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I have been scammed by Eastbay

I purchased a pair of boots from Eastbay this past Xmas for my boyfriend. I took a chance getting something he didn’t ask for but figured since the return policy clearly stated items can be returned within 90 days of purchase I was comfortable with the purchase. I received the boots and they were in perfect condition so I wrapped them up and waited for my bf to open them up. Unfortunately he hated them and didn’t want them, he never even tried them on. I packaged the boots and contacted Eastbay to do a smartship label which would basically mean when they processed my return they would deduct $6.99 for the return label. I sent the box off and awaited my refund. A week or so ago I received a package at my home address and my friend opened the box and told me that eastbay refused my return because they do not accept used merchandise. I was livid because I knew they weren’t used so I had my friend send me pics of the boots and sure enough there was residue on the boot. I was away on business so with the pics I called customer service and was told the same story by the representative and her so called manager. The “manager” was so rude that she got nasty when I kept insisting that I sent the boots back in perfect condition. She insisted that they took pics of the boots and there was mud on the shoe. When I say my bf didn’t try them on he didn’t even take the second boot out of the box he just took out the first one looked at it, moved it around to see it in different light and said babe I’m sorry I don’t like this style. He put it on his foot because I insisted that he do so just to really make sure and he did so by sitting in his chair and putting his foot in but he never stood up or walked around. So recalling these details I insisted further that I think there’s something going on because the manager is adamantly refusing and she claims her pics prove me to be a liar. Then she says if you want to dispute the unaccepted return I have to “HAND WRITE” a letter explaining why I don’t accept the reason for their refusing to accept the return and I have to pay for the shipping but she said it will most likely be refused because the boots are worn and have mud on them. I returned from my business trip yesterday and looked at the boots closely...THESE ARE NOT THE BOOTS I RETURNED!!!!! The boots I sent back did NOT have this residue on them and it looks worse than mud it’s imbedded in the grooves of the boot. I pulled out the second shoe and those are worse and the boot looks really worn. I believe I was scammed and sent back another pair of boots that were used so Eastbay could refuse my return on solid grounds. I plan to fight this because I KNOW what I sent back and the boots I currently have received back are not the boots. Be careful and I implore buyers not to purchase from a company that stoops to these levels to refuse to refund a customer a measly $119.00.

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