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Earning A Customer For Life!

Thanks to the fantastic folks at Blade Ops I am more than happy to provide this review on their behalf!
With so many different knife sellers on the web, there are many shops to choose from when it comes to top shelf Automatic Opening Knives!

One thing more important to me than price is the level of Customer Service a Company displays to their loyal folks and I am VERY impressed by the Blade Ops personnel on this matter! Not to mention, that their prices are not only very reasonable and often less than other similar Companies out there too- plus the Military Discount consideration the are able to offer us on certain products which are able to be flexible!

Thanks to you all at Blade Ops and I look forward to future business AND an additional thanks for the smokin deal on your Boker Deal of The Day (Small Auto Opener) which I really should've picked up a few more of when supplies were in stock! Great, great deal on such a tiny little Auto which is now my EDC!

Blade HQ


Caught Me Off Guard On This Sale !!

For years now Ive been purchasing very useful items from the MASSIVE stock that Blade HQ has to offer!
One of them being a small Automatic Boker Side Opener which has been fantastic for EDC and small jobs around the home. Since I thought this knife was so perfect, and so inexpensive also, I just purchased one for my nephew who is within his first year in the Marine Corps, and was just assigned to a specialized Security Forces Units in the Norfolk, VA area. Being a member of the Marine Corps FAST Team is a very selective program which only takes highly qualified shooters and weaponry related trigger pullers! Being a former Marine First Sergeant, I expect high hopes for this great young man!!

Due to the small cost of this of this knife, I didnt even give thought to requesting a Military Discount on it, HOWEVER - when I received the invoice I saw that Customer Service had retroactively discounted it for the verified military personnel. For this act, I would SPECIFICALLY like to thank "Seth" in Customer Service and the instant communication he always provided back to me on anything! In my opinion, that is the mark of a true customer friendly associate, and every Rep from Blade HQ possesses the same trait! You all have my sincere gratitude and have a client for life! Consider this one of MANY reviews, referrals, and something I will pass on to everyone I know - especially those in The Corps!!! :)

Semper Fidelis My Friends!



After an exhausting search all over the web for a high end Viper Alarm system and remote starter to replace a 9 year old unit currently in my vehicle, I stumbled upon the Car Audio Giant website. Obviously, eBay carries everything in the world but when buying items such as this you want an actual person to speak with as well as warranties etc.

Everything I buy is highly researched on reviews and ratings, just as I do with the company I buy things from. Car Audio Giants had their share of negative reviews but anyone with common sense can truly see someones agenda within their negative posts. After narrowing my search I decided this company was worthy of my business and actually had the best price out of everyone. Not to mention they had a very impressive warranty and interactive website too!

Communication with them was very easy via email but trying to reach them via phone proved a bit difficult. Once I did get someone on the phone I could hear how extremely busy they were and was put on hold a few times. During my email exchange I was told the Viper product was in stock but when I called it was not. I only had to wait about 4-5 days before being told it was being shipped (via email) One GREAT thing Car Audio Giants do for their customers, which impressed me ALOT, was that they do not charge your CC until the product you are ordering actually ships from their location! This is a superb customer service issue which left a very good opinion of them to say the least! Bravo guys-nothing worse than paying for something while its in backorder status and waiting who knows how long before it even leaves the building in a truck!

Received the item in a VERY VERY well packed box to protect the electronic components within. Fantastic packaging job folks! Everything about the item was as stated on website and I will be installing this complicated device tomorrow so hope its as easy to install as advertised!

Overall, Car Audio Giants made the buying decision well worth it and I only wish communication was easier and more friendly. Tried striking up a conversation with the employee while on phone but it sounded like he wasnt having a real good day. Oh well, that is not always the deciding factor I guess.


"Sharpest" Knife Shop in The Market!!

For the last year I've made collecting higher end knives a hobby of mine, which can easily become quite addictive and pricey if you're interested in only quality items which are obviously worthy of collecting rather than cheaper type models - some are even clones of these high quality knives such as Benchmade, Chris Reeves, and what has now become my all time fave - Microtech Auto OTF models specifically! For those who know this type of community I'm sure you agree on this brand for sure!

