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Avoid this merchant, they do NOT provide updates for online orders, they do NOT respond to voice mail messages (several) left on their unprofessional little analog answering machine, they do NOT respond to emails (several), they won't even respond to messages sent by consumers through PayPal's "Resolution Center" processes AND ... they do NOT process online orders.

We reached out to this seller numerous times regarding an order we had placed both with numerous voice mail and email messages. Phone calls, as well as emails, were made well within Ace Vacuum, Leesburg, VA's posted business hour, yet we never received a response. We decided to research various feedback forums and discovered numerous complaints of the same nature (unable to make direct phone contact with this Ace Vacuum, messages unanswered).

In addition to the time and effort this costs us, rendering absolutely no results, it was necessary to escalate this to PayPal's direct intervention to achieve a full refund/PayPal credit for the purchase, consuming even more irreplaceable time. I would strongly suggest that if other's outside of Virginia are considering an online purchase with this business that they avoid this seller altogether. Again, there are numerous complaints very similar to ours about this business's failure to fulfill orders, lack of any follow-up/updates, no response to buyer's messages/inquiries. I have even strongly suggested to PayPal that they cancel this vendor's PayPal business account due to numerous, identical consumer complaints.


I Just Don't Get It

First, the invoice used to submit these comments is simply to be able to post comments, however, this is about Amazon in general. After using this entity (I will NOT call them an "organization" because they are not ... organized) for over 16 years, I just don't get the attraction.

Many times the prices are not any more competitive than any other retailer, bricks-and-mortar or online, and quite often are even more than other retailers. At one time this entity offered prices that were much more competitive than any other retailer. Regardless of prices, the service with this entity is by far the worst. The worst shipping, the worst packaging (for YEARS! Adequate packaging is a hit or miss proposition, mostly "miss"), the worst billing, questionable (VERY questionable) security, terrible communications (NONE!) and the list of Amazon "fails" could fill a volume on this forum.

It's my theory that favorable comments about this "disorganization" come from those with limited or no mobility (lack of transportation, etc) from the numerous comments or "reviews" we scanned through. Additionally, as other customers have commented, $100 for a feature called "Prime", for a company notorious for its inefficient, poor shipping, for prices that are no better than many other retailer and, again, many times more, lots more?

As a recent example, we placed a small order with Ape-azon to see if service had improved. One order, same item, however, the items were shipped separately, for an order totaling less than $40! The items were poor quality and subsequently returned. Ape-azon issued two separate UPS shipping labels, again, same item, same order (one order). The debits for the return are trickling in, separately, three different debits (credits) to our credit card. Insignificant? Not when customers have to monitor that all charges were credited to a credit card, with a full schedule of other important tasks (like OUR customers!) to worry about. This is not an isolated incident. It is just one of the reasons we took a long break from using Amazon. To repeat, the list of horrendous Amazon "fails" with poor shipping, uncompetitive prices, lack of communication channels, inefficient order processing, etc., etc., etc. can go on seemingly forever.

From a lengthy professional business background, where effortless, efficient communications, stellar customer support and so forth made the difference between success and failure, lost revenue, as well as having a long history of investing (stocks), I have an even more difficult time understanding how this corporate debacle's stock can be trading at $1,300 per share (yeah, that's right, one THOUSAND three hundred!). That absolutely baffles me. Apparently U.S. consumers have settled for anything other than even adequate service and support.

B&H Photo-Video


Outstanding, In Every Respect

If more retailers, to be specific, if more of the MUCH LARGER retailers (with more resources available to them btw!) ran their entire CRM system like B&H Photo, there would be far fewer complaints. From the layout of the site including interactive site elements, to ordering, shipping, delivery and excellent, professional, HIGHLY EXEMPLARY communications and customer interaction, B&H far surpasses even the most massive retail organization.

As trite as this may sound, B&H even seems to have addressed what has become a very annoying, aggravating order fulfillment issue. Almost every ... well, actually, EVERY e-commerce site will send emails out sounding like new parents of their first born male child ... "Congratulations, your order has SHIPPED and is on its way!" or very similar variations thereof, when actually your package may be upwards of 3-5 days from actually, physically shipping, beginning to travel via the carrier. We learned early on that those types of "proud" messages, intended to emotionally incite buyers, really mean, "We've printed a label for shipment. Sometime within the next year, your order will ship."

