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All 39 customer reviews

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Office Depot


Horrible Experience. Employees Retaliate If A Customer Complains.

Office Depot does not have an order fulfillment center. Online orders are picked and packed for delivery at their retail stores. The order I received was horribly packed. There was no packing material in the main shipping box and my merchandise was pummeled along its entire delivery route. The second package I received had its contents protruding from the shipping package upon arrival. I ordered a replacement for the product in the second box and had the representative add notes to the replacement order requesting that the merchandise be better packed. The employees at the store that shipped the order didn't like this a retaliated in a disgusting manner. This type of employee behavior is a hallmark of an organization with horrible management. The company's inventory tracking is so bad that their customer service representatives don't even know what was shipped to fulfill orders. Stay away from Office Depot!



Horrible Organization

I signed up with Rakuten Marketing in a business relationship. I knew Rakuten had a bad reputation and I had seen them acquire years ago and completely destroy it. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to try to do business with them. Huge mistake! They quickly confirmed my worst fears, decimating our relationship in just a matter of hours! What genuinely surprised me was that they did this capriciously, with no warning at all. I'm just grateful that I didn't invest more in the arrangement than I did. If I had let them string me along for months before this happened, it could have been truly devastating. I've tried to contact Rakuten, but they don't even have the basic decency to respond. This is one of the most psychopathic organizations I've ever encountered. Don't think you have no choice but to try to do business with them. You do. Anyone who chooses to trust Rakuten with even a simple transaction has been warned.



Vitacost does absolutely everything right

I love Vitacost! My family has eliminated going to the supermarket, except for purchasing perishables, by ordering all our food from Vitacost. Vitacost has had Kroger Simple Truth products on sale for 20% less than the price at Kroger. I'm able to get the very best food products from around the world, from a single source, by shopping at Vitacost. They carefully pack orders and their free shipping is fast. When I've had a problem with a product, Vitacost has instantly issued a refund. I have requested that they begin offering several products and they have done so. Vitacost offers an incredible selection of food products and nutritional supplements, great prices and special offers, fast service and excellent customer service. Vitacost is very highly recommended!

Buyers Best Friend


Dishonest, Untrustworthy, Cowardly

I contracted to do business with Buyer's Best Friend in October of 2016. The company agreed to create a listing for me on their website within 90 to 120 days. After hearing nothing from them for 5 months, I attempted to contact them numerous times, by a number of different means, with no response. Buyer's Best Friend is in default of their contract with me and they don't even have the courtesy to communicate with me. Former employees have very bad things to say about Buyer's Best Friend. Do not do business with Buyer's Best Friend. They cannot be trusted!



Massively Incompetent

Trying to do business with Biomic Sciences results in a catastrophic failure at every level. The entire product distribution function at the company is a colossal, miserable failure. Don't attempt to order using their website, because your transaction will fail. Don't bother calling Biomic Sciences, because no one at the company cares. They will attempt to make their failure your fault. The indifference and apathy of the company's employees is appalling. Don't try contacting their payment processor, because no telephone number exists. This is in the context of a burgeoning marketplace of payment processors. How any business could survive while making such profoundly horrible decisions is beyond rational explanation. The level of utter incompetence demonstrated by the management of Biomic Sciences in the simple task of accepting payments casts doubt on the quality and efficacy of their only product. Do not attempt to do business with Biomic Sciences. You've been warned.



Epic Fail!

I began at to get my credit reports that Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are required by federal law to provide each year. The other two credit bureaus complied with my request with an amazing efficiency and level of service. Not so, Equifax. They require that I print and mail a paper form along with the documents they demand in order to gain access to my credit report that they are required by law to provide to me. Nice way to abrogate your legal responsibility, Equifax!


I ordered a replacement part for a refrigerator from RepairClinic based on their "Highly Rated" status on ResellerRatings. RepairClinic offers very competitive pricing, when you factor in the low prices charged for shipping. They have an exceptional website that makes doing business with them extremely easy and I quickly found the part I needed. During checkout, I was presented with several shipping options, with the cost and expected delivery times clearly specified for each. I selected the least expensive option, with a delivery date of January 27-28. My order was completed on January 20 at 6:39 pm and I immediately received a confirmation email. To my surprise, I received another email at 8:00 pm advising me that my order had already been shipped and providing a tracking link. To my delight, I received my order on Saturday, January 24, at least three days ahead of schedule! Unlike their competitors, RepairClinic had packed my order with great care, in a box -- not an envelope -- with ample padding material. The part was a pristine, genuine factory part. This is one of the very finest businesses I have ever had the pleasure of patronizing. RepairClinic is highly recommended.

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I used Google Shopping to find the print cartridge I wanted at PrintCountry. On their product page is a full-width banner ad reading: "Coming from Google? Use the Coupon code GGL5OFF to Get 5% Off your Order." After attempting to apply this coupon code in their shopping cart, I got this message: "The coupon GGL5OFF is expired." The banner ad with the coupon code offer still displays on the page notifying me that the coupon has expired! I tried calling their customer service number during their normal business hours and just got their voice mail. My experience with PrintCountry has been a bad one.



