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Cambridge World


WORST BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER! Here's my horror story: I ordered a flash attachment from these morons in January, 2002. Of course the web site claimed the item was in stock. A couple of weeks went by, so I called their "customer service". I was told the item was on backorder and would arrive in a couple of weeks. 3 weeks went by, so I called and was told again that it would be in in a couple of weeks. Sensing this was going to be a disaster, I told them to cancel the order. The foreign gentleman on the line said "ya,ya- we take care of it". Weeks pass, and it turns out that they had billed my credit card as soon as the order was placed. Now I'm stuck with no product and a charge on my CC. I call again, give them my order number, and tell them to refund my purchase price. "Ya-ya- we take care of it" was the now predicable response. Again, weeks pass, and no credit was made to my CC. I call one last time and get "ya, ya- we take care of it". Next, I wrote them a formal letter demanding a refund. In the letter I included my credit card number so that it could be properly credited. A few more days pass, and I get a call from someone in New Hampshire (I'm in Minnesota) asking me to approve a very large charge for some metal detecting equipment that was being charged to my CC. One of the buffoons at Cambridge lifted my CC number and was attempting to commit credit card fraud with my card! That was the last straw. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It took 9 months, but with their help, I got a full refund check in October 2002. The bottom line: these people are outright crooks and cannot be trusted in any manner whatsoever. I only wish I had visited this site before I put myself through this wringer. AVOID THIS "BUSINESS" AT ALL COSTS!!!

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