Again, very aggravating when expecting a package and operating an understaffed business with a very heavy workload. We have even suggested to vendors to change this annoying, ANNOYING message to, "Your order has been processed, a shipping label generated and is awaiting pickup from the carrier."

B&H's solution to even this seemingly insignificant, aggravating "shipping notification" practice, to have their carrier (at least UPS) modify order processing notifications with ...
Ready for
Simple, straightforward, easy to gauge and plan for delivery time frames.

Minor? Maybe, to some, but for our hectic schedules and workload, one less thing to be concerned about, planning in advance for ACTUAL delivery time frames WITHOUT guessing. Just one more value-added feature, advantage and benefit of doing business with B&H Photo along with that excellent website, way above par order processing interface, B&H customer interaction (sales, tech, product "support") and much more.



The Worst Retail Organization in Existance

The list of issues with Kohl's would take up volumes on this forum. Therefore I will defer to most of the other negative reviews on ResellerRatings as reference to a majority of accurate negativities about this company.

However, just to name a few items, starting with a website that is agonizingly slow, very, VERY slow loading, no matter what time of the day or what day (all other sites load quickly, including financial organizations, universities, government agencies, etc) to a very difficult and complicated process for contacting customer service, this retail company runs the gamut of everything wrong that a retail company is capable of doing. Deliveries are slow, fragmented (multiple items on a single order arrive at different times, different days ... EVERY TIME) and missing items when delivery confirmations have shown that all items had been delivered.

With that in mind, the most recent order arrived ... missing an item, however, Kohl's records reflected that two items of that order had been delivered when only one item had been shipped. There have been other similar occurrences in the past. So, we attempted to contact the local store. After a continuous recording of "your call is being transferred now" for 20 minutes we were disconnected. Therefore we hunted down, literally struggled to locate a phone number for returns. It would seem Kohl's discourages customers from calling Kohl's support by hiding, burying their customer service within some obscure subheadings under "Help" and "Contact Us." When we finally got through to customer support, the language barrier was extreme, could hardly understand a word the representative was saying. We spent almost an hour on the phone explaining the aforementioned situation, referencing transaction records, etc and demanding to speak with a call center manager. We explained that we did not want to terminate the phone conversation until the call center sent us an email confirmation of the claims, commitments they had made to us. We were then put on hold for 20-25 minutes (while doing other things in the office) and then ... disconnected.

To recap, the foregoing is just a small sampling of Kohl's substandard, rude customer service, extremely deficient phone support and severely inefficient operations in general.

Once more, read the other negative reviews here on ResellerRatings. Without going through a large percentage of them, I can almost testify to the accuracy of almost all of them. As an active investor, it amazes me that a company like Kohl's can stay in business, that it's stock has actually remained up for the most part (although it has seen a downward trend from a high nearly $80/share a little more than 2 years ago, to its current mid to high $40 range).



Very Poor Communication, Product Quality


November 1, 2017
As California residents, we make every attempt at buying from California based companies, considering the mass exodus of business from our state (thanks to our wonderful "socialist" party). Therefore, we purchased a large quantity of 16"x16", 3 mil, resealable slider (closure) bags.

The sliders were extremely flimsy requiring a delicate, careful touch to avoid the slider dislodging from the slider tracks. Regardless, the sliders on a large portion (estimated 30-40%) of the bags still came off even with extremely careful handling. Nonetheless, as we were nearing the end of that batch of 16x16-inch bags, we were willing to give Clear Bags another chance. We emailed Clear Bags, twice, inquiring whether they carried bags with heavier duty sliders. Not one answer. Being forthright, at the risk of sounding blunt, I very low tolerance for poor or no communications from vendors.

Again, the inferior quality like that of our initial order by itself would normally be enough for us to seek another vender. When Clear Bags ignored our inquiry the first time, for most vendors that also would be sufficient motivation to choose another vendor. However, the poor quality of the bags (defective, what we view as defective, bag closures defeat the purpose of purchasing what should be an efficient feature, the slider), poor and unprofessional vendor communication (or lack thereof actually) finally made us choose another vendor, Uline.

