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Faulty product, poor customer service

When you pay a premium price, you expect an exceptional product and stellar customer service. However, don't expect that this is what Balsam Hill will provide. Decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition, so we eagerly unpacked our tree on Saturday, December 2 (a gift from a family member). However, excitement soon turned to dismay when we realized that the lights on our brand new tree didn't work. We followed the trouble shooting guide to no avail, and then contacted customer service. We spent an hour on the phone with them, testing each section, connection, master light, and finally every single bulb. The lights worked when plugged directly into the power source, but would not work when connected to the receiver (for the easy plug feature). After exhausting our options, the customer service tech said that they would send us a new tree. He specifically stated that he was processing a new order (Saturday night). I requested expedited shipping since we'd gotten a defective product, and he stated we would receive the tree in as little as 2 business days (2-5 days are typical he said). So, we eagerly awaited news of the shipment of our new tree. The person who purchased the tree for us finally contacted Balsam Hill Monday afternoon, and she was told the warranty team had to review the exchange, and that could take up to 2 business days. No explanations were offered about why we'd been told a new tree was being shipped immediately or why a warranty review had to be done on a new product that was defective. After multiple chats and emails, she finally got an email confirmation on Wednesday the 6th that a replacement had been approved. A. Replacement. Was. Approved- not a new tree shipped- 4 days after we initially contacted them. We have not received a notification yet that the tree has shipped nor been offered any reassurance that the shipping, when it actually occurs, will be expedited. Now, it's 2.5 weeks until Christmas, and we have no tree. I would have cancelled the order Monday when I learned about the warranty team review; however, at this late date, most stores are out of the size and style of tree that we want. I'm very upset that we 1. received a defective product 2. were told we were getting a replacement rapidly 3. were treated with a complete lack of consideration by the customer service team in attempting to expedite our exchange.

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