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Maingear Computers


...Beyond words about Maingear....

I can attest to the homework and research I put into look for a new rig. I looked and read for about a 18 months. I learned about the insides and outsides of PC Gaming rigs and workstations. Everything! Speeds, transfer rates, OS, SSD, M.2, GeForce, Loop cooling and on and on. I was looking to make an investment, not just to buy a really cool PC. I do game at times, but my computer is also an everyday desktop computer. I use it for many different tasks, that's why I wanted the best gaming PC there was for me. I use my Maingear to browse the internet daily, gaming, watching movies, music, and pretty much all other things. I finally chose the Maingear F131 with a 360mm cooling system, M.2 drive, SSD and HDD and other top choices. I used to go to the Maingear website and look at all the options and pictures of my future setup. I was really impressed with it already. I even found some great pictures on Google search of the F131.
I finally ordered my setup 11/13/17, and had it at my house at the first few days of December. Now I come from Dell and Alienware family of computers, so when this Maingear came to me, I was in for such a surprise. I have never owned a PC that was liquid cooled and had a radiator. I have never had a computer that you could watch and see the insides of it. I really had no idea of what I was getting into! I got the shipment in, and I was already feeling good about my purchase. The box wasn't huge, heavy, or beat up from shipping. I finally got it home, and got it out of the boxing it was in. It was very very well shipped and protected, but words cannot explain the excitement that I went through looking at this thing called a PC in front of me! I have never seen anything like this. The pictures on the website, do this computer absolutely NO JUSTICE!! The craftsmanship and care put into this computer is breathtaking. I was beyond grateful for God blessing me with the means to buy this computer, and to steer me to make the best choice with Maingear. I just can't explain fully how well built this machine is. The looks of this computer is just awesome. Immediately when I saw this computer, I could tell the work and care that was put into this PC. I know Im laying this on pretty thick, but I put a lot of time and effort into researching and choosing a new powerful system, and I am so very pleased with Maingear. My family and friends are struck by how good this PC looks and runs. It really is that nice looking!
Now how does it run? In 11 seconds after hitting the power button, the system is completely loaded and booted up and in idle mode. Its insanely fast with a Gen. 8 OC processor and an 1TB M.2 OS. While gaming, the three fans are in silent mode, just whispering! This PC is super quiet, even under stress. Awesome airflow through the whole PC. Airflow is the first and most important subject to tackle to buying a high end PC system, and the F131 breathes greatly!
So thank you all for reading my review. If you can't tell, Maingear is the Bugatti Chiron's of the custom built PC world and I am blessed by them. And thank you everyone at Maingear. This review is for you. I didn't do this. You guys did!! I just am a recipient of your hard work. Derek A.


Pleased returning customer!

I have used this service a few times, and these guys and gals are always spot on and quick to deliver. I really like the packaging of the products sent to me. Done with a lot of integrity!

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