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The worst experience I have EVER had with a retailer

Thinking of ordering from Article? READ THIS FIRST!

Buying from Article was a HUGE mistake for me. Here’s a breakdown of my experience with them so far:

Oct 2- I place an order for a Ceni sofa, Conan dining table, 2 Sede dining chairs, and 2 Zola chairs. The delivery window provided in my order confirmation email is 11/10/16 - 11/22/16 (despite the “dispatched in 2-5 days” claim listed on the Article website).

Nov 19 - No furniture. I email Article to check on the status of my order.They reply that I hadn’t received any of my furniture yet because the carriers are waiting for all of the items to be available so that they can all be delivered together. They say I should expect to hear from the carriers within a couple of days to schedule a delivery date.

Nov 26 - Still no furniture and no contact from Article or the carrier. We had to cancel our plans to host Thanksgiving at our house because we didn’t have furniture. I email again to check the status of my order. They tell me there has been an “unfortunate inventory error” and that they’ve run out of the Ceni sofa and it won’t be available until early December. They say they are going to split my order so that the rest of my furniture can be delivered right away. I am then contacted by the carrier who say the earliest available delivery date they can set up is December 5th.

Dec 5 - My husband and I both work, so we have to make special arrangements to have someone home during the 5-hour delivery window to sign for the expected delivery of our dining table, 2 Sede chairs, and 2 Zola chairs. All that show up are the 2 Sede chairs! And those chairs don’t match each other! They’re different shapes, sizes, and colors. Completely unacceptable.

I am then contacted by the carrier to arrange delivery of the table and 2 Zola chairs for the next available delivery date… December 15th. Article assures me that my sofa will be delivered along with those items and also sends out 2 replacement Sede chairs.

Dec 13 - The two replacement Sede chairs arrive, but they don’t match each other or the other 2 chairs and they are of lower quality.

Dec 15 - I stay home from work to await delivery of the rest of my furniture. The carrier calls to say they are on their way with my dining table and Zola chairs. They claim to know nothing about the sofa. I email Article to confirm that my sofa is going to be delivered that day and they again assure me it will be. But only the table and chairs arrive! Article then PROMISES to have my sofa delivered this weekend (Dec 17-18) so that we won’t have to take a third day off work to wait for a weekday delivery.

Dec 16 - The carrier calls to set up delivery of my sofa for the next available delivery date: Thursday, December 22nd! I explain that Article assured me the sofa would be delivered this weekend and they said they don’t do weekend deliveries. I contact Article again and say that if they don’t get the sofa here this weekend as promised, they owe me a free couch.

The sofa still hasn’t come, they have yet to confirm a delivery date (but it will obviously be on a weekday which will require us to take another day off work), and they say they can only give me a 10% discount off the sofa for my troubles.

10% off, Article? TRY AGAIN. You owe me a free sofa at this point and you need to get it here by Christmas.

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posted Dec-20-2016

A rep from Article, article.duncan,has responded

“Hi Gia,

We obviously made a number of errors on your order, many of which could and should have been avoided. I can completely understand your frustration.

I know that several of my team have been in touch with you and your partner over the past 48 hours, and I believe we have reached a good resolution. Most importantly, you should have your sofa in time for Christmas.

I have reached out with my personal contact details, so if you have any further feedback or if there is anything else we can help out with please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Duncan Blair
Director of Marketing
Article ”

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