Uline's prices are slightly higher ($0.38/bag - ClearBags, $0.57/bag - Uline) but their support before a sale and after are exceptional, the quality of the bags, exceptional (Uline also shipped us ample samples miraculously in under 2 business days). Bottom line: the real reason for choosing Uline was Uline's professional, outstanding communication, first, and the high quality of the bags, second.

Bed Bath & Beyond


Wow! What Happened To Bed-Bath-Beyond!

What happened to Bed, Bath & Beyond (BBBY) over the past several years? All these retailers are blaming various buying mediums for their poor performances and falling revenue?

BBBY is blaming competition from online shopping while a majority of BBBY's business emanates from internet orders (whether shipping or store pickup). Sears is blaming online shopping, period, when it's C-Level management who has betrayed dedicated Sears' customers' confidence by cutting corners on product quality, customer service, etc. LONG before revenues began to recede.

However, in BBBY's case, as a long time customer and former investor, their poor customer support in the form of unresponsive customer inquiries, lack of or inaccurate product detail, etc. really has me stunned, from a business perspective. BBBY had always provided stellar customer service, but over the past several years that value-added trait has severely declined. Simply poor or no replies to product inquiries (very slow ... several days, even more than a week and many times no response at all). Conversely, the customer service at the store level, when visiting an actual BBBY physical, brick-and-mortar location, is still stellar. Perhaps BBBY should focus less on internet sales and support and stick with what has worked for them, excellent in-store customer service (while Sears needs to focus more on online sales AND in-store customer service, return to quality products and so on, Eddie "K-Mart Kenny" Lampert).

NOTE: Comments are regarding Bed, Bath & Beyond in general and not one specific order.



Fast Delivery, Good Customer Service

Can't recall which order this is for since the link sent to us from ResellerRatings made no reference to the specific Vitacost order, but all orders from Vitacost over the past two years or more have been delivered with amazing speed (as though the "store" was a couple of miles away). Not all prices are as discounted as in the past, 3-4 years or more ago, but a good majority of the prices are competitive and, in some cases, still less than other bricks-and-mortar and online retailers.

In addition to very fast order deliveries, on the rare occasion where there may've been an issue with an order, Vitacost was very accommodating and extremely easy to work with, resolving an issues (truthful, legitimate, honest customer issues) expeditiously.

Dollar General


Sloppy Accounting Procedures

From experience with a recent order, and according to numerous customer complaints on various forums (all different reviewers), this entity is an accounting train wreck. We purchased some inexpensive items and subsequently noticed two slightly different charges on our credit card from this Dollar General.

It's not that the erroneous double charges were that significant, but that in addition to all of our other online purchases we now have to monitor our card to ensure that the greater, erroneous amount from this group drops off, that it is removed without further intervention on our behalf. That the amounts are small is even worse than if it were a larger charge, requiring us to put this on our calendar, with auto reminders, until hopefully this incorrect charge disappears from our credit card. That's just sloppy accounting. While I can understand the annoying "test" charges placed on credit accounts (to ensure that funds are available; annoying because those charges appear, disappear then reappear upwards of 4 times in some cases!), I cannot understand lazy, unprofessional accounting procedures which double charge an account.

If we were investors in this Dollar General circus, I'd be very, very concerned for my investment.



Entirely My Fault ... Slow Learner

Other than the valid reviews commenting on Walmart's very annoying "Marketplace" offerings, Walmart is just generally a mess.

I've heard some loud moaning coming from the vicinity of Sam Walton's grave. Once AGAIN, ordered two products from Walmart (we will NOT use their ridiculous, unaccountable "Marketplace" advertisers) both products indicated as in inventory, 6 days ago. One product shipped and delivered fairly quickly. The other product was caught in the eternal state of "processing" followed with emails stating "We're sorry for the delay," only to be told the last, unshipped product from our order is no longer available.

This isn't the first time this has happened. With one order, out of 3 other similar incidents, the ordered was "delayed" for 13 days, only to have Walmart send a message that the product was no longer available. One issue like this we can understand and accept but, as of this most current order, 4 identical delivery issues?

First, every other vendor we deal with ONLY ships products which are available ... accept Walmart. Second, not only does Walmart have a poor, extremely pitiful inventory tracking system, but it takes that company numerous days to figure out that the product was never available in the first place!

