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Home Depot


Why do I have to give a star?

HD likes to sell products they can't deliver for whatever reason. I bought Makita flashlights the day they were offered, but HD sent me an email a week later saying the product was out of stock and they would hold my order until a specific date unless I called in.

I called, told them to keep the order open for as long as it takes for them to honor their side of the deal. I got an email today (almost 5 months after I "Bought" the lights) saying the order was cancelled.

Good retailers don't Sell more than they have on hand... That's common sense.



You will see the free shipping... SKIP

You will see the lower price... RESIST

OR, you WILL BE BILLED MORE on your auto ship with no warning, and no customer service...

They TRIPLED my cost, and sent me a friendly smiley happy email saying so...

They DON'T reply to emails, so don't try

I'm filing a fraud claim with my credit card, and will notify their State Attorney General as well as contact an attorney... I want to sue them into the stone age, even a class action suit would be fine with me


Seems to be a bunch of paid negative reviews about Jet... Probably from Walmart and Amazon etc... I have placed multiple orders and have had zero problems


I decided not to order, before I even checked this site because they have a 30% offer on their page... What they don't tell you, of course is the 30% is off their inflated prices, which brings the total for what I wanted down to the price I have paid at other sites for a few years now... The price would be $66 after the "discount", but that's my price anyway

THAT alone will make me stay away from this shady company, but the other reviews help as well... They think people are too stupid to check their prices against other retailers, which is strike 2 for me... There is no 3rd strike when I shop places



I should have checked Reseller Ratings dot com before even considering giving Dell money... They won't offer the deal on a 55" LG TV with a $200 gift card even though I have a chat transcript from earlier today saying the sale ends next Monday...

They say they are sold out, but they still have the TV and the gift card for $999 (Sale was $599)

Fits Dell perfect, customer service as garbage as their computers


Quick shipping, just what I needed


I have ordered several times from Botach... They send me good deals in my email all the time... When I place an order, it's on the way that day, or the next if I order late afternoon... They have a GSA contract, so try them out... If you only go on the manipulated ratings for them, you won't know



Garbage... Why do I have to give a star??? Tiger Direct has worse customer "service" than anybody else... I ordered a 55" TV from them, and it arrived with a cracked screen... They refused to replace it, so I...

1) Contacted the BBB, which did nothing for me (Look up Tiger Direct on the BBB site and see how many complaints they have, and then look at their A+ rating from the BBB)...

2) Contacted the Attorney General's office in their state, which helped, but Tiger Direct still made excuses for about 6 months before I received a replacement TV... They only buckled when I had my lawyer threaten them...

If you order from them, buyer beware... If you can't afford to lose the money, don't spend it there... Find a seller on ebay with a near perfect rating, that's what I do


I have ordered 3 times from Green Polka Dot Box, and they always ship extremely fast... This order was on my door in 3 days... They are relatively new, so some of their prices are a little higher than other stores I would rather not do business with...

Their minimum threshold for free shipping is higher as well, and I will meet that threshold less often than other sites, but again, I won't shop at some other sites, no matter what their discount is...

GPDB customer service is A++++ Top notch... No worries about that, period...



I have been a regular customer for more than 8 years... I have only had 2 issues in that time, which were easily taken care of... I know if I order something on Monday, it will be here on Friday, if not before... I love the low price point for free shipping as well

Energy Conscious


Exactly as described, quick shipping