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NOT the Same Zappos Anymore

I used to LOVE Zappos. They were the best. Customer Service WAS Phenomenal. I was purchased to much from them that they used to send me birthday gifts and cards (which I thought was just awesome).
Over the past years (since Amazon is involved) Zappos has gone way down hill. I received so many wrong items, defective items etc but I always let it slide because the customer service was great. My last straw was this morning when I chatted to do two exchanges (same shoe, same price just different color). First off I was chatting with them for over one hour which is ridiculous. Secondly they told me you can only do one exchange per day so to chat back and waste another hour tomorrow to exchange my second item. NOT!! They advertise hassle free exchanges and returns 24/7/365 days per year. That is absolutely NOT the case anymore. I will NEVER shop Zappos again and I have been a customer since 2010. Do not shop there they are not the same company anymore.

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