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I was in a rush ordering and mistakenly purchased an ASRock X370 Killer SLI/ac instead of the ASRock Z370 Killer SLI/ac I needed for my i5-8600K. The website said, replacement only, no refund. Called customer service and they agreed to an RMA for a full refund and even picked up the return shipping charge. So, call then and you too might end up with a good resolution to your problem.

Micro Center


I bought an open box video card. The video card serial number did not match the box serial number. And even though the sticker said it was tested, it overheated in less than 60 seconds under load. They don't have another, so I had to RMA it


I purchased two Iwill ZMAXdp dual socket Opteron SFF barebone systems from TekGems. They shipped right away and the two units arrived as scheduled. They were brand new as advertised, still sealed with tape and banding from Iwill. This was an unbelievable deal that was executed with perfection by TekGems. When FedEx provided no tracking info, Sun Kim reponded to my email promptly and the packages arrived as he said. I never heard of them before, but have added them to my Favorites and will be checking out their deals from now on.


They are indeed crooks as mentioned below. They sell old used Engineering Samples (ES) as new OEM. My E6600 is marked QLLR ES and the stepping code is L610A730 which indicates it's been around since the 10th week (March) of 2006. So it's 10 months old and has been heavily used by some manufacturer for testing. Intel gives these chips away to their partners and stipulates that they are not to be resold. It is a Rev B0 Stepping 4 while the current OEM and retail CPUs are Rev 2 Stepping 6. This means it contains bugs or issues that were corrected in subsequent revisions before going into full production.

Their new trick is to reject any complaints as spam. Twice my complaint was rejected by their spam filter. All I can do now is to file a complaint with PayPal and see if they have gotten better than they were in the past. Unfortunately I ordered before checking here since I had bought an item from them several years ago with any problem. Stay away or you will be scammed if you purchase what they call "OEM" CPUs.

Also, don't use PayPal from scammers like Stalliontek. PayPal lets you file a dispute, which of course crooks like these guys don't even respond to, and then should you elevate it up to a claim, they automatically and instantly deny it. Yep they don't even read or evaluate what you said. They provide canned reasons, and if you pick them, you get an automatic denial. Stalliontek obviously knows this, so they continue to commit fraud on a constant basis.

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