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Dealtree Inc.


DealTree is a SCAM!!! (Trade-In)

First of all Dealtree is operated by BestBuy to sell used or open items through their Cowboom, but also offers a trade-in of your items for a set value. This complain is regarding the trade-in transaction with the Dealtree.

In November, 2016, I decided to trade-in two video games to Dealtree for $40 each (total $80). The value set/agreed by Dealtree is valid for 14 days and the trade-in items must be delivered to their location in a package using pre-paid postage within that time period.

Soon thereafter, I mailed the package and confirmed by tracking number that the package was delivered 7 days later. I waited two days and log on to the Dealtree website and saw that the status of the items were still listed as "waiting to receive." Also noticed that the trade-in value now offered to a customer wishing to trade-in was raging between $15 - $18 for each game.

After waiting a week, with no status update, I emailed and inquired with the Dealtree representative about the trade-in status. The rep confirmed the products were received on time and she will make sure it gets processed within 5-7 days.

However, a day later, I received another email from the Dealtree confirming the receipt of the trade-in items, but now indicating that the package was not received in-time and the prior quoted value had expired, and that the newly assigned value will be $15 each ($30 total) for the trade-in.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Dealtree decided to wait after 14 day period had expired to disqualifying me of the original trade-in value and arbitrarily assign a new received date and a lower trade-in value.

I wonder if it was other way around, would the Dealtree been ethical enough to honor the higher trade-in value. I highly doubt it.

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