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Slowest shipping, broken website

I ordered parts and tools over a week ago. I compared prices, and because Brownells was $6 cheaper on a $100 order than other places online I figured I'd go with them. This was my first experience ordering from Brownells and can honestly say it's probably my last. After a week from placing my order and receiving a confirmation email, I just now received a notification saying my order JUST NOW shipped. So it's been a week from the time I ordered until they even shipped my items. IMO this is way, way below the "industry standard" as I have ordered from big name companies (Midway) or small mom and pops and my orders have shipped same day or at least the next business day.

To top it off, when I was trying to initially place my order via the website it repeatedly rejected my credit card simply saying "There was an error processing your card". After contacting customer service I was told there was a problem with the credit card processing so I asked if I could just complete the order and pay via phone. Their answer? "No, they are all tied together so we can't process any credit cards." This is so far below how a big name company in this industry should operate. Ultra-slow shipping and poor sales processing. Can't say I'll ever be visiting or buying from Brownells again. Sorry Brownells, you had a chance to gain a new loyal customer and blew it on the first impression.

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