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I ordered a needle for a 45+ year old KLH Model Eleven turntable/changer that had the original Pickering V-15HB/AT2C cartridge with 45 years of wear on it. The first needle that sent had a shaft that was slightly too large to slide into the cartridge despite being the exact replacement model called for. So I returned it, along with the old worn needle and an explanation note. In less than 2 weeks they found me a different needle that fit and sent to me at no extra charge. Now the old KLH is up and running so that I can digitalize my vinyl collection.

How many other businesses are that customer-oriented that they will take the time to find a custom part for you? Most places tell you, "you ordered part # XX-1234BZq and if it doesn't fit, that's your problem. Tough luck, Dude, we don't have time to hold your hand." My hat's off to

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