In all honesty, all the "undelivered", unavailable product orders were under $100, however, that is not the issue. It's actually worse that the unavailable products are inexpensive items since we have to make a note with regular alerts ("alarm sound") on our calendar to remind us to follow-up on low cost orders.

So, with all the valid complaints, including many similar to ours here, I now have to make a note to remind myself to read this, and the other similar reviews, NOT to order from one of the most disorganized, poorly managed retailers, Walmart. These people evidently just don't get it, most likely thinking that all the bad ratings and comments are invalid, misunderstanding on behalf of consumers, not Walmart's fault, that Walmart C-Level CAN'T be wrong so therefore, again, it must be uneducated, uninformed consumers.

Conversely, apparently I'm just a slow learner when it comes to cosumerism. Regardless, that moaning coming from the vicinity of Sam Walton's grave is Sam posthumously wailing in agony over what inept management has done to his beloved, once exceptional customer centric business.


Poor (read:NO) Invoicing

While may have (keyword: MAY, not always the case) have lower prices, it has the poorest invoicing we have witnessed in all of our years of e-commerce shopping. In fact, does NOT provide an invoice at all.

Your invoice, or "receipt," consists of one continuous page of ALL items purchased, i.e., your ENTIRE history of purchases on one continuous page. This may be okay with regards to consumer goods (household and food items) but not for high value technology items, making any possible manufacturer warranty claims for purchases EXTREMELY difficult.

Generating an invoice/receipt requires Adobe Acrobat or an Acrobat compatible application to save a copy of your transactions. If you go back into your account to print a receipt for a particular item, once more, ALL items purchased since that specific purchase will be grouped together, on ONE CONTINUOUS page. Therefore it is strong recommended to AVOID purchasing technology items of any value from to avoid future manufacturer warranty claims issues.

Again, one continuous page of ALL purchases vs. individual, itemized and detailed invoices/receipts for each order/purchase: very annoying, very problematic when submitting warranty claims to manufacturers for faulty products., you invested in an e-commerce start-up, at least provide the courtesy and professionalism of itemized, detailed invoices/receipts for each order (separate invoices/receipts for individual orders) like other reputable, professional e-commerce vendors do. You may want to look at B&H Photo for an excellent example. We've opted to avoid for future purchases until such time that management can provide "normal," individual invoices/receipts for EACH order, vs. one continuous page listing ALL purchases. It is highly recommended that others do the same, especially for the aforementioned technology items.



Amazing, Truly Amazing

With a corporate background, including middle management, it amazes me that, 1) eBay can remain in business, 2) generate and sustain revenues and, 3) trade at all on the stock markets while actually, and phenomenally, thriving.

Most comments, from seemingly disgruntled eBay users, are VERY valid. Comments such as “…be prepared for...dodgy buyers looking to scam…no protection from ebay...fake items (false claims, etc)...extremely high fees (including shipping!)...awful website..." are all very valid.

1st, eBay's layout, overall user interfaces etc. are poorly designed, disorganized, inefficient and simply immature, adolescent, childlike. Regarding eBay's “protection” policies, empty promises. 2nd, support for transactions gone bad require excessive, valid, documentation from buyers/sellers, with the onus of resolving issues falling on the buyer/seller, rendering eBay's alleged "protection" almost worthless. As just one example, we purchased several allegedly "new" SSDs. The item(s) arrived with postage due and therefore, had to be “refused” (we did not have cash available to pay the USPS carrier). The short version: item was immediately returned to the seller; however, seller would not issue a refund despite several messages and documentation (zero, yes ZERO, weight for the package, $0.61 for fees that should've been $6-$7, etc!). eBay advised filing a dispute vs. using eBay's messaging. eBay next advised allowing 3 business days for the buyer to respond. On the FOURTH business day, eBay advised waiting until the FIFTH business day for the seller to respond. After more than 1-1/2 hours presenting our case to the eBay "courts", eBay reluctantly agreed to enforce their buyer "protection" (hah!) policy by issuing a refund, again, almost approaching the FIFTH day, and only AFTER sending the seller yet one last message while on the phone with eBay.

eBay reasoned the seller may've been waiting to check the package. However, even IF the SSDs were damaged, such damage would NOT have been our responsibility since the package was in the possession of the USPS the entire time. Any possible damage would've been between the USPS and the seller. We further argued, should the seller claim damage to the returned items; he could prolong our dispute for MONTHS. When asked by eBay if there was anything else they could do we replied, “…enforce your famous eBay protection policy and issue a refund!” After a long pause on hold, the eBay rep advised that an exception (huh? It is their HIGHLY promoted "protection" policy!) will be made by issuing a refund. There should've been NO "exception", no "override." The seller was wrong, allegedly tried to defraud the USPS, was unresponsive and we had provided copious, valid, legally supporting documentation.

