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Almost a three star but not quite

The last two phones that I have bought have been the Nexus 6 and then the 6P. I lost the 6 after a few months but enjoyed it and then bought the 6 P when it came out. The store people are friendly and accommodative when making the purchase but less so when resolving an issue. After 5 months the 6P started acting strange, short battery life, lots of recycling on and off and poor contrast. After two months of trying to resolve the issue, they sent me a refurbished 6P. It did not have all of the problems but did have a short battery life and seldom lasted more than 6 hours on a charge. I am not a heavy user. Now on the second phone, the Google people really could not care less about what is happening because it is out of warranty by several months, but the second phone is well under a year old. What is galling is that the battery issue seems well known and apparently under class action status. Google referred me to Huawei, the actual maker, and they are proving difficult to deal with. They will replace the battery for 160 dollars but will take 2 weeks and I will be without a phone. They are also difficult to deal with via phone, it is like they are using a 5-year-old VOIP system.
I wish that Google would take pride in products that bear there name regardless of who is the assembler.

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