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I am honored to write my second review detailing the service I received from Makesigns. To begin, I live on the east coast. I initially searched the Internet for a local symposium printing company. Funny thing how the Internet works, anyway, I spent two days searching and almost decided to go with a competitor who also provided, at cost, handouts. I searched once more for a local company and reviewed then decided to call Makesigns. The representative was inviting, informative, and patient, at the end, I told him I would search locally. The next day, I thought about our conversation, the price; which is less than the competitor's price that also provides handouts. I then called Makesigns again and spoke with another representative to ask whether the price would be different if they placed the order; and she said no, and she then said to place an order, just upload your image in one of several formats. I thought to myself that am a, 1985 alumni of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I love and missed its beautiful city, and thought what difference would it make; I could get my handouts locally.

I made the best choice, my poster arrived as stated, I am a proud owner of my first poster, from my first distant printing company, I am going to attend my first poster secession, and I met all the required specs handed down from the sponsors of the event. I bet you just love those first experiences; I do. Makesigns made me happy because now I know who I can count on to produce every future large format printing I will need. And, I printed twenty color table-top 8 x 11 prints of my poster myself.

Thank you Makesigns your Company exceeded my expectations. Tell your entire staff thank you for providing me the first but most important contribution to my new career since graduating with a PhD on January 30, 2015.

Dr. Anthony H. Brown

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