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so much for a 'Magical' two ur olds birthday!! Broke, angry and present-less thanks to!!!

I attempted to purchase a mickey mouse clubhouse deluxe playset from last Tuesday. I figured after years of buying the fake stuff off eBay with questionable results, I'd go legit and order directly.

I Filled in my details, agreed to $66 international shipping (for a $50 playset!!). I entered my card details and thought 'too easy!!' .. Then I got an error.. 'The address entered doesn't match the billing address your card issuer has on file. Please check the details and resubmit'.

So I checked them again. Hit submit.
Same error. So I called my bank and they confirmed everything was correct, so I hit submit again. Same damn error again!!!

At this point I checked my bank account and guess what?? Despite their system not even ACCEPTING MY ORDER.. They CHARGED ME AN AUTHORISATION CHARGE FOR IT!!!! To the tune of $148.00 AU!!!!!! Not only once, BUT THREE DAMN TIMES!!!!


I emailed them with screen shots explaining step by step what happened. Contacted my bank and attempted to find out how I could have the funds released AS I HADNT SUCCESSFULLY ORDERED A DAMN THING!!!
Disney store responded in an entirely unemotional, un 'magical ' way pointing me to a clause (that couldn't be found in actual writing ON their site mind you! I read the small print! It says 'your card will not be charged until your order ships'!!) that supposedly discloses they will make an authorisation charge ONCE AN ORDER IS PLACED.. Which is fine, IF YOU ACTUALLY ARE ABLE TO PLACE A DAMN ORDER!! I wasn't. No order number. No receipt/ct even READ my initial emails, I finally called.. From Australia.. & spoke to 'elisha'. She searched my emails and apparently forwarded them to a 'billing manager ' who would be in touch and write an email to my bank to release the pending charges for and item I couldn't even successfully order!

So I waited.

Now four days later I'm still yet to hear a damn thing from anyone at Disney store. My daughters birthday was on Saturday (it's Monday night) and we stayed home and did nothing as ALL MY MONEY WAS STOLEN BY DISNEY!! Try to explain that to a two year old?!

I fully expect at this point to have to chase them for this, which I absolutely will. However I cannot express enough how angry, frustrated & 'non f&$@?!% magical ' I'm feeling over this entire experience!! Disney store are nothing short of THIEVES that charge you for orders YOU DIDNT EVEN MAKE!! Then turn on the two yr old attitude of 'block and denial' when u attempt to sort it out!

Never again will I deal with Disney & in fact, I'm more than happy to support fake non licensed eBay sellers from this point purely because DISNEY HAS NO CONCEPT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! At least the fake sellers treat their customers with respect.


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