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Defective Kits and Negligent Customer Service.

I ordered the Thunder Shark Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit, with 40 Tooth CNC Sprocket for $389. promptly e-mails an order confirmation number, and several days later I receive a Fed Ex tracking number, scheduled for delivery by the 9th of May. Six days transpire and my parcel never arrives. (FED EX Never received it for shipment, WTF!) doesn't answer their phone or e-mails, so I promptly file a dispute claim with my bank. On 5/11/2018 Fed Ex does confirm my parcels were received and they're on the way, so I withdraw my dispute claim with this business. Pending the quality of this motorization kit, I may bump ratings up a notch.

Upon initial inspection I found one broken piston ring, I can go no further with assembly. I email GasBike and Steve says he will send me a new set. A week transpires, I get my piston ring set and begin assembly. I soon learn the piston skirt is 3mm too long and bottoms out on the crankshaft and won't turn 360. I also find a dinge across the mating surface on the cylinder head. For what I paid for this high end engine kit, I shouldn't be dealing with such defects. I contact GasBike and ask for a new engine kit, but was refused because I had this kit longer then their one week grace period. If anyone wishes to purchase bike motorization kits, I highly recommend avoiding GasBike and make your purchase from more honest venders on Amazon, Ebay or Bikeberry. Seeing how GasBike ships out defective kits and blows off their customers, I won't be doing any business with these gasbags ever again.



Business Doesnt Acknowledge Orders

I placed an order as a guest with for one K55 RGB gamer keyboard. The web page order form took my credit card and gave me an order number, but did not send any confirmation e-mail reply. Online retailers that refuse to email a reply throw up red flags with me. I called up Corsair customer service 1 888 222 4346, and was told they wouldn't confirm my order till it ships, how ever long that's going to take.

I never got any tracking number or email conformation, but my keyboard arrived a week after my purchase, and I'm happy with my purchase, so I bumped them up a notch. I just wish Corsair would be a little more responsive, and send confirmation of orders, instead of blowing customers off.


This outfit goes through third parties to complete your order

I placed an order for a chainsaw clutch drum about two weeks ago. The item is not in stock and I'm still waiting. I wish this Vender would inform their customers, they're middle men with no inventory.

After three weeks, I get a notice in the mail it will take another 5 to 9 business days.

On 12 June I get an email it has shipped via FirstMile with no delivery date. For the six dollar's I paid for shipping, why not use UPS, Fedex or the Post Office, who the heck is FirstMile?

June 16 it arrived, so I bumped up their ratings a notch.

Horn Trader


Honest dealer of fine Instruments

Placed an order one CAROLBRASS POCKET TRUMPET Bb Blackhawk Black Nickel Gold Trim CPT-3000-GLS-BG on 7 April. The ordering process was glitch free, and I received prompt conformation of my order. It was shipped out two days later and arrived via UPS, on 13 April. It has zero defects and is a good quality horn. Steve follows up on the shipment to assure customer satisfaction, so HornTrader earns another plus with me and they get 5 stars.

Brite Inc


Advertised Items Not In Stock

I ordered a 2x4 black metal ceramic chalk board with holder. I placed my order and received conformation, but no expected delivery date. I pressed them for a delivery date, and was told it would take about two weeks. In two weeks my chalk board arrived in tact and it's exactly what I wanted. I generally avoid businesses that do not stock advertised items, but this outfit was the only one that had exactly what I needed.


Avoid This Shyster

I wanted a Belt drive conversion kit for my Kawasaki Vulcan 500, and this outfit claims they sell them for my model bike. On 19 October I sent Scootworks an e-mail inquiring if this belt conversion kit was in stock, and was told they would have them in about 30 days, and they would notify me. On November 14, Scootworks sends me an e-mail notifying me the Belt Conversion kit is in stock, so I place my order on the same day. I get an e-mail conformation for my order, and my credit card is billed for $550.99. After three days, I hear nothing from Scootworks, On 17 November, I make an inquiry about my order and get the following reply:

"Hi Dave, the rear pulley is in powder coating now. We manfacture the components in advance, and coat those to order, not knowing what folks might choose on this low volume part. Some items are used in multiple variations for other bike models. Should be finished and assembled tomorrow"

I wait another two days and hear nothing from Scootworks. On November 19, I send an e-mail asking if that "powder coating" is dry yet? I get this belligerent song and dance from Scootworks:

"I pressed & installed the front and rear flanges late yesterday evening. I'm not sure where this is going, but you already have this "you claimed" statement in your emails. This is a small shop, and with one person out sick, my son and I are working about 80hrs week. We mfg a lot of parts, and most of these production items are done in batches, not one piece at the time. These things aren't some mass produced chinese part from walmart, they are custom built be me, and only me. Saying that, I build each one as if it's going on my own bike. I'm working long days, and pushing lots of parts out the door, Is there some urgency or problem in this order that I'm not aware of?"

After getting this belligerent response, which seems like a cut & paste reply used on all his PO'd customers, I check with the BBB and this website, and learn Scootworks has 100 percent negative reviews and a long list of PO'd customers. I promptly notify my credit card company about this, and I'm told they will look into the matter, and reverse the payment if Scootworks doesn't deliver the item within the billing cycle. On 21 November, I contact Scootworks and inquire about my order and they reply with another vague promise.