Regarding eBay user ratings, most buyers/sellers (private parties) will avoid submitting negative feedback, to prevent receiving a negative rating in return! So, positive seller ratings may not reflect the true seller rating, where seller ratings could possibly be MUCH lower than reflected on the eBay.

Lastly, eBay’s messaging is a mess, a communications nightmare, virtually impossible to maintain a contiguous transactional message thread, with respect to numerous messages for a single transaction. I honestly believe eBay is just another "" leftover from the '90s waiting to crash. If it weren't for the patient Filipino representatives, eBay C-Levels would all be cashing in their obscene golden parachutes (i.e. 10s of millions of dollars!) regardless of failure or bankruptcy.

If not for the patient Filipino eBay support, I believe eBay would be in Chapter 11.



While many of the complaints about Reverb are related to consumers' or shoppers' ethics, they are just that, complaints about consumers, human nature. That, questionable consumer ethics, is just the nature of online selling.

Do I have issues with just Reverb "shoppers?" No. I have issues with ALL online shoppers. Folks that would lie to benefit their own financial gain when purchasing through bricks & mortar will do the same online, only ... at a much FASTER and seemingly more frequent rate. Ironically, these are the same people that would accuse auto dealers, retailers, etc of lying or deceit.

It would seem some sellers on Reverb, especially "brick & mortar" shops who started out as brick & mortars, have a difficult time understanding that concept. Yes, buyers will lie but that's true of any buying experience, again, ESPECIALLY online due to access to a much larger buyer audience as well as the "convenience" of no personal contact (face-to-face). Many folks talk about how great eBay is but I find that site (interface, policies, and much more) and its customer base to be the worst experience by far. Sellers are lulled into a false sense of security that they are protected by eBay's policies. Wrong. Sellers on eBay are subject to even worse deceit, lying and scams by buyers. Every time I am forced to sell something on eBay (about an average of every 2-1/2 years) I hold my breath for at least a month after the transaction, hoping that no one tries to return an item for a part they removed, unseen (interior) damage they caused or whatever other scams many buyers will contrive to back out of a sale ("Craps'list" -- Craigslist isn't even worth discussing!). That's not to mention eBay's very lofty, undeserved, expensive 10% commission (plus shipping charges incurred by the seller, plus credit card/PayPal charges ...)

The point is, again, that is just the nature of doing business online. With all due respect to online sellers, including online/brick & mortar retailers, if you are not prepared for the steadily increasing downfalls and issues of selling online then I suggest considering alternatives to selling online. Either that or sell online for local delivery ONLY, with extensive confirmation of the transaction (product features, descriptions, conditions, price, Ts & Cs, etc, etc) PRIOR to making delivery.

Bottom line: would I recommend Yes, by all means but sellers should exercise extreme caution when selling an item online, for delivery sight unseen, just as buyers should. To recap, get agreement, in writing, ensuring that the buyer completely understands what they are buying, what they will be getting, down to the smallest detail, and take numerous, detailed photos (or videos) just prior to packaging and shipping. Once more, any issues experienced with Reverb are just the nature of e-commerce. That unfortunately is the internet world we exist in.

Gander Mountain


Despite the numerous negative complaints, many of them regarding shipping, poor customer service and product availability, we decided to give Gander a try, taking what we felt were the adequate precautions and safeguards. Many of the complaints we felt may have been due to miscommunication so we took the precaution of verifying product availability PRIOR to ordering.

Our 3-star rating is in reference to Gander buying processes as well as poor communications. First, we attempted to contact Gander via its online communications portal ("Chat") 4 separate times. The first three "Chats" evidently were initiated (received and opened by Gander), confirmed by a message that a Gander representative was online and reviewing our inquiry. However, on each of those three attempts, no actual reply from a representative was received. I.e. no response whatsoever. We then emailed (via our Gmail email) Gander with the same, identical question. We then attempted and were successful at contacting Gander via its Chat portal a fourth time, but our email never NEVER received a reply (sent during Gander business hours).

