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This is the first time I’ve posted to Resellers. I only write up comments about Customer Service and the overall quality of suppliers when there is something important to say. In this case there definitely is!
I should mention that I have taught consumer relations at a University Level and believe that it’s important to all concerned to recognize suppliers (or service providers of any kind) when they do a particularly good job – not just when there are problems.
If you’re just interested in the bottom line, I will begin by saying that my experience with this company ended up being the VERY BEST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD WITH AN ONLINE SUPPLIER. I have dealt with dozens of suppliers from small ones in China to Amazon. Not only have I taught Consumer Relations but I have owned retail companies and wholesale companies.
I can’t say enough good things about this company. Sure, I was taken aback originally about the requirement to use an “e-check” and to be honest, I almost didn’t order. As things turned out, it was an easy and safe procedure. (Note that I researched it with my banking officer before going forward.)
About the product:
I have tried several of the Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) tablets and they are definitely the real thing. I cannot justify the US prices but at the prices offers, anyone can afford to use this great invention. I recommend that you consult your Doctor to make certain it’s OK for you to use them but they are safe for almost anyone. Then you should get the free sample that you’ll see advertised online from the US supplier when you google “Cialis” or “Generic Cialis”. If those work for you then definitely order from to get a quantity at a great price. (I ordered 90 because that seemed just right for me.)
I should also mention that there was a minor delay in my order – probably the fault of my bank and not the supplier. Nevertheless, this wonderful supplier decided to send me some extra tabs to make up for the inconvenience. Now that’s what I call a great company!
IMPORTANT NOTE: When you order from, I recommend that you deal with MARY. She is a terrific customer service person. In addition, if you mention that "George Sent You", she will take particularly good care of you.

posted Jan-14-2015

A rep from, xcheap-rx,has responded

“Dear customer KumaFriend, thank you for sharing your positive experience about ordering on our site.
We are absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed our service and that we meet all your expectations.
We are pleased and honored to have you among our valuable customers.
We will be sure to maintain and continuously improve our services to keep you satisfied.
Our stuff is always pleased to serve you and is looking forward to your valued orders!”

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