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Maingear Computers


Just like I would have built it

I have been building my own rigs going on 25 years now. Due to work and the amount of traveling I have been doing I decided to have someone else build this PC. I looked around and everyone has about the same prices but I caught one look at the R1 rig and that was it. I placed my order then waited, as they were gathering the parts I made a change in my order and they rolled with the change without issue.

When my PC arrived at my home the first thing I noticed was how the system was shipped. The PC was shipped in the R1 case box then with foam corners placed inside another box. The outside box was as you expected from being shipped it looked like hell, but the box inside was perfect. Next took the PC out of the R1 box and notice a warning label, Maingear placed a form shaping foam insert inside the PC so the the Video cards would not be damage during shipping. They did a great job in packing the PC so it would not get damaged in shipping I was really impressed by this.

The PC looks better then I had hoped for, the cooling system joints and tubing where as long as needed not to long or too short. There is enough play so I could get to the mobo and vid cards if I had too. Next the cable management was tight and hidden out of the way so that the inside of the PC looks clean. One word of warning, if you buy a system and think " ah I'll only buy one drive for the OS and I can add the drives I have to the system" don't. Just purchase the system with the drives you will need, unless your like me and have been building PCs for awhile. The reason I say this is that they do such a good job with cable management that if you are not good at building PC's you will never be able to place the cables back they way they had them. I had a hard time placing everything back without having to remove parts.

When it comes time to purchase a laptop I'm coming back to Maingear,

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