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Xotic PC


Satisfied Customer of Xoticpc and Asus Rog GL702VS-RS71

TL;DR Bought an Asus Rog GL702VS-RS71 with IC Diamond paste and the option of "clean install remove bloatware" and I am happy with my purchase. They actually did remove all the bloatware! That alone is worth a rating star from me.

Longer story: I am a software developer by trade that likes to relax with video games in the evening. I spent several months looking for a gamer laptop that I could also use as a development machine. Specifically I wanted the Nvidia GTX 1070 card, a 17" 120Mhz 1920x1080 IPS monitor, 16Gb ram, and a SSD card with a total machine weight of around 6 lbs. Music is not important to me, so speaker quality was not something I looked for. I also rarely use the laptop keyboard so I also didn't consider typing on the laptop itself. This laptop was the only one I found that matched all of my criteria, although at $1900 (before tax), it's expensive.

The specs on the monitor match my 27" Samsung so I have had no issue with running dual monitors. I use VMWare to keep my Win10 and Linux development environments separate from everything else. The 16Gb ram and SSD give me sufficient space and speed that I hardly notice when I'm operating in a virtual machine.

In reviews that I'd read, some people were concerned with thermal heat and throttling of the cpu due to the 1070 card. I undervolt the cpu by 110mV just because I can, but I haven't had any issue so far with heat or throttling. I do make sure that the laptop always has very good airflow around it.

The one negative? The length of time to receive the computer from time of order. This isn't Dell speed here. I ordered just before Thanksgiving and it shipped 3 weeks later. Regardless, I've been very happy with my laptop so far.

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