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Horrible company AND overpriced by 22.57%!!!

Horrible company, requires you to call 1.your credit card company, 2.Visa merchant verification, and requests you do a 3 way call to Visa and THEN to Lucky Vitamin as they "cannot make the 3 way call themselves" to verify a first time order of $123.48. Wow. I guess to this pitiful company that amount is like thousands of dollars. Btw, both my CC company and Visa told me they had never heard of a RETAILER requesting a customer obtain the transaction/authorization code from them, I was told the merchant retailer is supposed to verify themselves through Visa/Mastercard merchant services. Lazy Lucky Vitamins! They refused to ship my order even though my CC company supervisor verified the transaction went through and was already posted to my account FOR DAYS. Lucky Vitamin said they were holding my package (in some kind of hostage situation) until I obtained this fictitious authorization code which NO CC nor Visa Merchant services was willing to give out nor do a 3 way call with Lucky Vitamin. Lucky Vitamin's "supervisor" also suggested that I try to pay via Paypal, WTH!!! I earn cashback from my CC, why in the heck would anyone use Paypal??? My CC company told me this sounded suspicious and placed Lucky Vitamin on their FRAUD WATCH and disputed the charge while giving me a refund immediately! Oh, and the kicker? I bought the SAME 4 bottles in the SAME quantity counts from another online vendor for $23 savings, I only paid $100.91 for the SAME ORDER saving myself +$22.57!!! Oh, and my over 20+(!!!) requests to cancel my account altogether has so far been ignored. I will file a complaint with my attorney general as well as Pennsylvania's attorney general's office, where this "company" is located! Thank God I disputed this order and saved myself 22.57%!!!

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