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Straight up a scam.

Straight up a scam.
I booked a ticket to China and there are the things that happened:
1. A day after my ticket confirmation they charged my extra $70 without any explanation.
2. I needed to change my flight, I called JustFly, they told me to call AirLines because they don't have authorization. I called Airlines and turns out :
a. JustFly messed up my first ticket and had to void it, and then rebook without asking me. The price difference was $70 so they charged me that amount without telling me.
b. Since JustFly messed up and changed my flight once, I now can't change my flight anymore. But they did not admit it was their fault but just redirect me to the AirLines saying "We don't have authorization to change your ticket".

Straight up a scam.

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