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Home Depot



Ordered a garage door from them and couldn't be more irate. After being misled on multiple occasions about the delivery date, finding out ONLY through my own efforts that they were including the lowest grade springs (but were happy to charge me more for modern ones), getting a voicemail three days before the original date of the already extensive delivery time to tell me they were adding three weeks on and including "that's normal for this time of year" (if it's "normal" why didn't you tell me when I ordered a MONTH ago??), I contacted their order processing department.

Because I had timed several things around the delivery of this door (including changing jobs) and intended to install it myself (while the weather was still good) I asked them to help me out with installation (which would now be in mid to late December after TWO months of their delays). Their response?

First I was told how the "normal" three weeks of extra delay that got casually added on was due to (unspecified) "natural disasters". Just "normal" unexpected, unspecified, happens every year, unpredictable "natural disasters". I tried to point out how one or the other was a lie but logic was a lost cause. The options I was given then were:

"We can cancel it and you'll have no working garage for even longer."

"We'd have to do a site inspection and check all the measurements (OF THE SUPER COMPLICATED RECTANGULAR DOOR) and it'd be another month or more for install. Also we'd have to charge you about $500." (note, they're already slamming me for almost $1600 on the door alone)


"We'll give you $100 (or around $4.50/day of the most recent delay) to just shut up and get the door when it's convenient for us. Hey, we're Home Depot; we got enough customers. You don't like it? Take the refund and go to Lowes." (the spring "upgrade" cost more than half of that and the delivery fee alone was over $100 but the slap in the face is free apparently)

I'm sure in-person shopping is exactly what you would expect at any Home Depot. But, if I had the option of ordering from Megan and Kelly and the rest of the Pocatello Home Depot garage door department again or eating a bag of hot ratchets.... bring me some ketchup. A negative experience in every possible way.

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