months ago. Thing has never worked properly. I called tech support for 2 weeks straight and left messages for help and not one call was returned. I left a negative review and on resellerratings & the FINALLY called me back. I sent computer to Cyberpower for repair. They replaced motherboard & RAM. Problem still exists. They sent me a new video card. Problem still exists. I have been emailing them for 2 weeks straight (because I can't reach anyone by phone, I just get voicemail) and they will not reply to a single email. Sold me a lemon and they refuse to make it right. Now I'm forced to ship the PC back at my own expense and dispute the charges on my credit card. Horrible horrible company.

Detailed account of events listed below:

Horrible customer service. Absolutely abysmal. You simply cannot reach anyone for assistance. I ordered a PC from the company on March 3rd. Spent $1000 on the unit. Got the PC and it never worked.

Every time I call customer service, I get the same voicemail message that states "We are experiencing very high call volumes" and to please leave a voicemail message for a Technical Service person to call you back. I left 3 messages over the course of 7 days. Then called back a 4th time. The voicemail states "If you have left more than 3 messages, please call back and enter extension 163". I did that...and guess what? I got voicemail again. I left 2 voicemail messages for ext. 163 over the course of 3 days (and 1 more at the main technical support number). That's a total of 6 message over 12 days and still, no one has called me back.

Sure, the company offers free lifetime customer service. But what good is it if it is literally impossible to reach someone?!

To top it off, I called the sales number (the only number anyone seems to answer) and asked for an RMA because I wanted to return the computer since it has never worked properly. I was told...guess contact Technical Support to get an RMA number.

When I told the sales people I had been calling for nearly 2 weeks and no one has returned my call, they said they'd send an email to the RMA department asking them to email the RMA information.

Wow. How great is that? They sell me a computer that doesn't work. No one is available EVER to answer the Technical Support telephone lines. No one EVER returns a phone call in reference to the numerous messages I've left them in the 2 weeks since receiving the computer. And no one tries to help me resolve the issue at all.

Absolutely horrible service. Will never buy from them again and I recommend no one else does either.


After writing the above negative review, a technical support person (Michael Yee) contacted me. He was very helpful & very polite. I sent the PC back for repair. They replaced the motherboard & RAM, but that didn't fix the problem. So, now they're sending me a new video card.


Well, the PC still doesn't work. I don't know if it's the power supply or what. But for the past 2 weeks, I've been emailing Michael Yee, and he has failed to return a single email. I sent 3 emails to him (and CC'd the last one to general Tech Support). Yet, no one will contact me regarding the computer they sold me that has never worked properly.

Looks like I'll be shipping this back via Fed Ex and will dispute the charges on my credit card.

It's important to note that I have built at least a dozen gaming PC's over the past 5 years. So, I am no novice when it comes to computers. I just got tired of building systems myself and bought one from CyberPower fully assembled assuming it would work. I assumed wrong. Should have built it myself. At least I would have know someone competent assembled it.

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posted Mar-30-2009

A rep from CyberpowerPC / cyberpower, Cyberpower_PC,has responded

“We apologize that you have not been able to reach our technical department. Since you purchased the computer from the online retailer I do not have a contact number for you. I have sent you an email through this website I hope that you receive it and are able to respond so that we can assist you with your technical issue.”




***EDIT - Ironically, the day after I posted a glowing review of the company, my PC died. Consequently, I've been having a much less positive experience with the company. They are very difficult to get a hold of. I'll call their toll free number and no one answers. I'll press "1" for Customer Service and I get a "We're sorry, no one is available to take you call at the moment" message. I'll press "2" for Technical Support and get the same message. And I'll press "3" for RMA department and get the same message. Even when I press "0" for the operator, I get the same message.

After numerous calls, I was finally able to get into the "holding" pattern. I spent nearly an hour on hold before someone, very nicely, said they'd send me out a new motherboard and power supply to fix the problem.

