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Horrible Samsclub.com Mattress purchasing experience!

Over the years I probably purchased probably 5 different mattresses on Samsclub.com. I had to return ALL of them because of issues. While the mattresses I kept purchasing turns out to be bad ones that eventually was hurting my back, I kept going back to ordering on Samsclub.com because their return policy used to be great, until recently.

I purchased this bed in a box and was great for few months and then it started to sag and my back started hurting so I proceeded to return the item online through Samsclub.com. There was a button for "return" so I clicked and then it prompted me that the pick up was going to be next business day without giving me any choice for a pick up date. (What the heck???) My new mattress that I ordered was still in transit and I needed old mattress to sleep on until the new one arrives. The FedEx people did show up next day and so I had to turn them back. I called Samsclub.com explained the situation and they said just to call FedEx back to reschedule the pick update. They won't even bother to reset the return online with the tracking number. (Now for the sake of making this review short I'm going to condense what happened next.) Basically, I had to call Samsclub.com at lest 10 times to get this situation resolved as with FedEx and MXD shipping group, back and forth, each time getting different answers. Some of them which "Oh this is too big for us to pick up" - from FedEx. Really? So Samsclub.com didn't communicate with them that they are picking up king size mattress??? After talking to Samsclub.com over 10 times, one rep from Samsclub.com finally said "Oh we need to get an RA number and we need to get that from corporate office.." (Seriously? For 10 plus calls and NO ONE has mentioned this until now???) To this date, NO ONE has contacted me regarding this matter from Samsclub so I ended up calling my credit card company (which ironically is a Samslcub credit card) and ended up getting my money back through them but the mattress is still stilling in one of my rooms at my house.

Never again Samsclub! All you folks out there looking to purchase mattress from Samsclub.com, STAY AWAY for your own sake!

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