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Home Depot


NEVER buy windows nor have them installed by Home Depot

I signed a contract in June 2016 for a Hurricane window in our condo which is not our main residence. The first defective window install was July 2016. From that point through October 2017, we had 10-15 visits (I literally quit counting) with new windows that were still defective or even twice they showed up without a ladder as we are on second floor. And literally could not install! I flew in for all these installs so these were wasted trips! I pleaded with customer service to please have windows checked before they set up delivery as I had to fly in. They even sent one installer to put in this massive window by himself, which clearly was a safety issue that they would allow one man to install a window on the second story. They assured me despite the issues they would give me a free window upgrade and would get us a perfect window. They also promised us a gift card which they did eventually give us, but is nothing compared to what the window cost us in travel. In October 2017 we got our current window which still has minor defects but we approved it because we could not keep investing all the money in traveling. At that final install, I asked them to repair the stucco trim outside because it was all torn up. They did but said they would come back to paint it once dry, fix the torn up drywall inside the condo around the window, and give us the screw covers after inspection. After a month I had to lean out window (on second floor) and paint the outside stucco trim and fix the inside drywall myself. I had sent multiple emails asking for this to be done, but that never happened which is why I did it myself. Plus I was still promised the screw covers would be dropped off...that has been 3 1/2 months ago. I then noticed two weeks ago that the frame of the window is starting to fall toward the inside of the condo. It's at 1/16 inch in one place and you can see it starting to crack all the way down. Plus you can see cracks in drywall above and below window near where is happening. I contacted Home Depot two weeks ago to get someone out here and was promised someone would contact me and again two days ago I finally sent a firm email and I got no response!

I even went into the store in Tampa on Hillsborough where they set us up with the windows to talk to store manager at one point and was assured we would get this worked out!! This was probably six months into the process, and be never called me back.

So we are now 19 months in, and we have a window frame falling in toward out condo, and still no resolution.

I am far from a negative person but if I can save someone the stress and money because I tell the truth then I can save someone the pain we have had to endure! And the nightmare still is not over!

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