After installing those items myself and it still not fixing the problem, I called back. Again, the cycle of "No one is available to take your call" messages continued until I finally was able to get placed in the holding patter again. Once again, I was on hold for nearly 60 minutes before someone agreed to let me send the computer back for them to repair it themselves. They gave me an RMA for sending it back, but they forgot to give me a shipping address.

So, I called back. And immediately got the "No one is available to take your call" message again.

When I'm finally able to reach someone, they're normally very pleasant. But the constant cycle of voicemail cue and long hold times is insane. And having a brand new computer die in under 30 days is also crazy.

To top it off, I had to fight with them over the phone for 2 days to get them to give me a free return shipping label. They said they only do that if the computer is less than 30 days old. However, when I first called them, the computer WAS under 30 days old. And rather than have me send it back to them, they sent me a new motherboard & power supply to install myself. After I contacted them to say that it didn't fix the problem, they told me the 30 days had expired and I'd have to pay to ship the computer back to them.

Like I said, it took me 2 days of phone calls to get them to finally agree to give me a free return shipping label. That's not very good customer service.

I revise my review now, and given the circumstances, I do not think I'd buy from this company again. They are too difficult to reach. They are incredibly slow at shipping the product. And I'm not confident in their equipment seeing as it died after only a month.

Musician's Friend


I have been a long time customer of Musician's Friend and have nothing but great experiences with them. I purchase all of my supplies through them (guitar strings, guitar cords, guitar stands, etc...) because they have some of the best prices online. And as a previous resellerrating person listed, they have an accurate stock description on their website. They let you know if the item is in stock, and if it's not, they'll show you an expected time when it will be.

My most recent order also went off without a hitch. Like usual, I purchased some guitar accessories. This time, I purchased a guitar strap, a few guitar cords, a couple of sets of guitar strings, and a new guitar stand. Some things were listed as being in-stock. Others were not, however, they were clearly listed as to when they would be in the future. The items were all shipped out as the received in-stock. So, I got 3 different shipments from Musician's Friend in less than 3 weeks.

I can't complain because the stock numbers were clearly listed on their website. Musician's Friend kept me updated on all items, letting me know exactly when they were shipped. And they only charged me once for shipping (during the initial order), meaning they did NOT apply shipping charges each time they sent out an order as it came into stock.

I cannot say enough good things about this company and I will continue using them in the future.



I will never do business with this company again. It is impossible to reach a customer service representative after you've placed your order.

I bought a $500 air purifier from their site and cannot get in touch with anyone regarding my purchase. I placed the order on the March 3rd. The product was listed as being "in stock" (it's still showing as being "in stock" as of today, too) with a notation that states "Usually ships in 24 hours". I chose Sylvane because I needed the product ASAP and shipping within 24 hours really appealed to me.

Well, here it is 3 days later and nothing has shipped. But worse off, I can't reach the company at all to get a status report. I sent them an email yesterday and no one responded. And I called their "800" number today at 1:45pm and I got their ANSWERING SERVICE. Can you believe that?! They don't even answer their own phones during normal business hours. So I had to leave my name and telephone number with an answering service with the hopes that this company will call me back and let me know what's going on with my order.

I am not happy with this company's customer service in the least. I will edit this post further when/if I receive the merchandise I ordered. But I can tell you right now, I will never do business with this company again. It should not be this difficult to contact someone after you spent $500 at their store.

*EDIT - item arrived today (March 10). It was packaged well and seems to be in fine condition. I have no problem with product. And, I wouldn't have a problem with taking a week for delivery if their website didn't clearly states: "Usually Ships In 24 hours".

With that said, the company still has NEVER returned the phone call I left with their answering service. And it took them over 48 hours to return an email.

In this day and age, when the products you buy can be bought at the same price anywhere else on the internet for the same price, I expect GOOD customer service when I shell out $500 on an item.

I stand by my review: This company has horrendous customer service. They don't answer their phones. They use an answering service during normal business hours. They don't return messages left with their answering service. It takes them over 48 hours to return an email. And they openly state they ship their items within 24 hours when it normally takes them 3 times that long.


***IMPORTANT - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT FROM THEIR WEBSITE OR FROM THEIR TELEVISION AD!!! They have absolutely horrendous customer service (actually, non-existent is a better word).

