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Good products; poor (even dishonest) Zazzle Black policy

I have been a Zazzle customer for several years and have been satisfied with their products. My complaint is with their Zazzle Black membership. I tried it for a couple of years and decided to cancel this year since I don't order often enough to make it worth it. The problem is that they charged my account for another year, in advance of the renewal date that they had given me. So when I went to cancel my membership (the day before my renewal date), I found that I had already been charged. There are no refunds. So if you use Zazzle Black, for the free trial or otherwise, make sure that you cancel well in advance of when you think you need to. And they don't remind you that renewal is coming or give notice of an impending charge. They tell you after charging you (in another welcome e-mail as if you'd never been a member before) when renewal will be for the following year. So save that e-mail and if you decide to cancel, don't believe the date on it--cancel EARLY. Funny thing (sarcastic)---they tell me I saved $19 by using Zazzle Black. That's how much I would have spent in shipping over the past few years. They don't subtract the amount of the membership in their calculation, as if they did, there would be a net negative of about $9. I have no complaint about the products though. Note: I had to put an order number on this review, so I used my latest order #. However, I am NOT complaining about my order or any products I received previously. I am complaining about my Zazzle Black membership.

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