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VIP Camera


In recently placed an order for a video camera.

I should have checked the availability prior to the order as your website only stated “order now” next to the availability. I took this as being in stock.

I ordered the camera using my credit card billing address as my shipping address to insure the order didn’t have any problems. I do order a lot of items on line.

I got a prompt email telling me my order was being processed. Then I got another email asking me to contact customer support to verify my order. I thought OK these guys are careful, I like that.

When I called customer support the person verified my order then went on to ask me which battery I wanted with my order. I was confused because the website did mention two batteries options. I quickly figured out the person was trying to get me to upgrade my battery and increase my order sales amount. He seems upset when I declined the upgraded and more expensive battery. And was indignant when I didn’t wish to purchase a extended warranty.

After our conversation a fourth email advised me my order was now (since I didn’t order anything else) a 4 to 6 week back order. Being only 3 weeks before Christmas and this being a present I was a little disappointed in you company. The clerk didn’t choose to tell me my order wouldn’t be available but choose to send an email.

I called VIP Camera company up and after approximately 20 minutes on hold I talked to what sounded like the same clerk.

I informed him I was about to order a video camera and wanted to insure it was in stock. At first he told me it was in stock, then he stated no, it was a different camera that was in stock the camera I wanted was out of stock. I asked when it could be shipped and he stated “ a week and a half” . I asked again to be sure and the answer was again "we would get the item in a week & a half."

I then informed him I had just ordered the Item and was told (since I didn’t purchase anything else) that the item would not be available for 4 to 6 weeks. He became angry and accused me of playing games. I told him I was just trying to very the email I had gotten.

It appears that your company has a policy of not being honest with the customers, punishing customer who only want to order what they feel they need & not what you want them to order. And the clerk was at very least rude when I declined to order the battery.

When you call your companies phone number the first thing you hear is VIP camera where we treat every customer like a VIP…I don’t think so

Dan Watson

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