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Reyniers Audio


I purchased a dedicated DAW workstation from Reyniers Audio and I was very satisfied with their product. I am currently mixing down 33 audio tracks, 2 instrument tracks and running approximately 100 plugins (including T-Racks 3 Deluxe). All with a high sample rate and bit count using double 64 bit resolution and my computer is not an issue.

They performed all the BIOS and Windows tweaks and installed the drivers and software I requested. The computer screams but I can't hear it (this is good). It is nice to be able to record in my control room without the fans on the computer being picked up by the mic. I elected to fo with the tower case instead of the 19" rack mount and was very pleased when I opened it up and saw all the cables bussed under the motherboard to the other side of the case where they are still available. The firewire uses the TI chip set (a must for those in the know) and the hard disks are suspended to they don't transmit sound to the chassis. The CPU and graphics cooling is well thought out and is ultra-quiet. I have purchased and built DAW computers and I have found a huge difference in latency between a dedicated and non-dedicated DAW PC. It is nice to not notice the computer because its performance and noise are no longer a factor.

Now it is all double 64 bit precession with a bucket full of 64 bit, CPU eating plugins and >30 tracks with no strain on my PC resources. I have recorded 26 tracks with 8 IEM mixes and the CPU idled. I felt good about the purchase before I received the box. Kudos to Reyniers Audio, great company, great service, great product.

Gilbert A. Vipraio
Gil-A-Monster Sound

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