"Thanks Dave, belting is due in today. The kit is already packed and will go out as soon as the belting arrives"

Gee, I must now wait another unspecified period of time for a supposedly "instock" item. Another week goes by, On 29 November I inquire about the status of my order, and receive this belligerent letter from Scootworks

"Blah blah blah...check your junk mail folder, I have the confirmation of the email to you from . Your refund was approved by my on Friday morning from the chargeback YOU started, funds were automatically pulled from my account friday morning. You did the chargeback, I'm just lucky to have stopped the parts in transit. My opinion, you planned to get the drive and your money at the same time. Do you not know the chargeback process? It would seem you know the tricks of issuing a chargeback right away, after getting shipping confirmation. It's now between you and your credit card company, there's nothing for you here in NC. It's refunded from our side, I hope it gets tangled up in dispute investigations on your end. Come to NC, hahaha...really, for money that you charged back in a dispute literally only days into a purchase and right after shipping to you?"

Gee, this fraudster is accusing me of fraud! Being familiar with this guys negligence to provide delivery information, and attempts to gaslight me with vague excuses and accusations, I don't believe a word he says. I contacted my credit card company, and was notified my payment was withdrawn, and I did get a full refund. So I beat him to the punch getting my money back before he could rip me off. The Scootworks joker claims the item was shipped, and if it should get, Ah Hmm 'lost in the mail' I'm somehow on the hook. Without a valid tracking number, you'll have a hard time proving that Schlomoe. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and we'll see how this scam plays out. I'm sorry I didn't check with the BBB and this website before doing business with these crooks. Seeing how I'm not alone in my experience with Scootworks, I don't understand how this scam artist remains in business. Word to the wise, Avoid Scootworks like Antares plague. "



Gophenator Traps Kick Gopher@$$

Ordered four Gophenators and received immediate e-mail confirmation. Two days after the Shipping label was created, the tracking number indicated the post office never received the parcel. I spoke with Steve, and was told, their post office in Menlo Park CA, doesn't scan parcels for some reason, but said if they didn't arrive within three days, he would re ship my order. This sounded far fetched to me, but my Gophenators did arrive in the three days as promised. Today I bagged my first Gopher, only two hours after setting one trap at the gophers entrance. The annoying pest was Killed neatly and sweetly. My hats off to the Gophenator.



Beware Items Not in Stock

I placed an order with Instrumental Savings, after inquiring whether their advertised YAMAHA YCR 2310IIIS STANDARD Bb CORNET was in stock. Their prompt e-mail reply claimed this Cornet was in stock, so I placed my order. Four days later I get a call telling me the Cornet I ordered is not in stock, and I was offered either another model cornet (bait & switch), or I would have to wait more then a month while they back order it. I said no thanks, please give me a refund. Seeing how they misinformed me about the item being in stock, why should I trust them any further?
Caveat Emptor.



Honest Supplier Of Rare Metals.

I ordered Four, One Troy ounce specimens of Rhenium. My order was promptly acknowledged, and shipped two days later. The specimens were well packaged in individual airtight containers, and each ingot is well polished and serialized. I also placed more orders with RWMM for some other specimens, to diversify my holdings in precious metals. I realize there is some risk investing in these commodities, as there is no secondary market for these ingots I'm aware of at this time.



Beautiful Looking Horn, Big Disapointment

I recently purchased a Tocaviva Cornet with black nickle finish. The horn finish is absolutely beautiful and the horn plays very well, but upon initial cleaning, I discovered one cracked top valve cap on the number 3 valve, and several leaks in seams along the feed pipe. I contacted Tocaviva, and they delivered one replacement valve cap and new piping, which didn't fit properly, and would pop out while playing with a mute. I later discovered more leaking seams and asked for a replacement horn that wasn't plagued with defects, but the Manager Ben, said they would only refund my purchase. I decided to keep the horn because it plays well, but now I wish I did return it because my cornet developed two more cracked valve caps. These Plastic horns have a beautiful finish and Play very well, but the valve caps on these horns are held in place with chintzy locking pins that break under normal use. Tocaviva could manufacture these horns better and they would be pretty good horns if they utilized a threaded valve cap. Tocaviva owes customers who purchased these horns upgrade kits, to replace original valve caps with improved threaded valves caps. Until this crucial improvement is made, I strongly recommend avoiding these plastic horns, as they're plagued with defects and fall apart under normal use.

Dennis Kirk


Trustworthy Retailer of motor cycle tires

Ordered a set of Michelin tires and replacement tubes for my Kawasaki Vulcan 500
Their prices are reasonable and they provide fast delivery.
No complaints for this business.



No one beats LaserPointerPro in quality and price

After reading many negative reviews and BBB reports about Laserpointerpro, I was very worried after I placed my order. My laser's arrived 15 days as advertised, and I experienced none of the problems mentioned here. Perhaps these guys got their act together. I ordered 4, blue violet 405 nm, 200 mw lasers for $20 bucks apiece. I was shocked to find out each one functions perfectly, and puts out a genuine 200 mw clean purple dot beam. Each one is twice as powerful as my 100 mw Rayfoss of the same wavelength. From my experience no one beats Laserpointerpro in price or quality.


I've ordered a number of times from APMEX and never had any problem. Some of the complaints here of being penalized for backing out of an order are unfounded. If you read the agreement terms prior to making your purchase, you agree not to back out of your deal, less you suffer some penalty. Read their terms before you buy, and don't make any purchases unless you're serious.
From my experience APMEX is an honest dealer of precious metals.



I Ordered a tinted visor for my Scorpion Motor cycle helmet, for about 20 bucks with 10 dollar shipping fee. The item shipped all the way from Spain and arrived in about three weeks. Unfortunately the tinted visor wouldn't attach to my helmet, So I had it returned. MotardInn did reimburse my purchase, plus cost of shipping as advertised, so they win my respect for honesty.


A trustworthy vender of fine machining tools.