For those involved in the purchase of such items, one must not only "Price Shop" but also find a truly reputable company to deal with for the source too! In my opinion, I'd much rather sacrifice the smaller difference in cost for a company that makes can impress me from the first phone call or email - and THAT is something I experienced from The Hollow Grind from day one! My initial email to them was simply sent to determine if they perhaps offered a Military Discount of any type , which literally within the hour I was replied to from their main representative Dave. I believe that a hasty response from any potential sales source that quick displays a fantastic sense of character and over the course of the last few months Dave has truly kept up his fantastic response times and communication with me on everything I asked him about when it came to certain models and so forth. Top notch customer service which as I said means more to me than saving a few bucks, which in this hobby doesn't differ all that much between knife companies!

Just yesterday I made another purchase from Hollow Grind and am anxious to see how long shipping times take using UPS when electing the free method of ground delivery. I'm sure it will be just as great as the rest of their customer service action as well. There is no doubt in my military mind that The Hollow Grind will be my choice provider when it comes to these type of companies as long as they're able to keep most of the popular models in stock which are often hard to find in this line of work for them!

Two thumbs up and a snap to Dave and the Hollow Grind crew for making everything so easy and enjoyable to spend money! ;)

Semper Fidelis !



Old Customer That Just Came Back!

A few years ago, prior to deploying on a Combat Tour with the US Marine Corps in Iraq, I purchased a small Benchmade Auto Side opener that was a serious help to me over there and I am still shocked I haven't lost it to this day!

The Knife Center Staff was VERY KIND to me back then, and luckily I saved their emails for over 3-4 years because when I went back this year to purchase another auto knife they stated I couldn't due to not having the appropriate ID etc - and one of the great Customer Service Reps ; Kristin literally found all my paperwork and copy of my ID stating that I was all clear to make any purchase I wished! Going that extra mile to search through all their military customers was no easy task I'm sure and I could t be more impressed and won over by what Kristin did for me!!

They also offer a small military discount (which IMHO could be a bit more) and the only other adverse matter to me was that with them only being 30 minutes down the highway from me it took over a week to arrive. Other than that I am HIGHLY impressed by the vast amount of stuff they carry and sell which is absolutely unbelievable folks!! Unreal. Take a look if you haven't done so before!

Semper Fidelis Knife Center & thank you Kristin!!


Tread Depot


Been doing alot of my own mechanic work for years on everything from motorcycles to diesel trucks. Obviously all vehicles need tires and wheels to run and when you find that certain someone, at that certain dealer who truly takes the time to talk, listen, and work with you on these vital components that is something you need to keep forever!
For my Dodge Ram 2500 diesel truck I spent COUNTLESS hours researching what brand of tires I would obtain for the 2nd set. I drew it down to the new Toyo AT II All Terrains and started calling at least 30 online and retail shops trying to obtain the best deal I could. Wouldnt you know that I said-one more call to this Tread Depot place I ran across on a Dodge forum website.

The first 10 minutes of talking with Sean at Tread Depot I knew I found someone who knew more than all the others together! He cleared up so many rumors and informed me of what tires would work best on my heavy duty rig. When I found out he was going to save me HUNDREDS on these tires I fell off my chair! It was such a savings that I was even eligible to purchase a new set of wheels for the aging truck! After all was said and done I bought a set of XD Series brushed aluminum black wheels (8 lug) and the Toyo AT IIs, all mounted and balanced for less than other companies wanted for the tires alone! And what made it a pleasure to give them my money was that Sean and Andrew made me feel special by calling me a week later to make sure I liked them, and gave me the best customer service EVER! Since then I have referred 6-7 people to these guys off the Dodge forum who all say how great they were treated! BEST Service, best prices, best products and over all A++ to deal with. I will NO LONGER shop anywhere else but Tread Depot!
They even sent me some Toyo items for sending them referrals too which was a classy touch! You will make a huge mistake by not at least calling these guys for tires or wheels folks! PLEASE DONT EVER LEAVE GUYS!!!
Semper Fidelis,
1stSgt Fitzgerald

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