If you're looking for a reputable domain registrar, NameSilo is it. They treat customers with respect and you never have to worry about anything being hidden from you. NameSilo offers the best pricing you'll find and includes such features as whois privacy, domain forwarding and DNS service at no additional charge. NameSilo has the best terms of service of any domain registrar in the United States. Their customer service is excellent. Domain transfers, both in and out, are swift and effortless. The only downside is the limited number of top-level domains they offer. If you need to register one of the popular TLDs, NameSilo is highly recommended.


Gandi is the world's best domain name registrar. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, uses Gandi to register the domain name for the World Wide Web Consortium, the standards body for the Web. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Software Foundation and Debian Project all use Gandi. Why do the "insiders" trust Gandi? Because Gandi has the best terms of service of any registrar in the world. All US-based domain registrars except one that I'm aware of reserve to themselves the right to terminate any customer's domain, at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. Or they can hijack your sub-domains and host advertising on them, or they will insert pop-under ads in your redirects. The largest competitors are the worst. Not only will nothing of this sort happen if you're a customer of Gandi, they put it in writing. Gandi's prices aren't always the best, but they usually are. They have extremely competent, courteous, honest customer service representatives and Gandi is more transparent in its operations than any other organization I've done business with. If your survival depends on a domain name to reflect your brand, you should register that domain with Gandi.

NAPA Online


I found the parts I needed at NAPA Online and accepted their offer to sell them to me on September 20, immediately receiving an email confirming the details of my order. On September 22, I received their email stating the following: "Thank you for shopping on We apologize for the delay in contacting you about your order. Unfortunately, the items you ordered are not available at this time. They are on factory back-order, and we do not have an estimated delivery date. Your order has been cancelled, and you will not be charged for the item." They didn't even have the courtesy to specify which items were unavailable, they just unilaterally cancelled the entire order with no further communication. Meanwhile, today, September 23, the full amount of this order is still being held by my bank as a pending transaction. This means I don't have access to these funds in my own bank account, because of the grossly incompetent business model of NAPA Online! There are far, far too many reputable competitors with actual, legitimate offers of sale than to ever go through this again. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH NAPA ONLINE!


Xubuntu 14.04.1 LTS was released on July 24 and it wasn't featured yet on by the afternoon of the 25th, so I emailed customer support to ask when it would be available. The owner of the company sent a detailed response, including a link to the order page, at 1:00 AM! That's the kind of dedication I really appreciate! literally uses industrial grade systems and equipment throughout their production chain and their QA is second to none. So, I placed my order on July 26 using their excellent website and received confirmation by email. Normally, they ship orders on the next business day, but mine went out two business days later, on July 29. Apparently, they experienced a surge in orders over the weekend, after the Ubuntu point release. I still think this turnaround time is exceptional for a custom manufactured product of this quality, at this price! I didn't even order a stock SKU. I placed a special order for a new type of USB 3.0 drive! I got free shipping, yet received my order two days later on July 31, all the way across the country and was able to track the delivery to my door. Again, exceptional. I highly recommend



I was amazed that THMotorsports had the product I wanted at a dramatically lower price than anyone else, so I checked ResellerRatings and found it was a very reputable company. I placed my order (60484) over the weekend and the product drop-shipped from the distributor on Tuesday. I had it Thursday morning, in perfect condition. Congratulations to THMotorsports for utilizing a better logistics system than any of their competitors. This gives them lower costs and as a result they are able to offer remarkable pricing with superior service.


After reading a strong recommendation of their C-Salts mineral ascorbate vitamin-C product, I visited the website of Wholesale Nutrition. They have a great site, but because of federal restrictions on product claims, I had to call their toll-free number for more information about one of their products. This merchant has one of the best customer service departments I've ever encountered. The gentleman I spoke with directed me to the information I was looking for on their site. I placed my order for a single item and got free Priority Mail shipping. My order arrived well-packaged in two days. Their C-Salts product really is great. I have added it to my daily nutraceutical protocol.

Herbs Pro


I had made a commitment to stop writing bad reviews, but these people just won't let me.

First, let me say that the product I ordered was well-packaged and I received it in a prompt manner. That's the good part.

Unfortunately, almost everything else relating to doing business with this merchant leaves much to be desired. Put succinctly, they're just kind of sleazy.

Their savings coupons aren't applied to your current order, they are "credited" to your account and can only be used for future orders.

Their site uses technology that's not very secure and purports to offer live chat, but that's not ever available.

The checkout process features a minefield of dubious third-party offers, some of which take effort NOT to accept.

Even if you're successful in actually placing an order without getting stung, these people will send you junk mail for life. They don't offer any way to opt out, so if you do business with them, don't give them a "good" email address.

As I said, the total "customer experience" here unfortunately just makes this seller look sleazy.