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Unacceptable and shockingly bad experience, customer service and product. No respect for loyal customers.

I have been a very loyal and frequent customer since Feb. 2016 - I have placed ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-NINE ORDERS! These aren't cheap orders either, some orders have been over $700CAD, so I imagine I have given Redbubble over $10,000 at this point. Does Redbubble care? No! They will punish you for your loyalty. Out of my 129 orders, I have experienced a few issues, usually minor and solved quickly. However, my most recent experience has been nothing but stressful and infuriating. I have been lied to, mistreated, ignored and feel like I have been scammed. I ordered around 100 stickers and they arrived with extremely visible lines and the larger stickers looked like they had red ink dripped on them. I swear they do not have any quality control at all. REDBUBBLE - CHECK YOUR ORDERS BEFORE SHIPPING THEM OUT! I talked to 'Joel' on live chat and he forced me to take a picture of every single sticker and send it to him. This was a complete waste of time because in a follow-up email I was told because 'I've experienced this problem before', I would have to ship my order to another country. What?? I am being punished for their problem and for being a loyal customer. Surely - it's their fault that this has happened before? Right? I guess not. I was upset about this, but it was better than nothing. I asked if the replacement would be sent out soon as the order was shipped back to them and my question was ignored and was told that (in an email 12 hours later) "I can confirm that a replacement order would produce the same result. So, we would need to arrange a refund for the order." This is an absolute lie and I'm shocked that they think I would believe this. A majority of the stickers in this order have been ordered hundreds of times before - I know how they look when they're printed properly and I know it will not produce the same result. Are they going to drip red ink on my order again? No. I have told the customer service agent that I will not accept a refund and she has been ignoring my emails all day - despite responding quickly last night. I would suggest to potential customers to put your hard earned money into another company that respects you and your business, I wish I had done the same. Especially, now that prices have doubled since last year and they don't do additional discounts on stickers anymore. I'm paying more for worse customer service and terrible, terrible products.

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