I purchased this product as a Christmas gift on 12/9/07. I paid for RUSH shipping since I needed it by Christmas (and rush shipping was extremely expensive). Other than the initial Order Confirmation I received after I made the purchase, the company was impossible to reach.

I wanted to see how/when the product would ship to make sure I got it by Christmas. So, a couple of days after placing the order, I called the telephone number listed on their website. It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach a human. You get stuck in an automated system that gives you very little information about your order. When I would select options to hear the status of my shipment, I would immediately be disconnected. I tried calling at least 3 or 4 times before giving up.

Then I decided to contact them via email.

I sent 6 emails beginning on 12/11/07. Every single email was ignored. I did not hear back from the company until they returned my email on JANUARY 7, 2008. It took them 1 full month to return an email!!!

Furthermore, even though I included my name & invoice number in the email, their response said they could not find my order in their system and therefore, couldn't provide me with any information regarding my order. Yet they managed to successfully charge my credit card the day I placed the order. How pathetic.

For the record, I did receive the product shortly before Christmas. So at least I wasn't stiffed completely for the holidays.

Regarding the product's absolutely horrible. The blades dulled within days of first using it. They do not cut through anything (other than plane paper) very well. My wife wanted to use this to cut photos we printed from our PC. Unfortunately, you can only cut 1 sheet at a time, and higher quality glossy photo paper tears because it's too thick for the mechanism. Furthermore, the "light" on the cutter is not strong enough to illuminate through photo paper. So the light itself is utterly useless when using the product to cut photos.

I would tell everyone to steer clear of this product altogether. However, if you must order it, DO NOT order it from the company's website or from their TV ad. Go to instead and order it through them. is pathetic, their customer service is horrendous, you cannot reach a human being via their customer service telephone number listed on their website, and it takes them 1 full month to respond to emails.


Best Buy


Best Buy is horrible when it comes to customer service. Absolutely horrible. Unless you know EXACTLY what you want and can walk in and out of a Best Buy store with you purchase in hand, DO NOT buy from them. I have nothing against a big chain, it's just that I've never had an issue arise that wasn't handled with complete incompetence.

All things considered, of all the past problems I've had with Best Buy, this is the most tame. However, I think it does a fair job conveying how pathetic their customer service truly is.

On May 29, 2007 I pre-ordered a music CD (release date was June 5, 2007). On June 5th, I called Best Buy customer service and asked if I could do an "In-Store-Pick-Up" rather than having the item mailed to me. I was informed that the order was in the shipping phase and that they couldn't stop the process. I was told to expect my package within 7 days.

Fine. No problem, right? Wrong.

The very next day I receive an email stating the item is on back-order and won't be shipped for 2 weeks. Wait a second...didn't the CSR tell me they couldn't change my order because it was in the process of being shipped?!

So, I went online and verified that all the local Best Buy's around my house (4 of them) had the CD in stock...which according to, they ALL did.

So, the next morning I called customer service again and re-requested that I be able to pick up my order "In-Store." This time, I was told by the CSR that NONE of the stores had any in stock at all. I told her that I verified online around midnight that the 4 closest stores did in fact have the CD in stock. She told me I was wrong and actually read back the addresses of 6 local stores and told me none of them had any.

So, I immediately canceled my ordered (which Best Buy did without much trouble).

What I didn't tell the CSR when I spoke to her was that I was calling from my cell phone and was driving to my nearest Best Buy as we were speaking. And the very store which she claimed had zero in stock, literally had dozens on the shelf! So, I purchased the CD in-store and walked out of Best Buy.

If Best Buy wishes to dispute this claim, I'll be more than happy to scan & upload my cancellation email AND my in-store receipt showing that the online order was canceled today (June 7) and that I purchased the CD in-store today (June 7) less than 30 minutes after being told by the CSR that they didn't have any in-stock.

