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Barnes and Noble


No wonder their stock is at about 6 in a record market.

I ordered a special edition of Dark Side of the Moon. I have 3 other different copies. After about a week my order showed up to my joy. Then I opened the package and found that they sent me a version I already had. I was disappointed to say the least. Being an audiophile I was anxious to hear this version.
I called them immediately and after a half hour the customer service person said that all was well. They would send me what I ordered and a shipping label to return the wrong one.
First they had UPS send me a label to my e-mail. My browser doesn't allow pop-ups and I keep it that way. The only way to print it ways to allow pop-ups. So I tried to get them to send a label I could print. Nope, you have to use the one we sent. Then.....
I received the replacement cd. It was the same darn one they sent me before. Now, I'm in possession of three of the same CDs. The one I've owne for 6 years and the two they've sent me.
I called back this morning and told them either want the right product or refund my money pronto so I might buy it somewhere else. Being retired and on a fixed income every penny is important to me. They told me to send back the two CDs and then they will refund my money. I objected and asked to speak with a manager. I was put on hold and I hung up after 45 minutes.
This is one of my top five miserable experiences ordering on line and I'll never go into one of their stores or even contemplate buying anything from them on-line. It seems lots agree with me as there are hundreds of reviews here and they have an overall rating of one star. This was my first and last purchase from them. It seems their product pullers can't read.

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