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Electronic Goldmine


Thought some curious people might come by and want to know how "The Goldmine" is doing nowadays. So far I have ordered from them twice, both times I ordered multiple surprise boxes, and a bunch of misc stuff I needed. Here are my impressions:

1. Item quality and price: So far I have gotten a metric ton of NOS vishay and Allen Bradley Resistors, 500 dollars worth of 0.01% resistors of various values, about 100 dollars worth of WIMA polyester/polycarbonate capacitors (even a few micas), a lot of headers and connectors (albeit without the matching parts) and a ton of other useful goodies, etc. in 3 of their 7.50$ surprise boxes. On the other hand 50% of their surprise boxes by weight are filled with absolute garbage (extremely old electrolytic caps, ICs with broken pins, and generally rubbish)

All other single items I have ordered were from "meh" manufacturers, but passable quality. Also, be aware that if you want specific transistors or ICs and you want them to work, you really should purchase from mouser or digi-key, none of the silicon that comes out of the goldmine should be trusted or be used for anything other than hobby tinkering.

Shipping is fast, but only once your package leaves the warehouse, which took 7 days the first time and 10 days the second time. They will wait until hey have a majority of your items, and only then ship the thing out. They only charge for stuff they ship, which might be 70% of all items you ordered - so never count on them if you absolutely need an item.

Shipping prices start at 12 and go up to 25 dollars for a medium 6 pound box shipped in the US, so rather expensive. Mouser ships the same for half the price, and awesome packaging, and with 2 day UPS!

Customer service was OK. I have made address changes, redirections, and order updates on the phone, but they were courteous every time. I never asked about item details though - please understand, the person answering you is not an application engineers - she's a secretary.

Packaging was "meh" too. Nothing was in shielded bags, not even transistors and ICs!!! Everything was crumpled and pushed and bent, but most electronic parts can take some physical abuse, so most were OK. If you are planning to order delicate stuff- please abstain; it will not arrive in one piece.

All in all, they are good if you want to stock up on some parts, or if you just love weird random NOS parts, and if you are not in a hurry or need a particular part. See them as a fun place to get fun stuff. For serious business go to Mouser. If you can't find a part there, try Digi-Key, and if they don't have it, then cough up some serious cash at Farnell/Element14.

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