In summary: I was lied to and told my order was in the "shipping" phase and would be received in less than 1 week. Just 24 hours later, I found out my purchase was on actually on back-order. Then, I was lied to and told NONE of my local stores had any in-stock (the CSR listed more than 6 local stores as being completely out-of-stock). Only to find out less than 30 minutes after canceling my order, I able to walk into one of the very stores that was supposedly out-of-stock, to find dozens of copies sitting on the shelf.

Best Buy customer service is horrible. They are pathetic and incompetent. Unless you're walking into a store to purchase a DVD, CD, or video game, stay far away from Best Buy.

Provantage LLC


Provantage is great! I've ordered quite a few things from them and have never experienced a problem. Just yesterday (April 16th) I ordered a new Microsoft Keyboard from them. They were the least expensive site on the internet (even better than NewEgg). I selected normal ground shipping by UPS. And guess, what? It was delivered TODAY (April 17) just 24 hours after I placed my order.

I received 3 emails from Provantage regarding this order. The first was a confirmation that my order had been received. An hour or so later, I got a 2nd email telling me my order had been processed. And a few hours later, I received a 3rd email stating my item had been shipped...and they included a tracking number so I could track the package during delivery.

The item was packaged pretty well. The box was beat up a bit (clearly by UPS not Provantage). However, since Provantage packaged the keyboard so well, it was in perfect condition.

As I stated above, I have order many things from Provantage and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their site to anyone looking for a reputable online vendor.


The company was great. I placed an order for 3 books from at around 3pm on Thursday March 29th, 2007. Within an hour I received an email stating my order had been processed. 30 minutes after that I received an email stating my books had been shipped. I didn't pay for express shipping either. I just used normal shipping.

The email they sent came complete with a shipping number so that I could track my package through DHL.

Here it is, 3:30pm on Monday April 2, 2007 and the books have arrived. The package was very secure and the books were bubble wrapped. They were packaged perfectly.

As for the pricing, they were the cheapest I could find online anywhere. I looked at a good dozen online retailers and none of them could beat nerdbook's prices.

All and all, purchasing from this site was a wonderful experience. Do not hesitate to order from them. You won't be disappointed.


I've ordered NUMEROUS things from and I've never had a single bad experience. The last thing I order from them was a music CD that I ordered on 2/27/07.

As per usual, the online transaction was extremely smooth. Using "Standard Shipping" the item was shipped out the very next day (2/28/07). And it was delivered on March 6th, 2007.

Communication is good. I always get a confirmation email confirming my purchase. And I always get a 2nd email telling me that my package has been shipped. And they always include a tracking number for convenience.

Packaging was, and is always, great. And the item arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't ask for more. I've been a regular customer of for years and I don't see that changing any time soon.

I think some of the problem people have with is that they represent different companies. You might purchase a product using Amazon's website, but the item might actually be coming from a different company altogether. So, if something goes out of stock or is late shipping, it might not be Amazon's fault. It might actually be an entirely different vendor's fault. Make sure to look over your orders carefully so you know who's responsible.

In my opinion, is great. Do not hesitate to buy from them. They have always been professional & trustworthy.


Great company and very trustful! I have placed a few orders from them over the past couple years. They are extremely honest and will actually respond to email inquiries (albeit, it may take a couple of days to get a response). Furthermore, you'll actually receive an email invoice for your order as well. Again, very nice.

Everything they ship out is packaged quite well & very discreetly. And a HUGE bonus for the site is that they actually accept credit cards (however, you are limited to a maximum $650 per order per week). So, that's an extremely nice security feature when you consider most other sites like this make you Western Union them your money in advance. It's very refreshing to find a site like this that actually accepts credit cards.

They are a little more expensive than other sites, and it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to receive your order. However, those minor inconveniences are more than acceptable considering you are ordering from an honest & trustworthy site. I will not hesitate to order from them in the future.


I've ordered from this company a few times. I don't know why I keep coming back because they are one of the most unresponsive companies I have ever dealt with online. I can promise you this, this is the last time I ever order from this site.

My latest order, which was placed on 10/19/2006, was supposed to have shipped about a week ago. I simply ordered a book (I knew better, but was the only website I could find that had the book "In-Stock"). So, I placed my order and got the confirmation email from the company the very same day.

