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Newegg Marketplace is unregulated, you are likely to get scammed

Although I have never had an issue with Newegg itself, The Marketplace that is supported and run through Newegg is unregulated, and a purchase that I made through the Newegg website resulted in a counterfeit item being shipped to my door. Even after contacting Customer Service over 6 times in a 24 day period, and shipping the counterfeit item back to the marketplace seller out of my own pocket, I still have not received a refund. I even provided both Newegg and the seller with the USPS tracking information over three weeks ago, and the item has been waiting for pickup at the designated RMA address for two weeks. Newegg refuses to force their marketplace seller to issue a refund, nor have they taken any action to prevent the seller from scamming others.

Bottom Line: Items purchased through Newegg may be counterfeit. Newegg will not prevent a seller, nor take action against a seller for selling fake or counterfeit items. Newegg will not process a refund, nor will take any action even after RMA procedures have been properly followed.

I would not recommend anyone place trust or confidence that the items they ordered will be genuine, I would also not place any confidence that a refund will be issued if you do receive a fake or counterfeit item.

If you receive a fake or counterfeit item, you will have to pay out of pocket to ship it back to the seller.

TLDR: Newegg will not assist you if you get scammed on their marketplace.

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