Well, that was the last I heard from them. Here it is, October 31st (well, it's actually 20 minutes before Oct. 31st here in Michigan), and when I review my order online, it is still listed as "Sent To Warehouse." Let me point out that the item was listed as being "In-Stock" when I placed my order, and their free shipping was supposed to take place within 7-9 days of placing my order.

Well, here it is 12 days later & I haven't heard from the company, nor have I received the item I purchased.

The last order I placed with the company (prior to this most recent one) was very similar. I placed an order for a memory card on March 10th, 2006. And I didn't receive the card at my house until 2 weeks later on March 24th.

DO NOT order from this company. They have horrible communication skills & never keep you updated on what's going on with your order as they perpetually list it as being "SENT TO WAREHOUSE." It is pathetic that they take almost 2 weeks to simply send out an "In-Stock" item. And when they do finally ship it, expect them to ship it out using 3rd Class mail which will delay your order even more (unless you want to pay a lot of extra $$$ for them to overnight your package to you which is obviously an option). Oh, and one final thing, the tracking number they gave me for my March 14th, 2006 order never worked. Whenever I checked USPS and entered the tracking number, I was shown a message stating they were expecting a package from, but didn't have any more information regarding the shipment. This is an absolutely horrible company to deal with.

***Update: 11/1/2006 12:28am EST

Received an email from regarding my order. Here's their standard reply:

"We apologize that the delivery of your order is taking longer than expected. Due to a setback from the manufacturer, item #39971217 on your order is currently on backorder. However, we do not have an estimated time of arrival. Thank you for your patience."

Let it be know that I had to contact THEM to find out the status of my order after it was late being shipped by almost a week. And as I indicated in my review, the object was CLEARLY listed as being "In Stock" when I placed the order. Suddenly, they have no idea when they'll be receiving any future inventory.

Looks like I'm going to have to cancel this item & special order it from Borders Books or something.

***Update (actually, this was resolved about 2 weeks ago).

I asked to cancel my order since they didn't know when they'd be receiving any new stock. They told me they had to "review" my cancellation request and that it would take 10 days to determine if they would grant me my cancellation request. And, if the item came into stock while the review was still in process, they would ship the item out. Basically, they were holding me hostage and keeping me from ordering the item from another site.

Finally, I had to threat to report them to the State Attorney Generals Office (in their state & mine), report them to the Federal Trade Commission, & report them to the Better Business Bureau. After the threat, they finally cancelled my order.

If you want to file a complaint against these guys, here is their information & places to do it:

Buy.Com, Inc.
85 Enterprise Suite 100
Aliso Viejo CA 92656

Business Started: 10/01/96
File Open Date: 12/29/97
Principal Contact: Doug Pearce and Robert R. Price
Phone: (949) 389-2000

Toll Free: (877) 780-2464
Fax: (949) 389-2837




I hope this helps other who have been scammed by this unethical vendor.

CD Universe


I've ordered from many times over the course of the past few years. I've got nothing but great things to say about this place. Where to begin?

I've purchased numerous music CD's. They're always the cheapest...especially when compared to Amazon. Shipping is fast and packaging is good. I've never had a damaged product and nothing has ever taken longer than 5 days to receive.

My latest purchase came today. Actually, I purchased 3 DVD's yesterday, and then purchased a 4th today. All the DVD's were $2 to $8 cheaper than Amazon. Further, with the purchase I made this morning, it actually gave me the opportunity to include it with the order I made yesterday without increasing my shipping charges. You know that most other companies will not let you combine multiple orders over multiple days since they want to gouge you on shipping. I could't believe that CDUNIVERSE.COM gave me that option.

*NOTE - if you're buying a music CD, they have 30 second snippets of EVERY song on the CD that you can preview. GREAT FEATURE. Most other sites only let you preview half the songs.

Bottom Line: Do not hesitate to buy from this site. Great prices, fast shipping, good packaging, good purchasing/shipping updates via email. They're fantastic!!!