Given that a Gander representative confirmed ample inventory of our intended purchase (Federal American Eagle .45 ACP 230 grain) during our 4th Chat attempt, we immediately placed our order. Our credit card was also charged immediately for the full amount of the purchase. However, within several minutes we received the following message (excerpted from the entire message):
"... Your order is currently being processed. Once your order has shipped, we will send you an email notification and apply charges to your credit card ("...AND apply charges to your...card")...
We Appreciate Your Business,
The Gander Mountain Team
Order Number: (...)Order Date: 11/20/2015"

The order did not ship until Monday evening, 11-23-2015. Quite honestly, that's only a difference of 2-1/2 days (half day Fri, Sat which they process shipments on and Monday) but again, despite a statement regarding Gander purchasing policies and processes, from Gander's own "Billing" department, our credit card had been charged prior to shipment, 2-1/2 days prior.

Summary: The many complaints we attributed to miscommunications or incorrect communications, the most important step in making an online purchase, ANY purchase for that matter, are valid on behalf of Gander. Poor, ineffective online "Chat" portal, unanswered emails, etc are just some of our complaints and on our first, our initial order with Gander.

Obviously, from all the complaints we've read, and despite our pre-purchase precautions, Gander needs to work on its communications ... a LOT!

Given the negative reviews and our personal experience, we might (emph: MIGHT) consider "testing" Gander one more time but only IF Gander replies to our pre-purchase inquiries and only IF Gander's price is significantly lower than other reputable online vendors. So far, their customer service certainly doesn't warrant paying the same amount for a product with Gander than we would with another reliable vendor.


Still Bad!

After boycotting Luck Vitamin for more than 2 years, we decided to give them another try, mainly because we're on a severely tight budget, the items we ordered were slightly less than our usual online vendor and that vendor was out of stock on an item. First off, although we never selected or enrolled in this company's email marketing list and, as with all of these sly online vendors, we ensured that any "automatic" email marketing options were NOT selected, this company started "spamming" us immediately after placing our order!

Second, for Lucky Vitamin is one of those online retailers where "Your order has been shipped" notifications" = "We printed the label. You will receive your items within the next year" (well, okay, that's obviously an exaggeration but 6 days for shipping!). Compare that to the other vendor we use (Vitacost) who, when we receive an order shipped notification, the order has actually, physically, really shipped. Further, orders from the "other" vendor, our preferred vendor, arrive in amazingly, even shockingly fast time (within two days!).

On the other hand, versus previous orders with Lucky Vitamin before we avoided them for 2+ years, this ordered shipped in full, the entire order shipped! Wow! As with numerous other customer complaints, that has not always been the case. With most past orders, Lucky Vitamin would trickle the items we ordered over a span of time, making it extremely cumbersome, difficult and time consuming to ensure all items were received as well monitor our credit card for correct charges. Those previous orders, again as numerous others have complained, were messes, disasters.

Lucky Vitamin, you fulfilled our order in full this time (hopefully; we still won't receive the items for another week), but do yourselves and, especially, customers a favor and change your auto-notification system to send shipping notifications when an order has actually, physically, really shipped!

Lastly, Lucky Vitamin, PLEASE, do not respond to this review. Any attempted explanation would be annoying, aggravating even insulting.

posted Jun-18-2015

A rep from, luckyvitamin,has responded

“Thank you for your feedback, which is always very important to us! Have you heard about our Stay Lucky Autoship program? This is a great help when it comes to backordered items.
Our Stay Lucky Autoship is the easiest way to reorder your products and make sure you receive in plenty of time to not run out. As you shop, select the “AutoShip option” on the item details page and set the frequency in which you want to receive that item. Then add that item to your cart. Choose any item available on our website and set an automatic reorder frequency and we'll do the rest. You can skip, change or chancel your delivery schedule at any time. You’ll also enjoy extra savings on many quality brands.
View more information here;
Best of Health!”


If you're just starting on guitar, graduating to intermediate or simply want to review, brush up or fine tune your playing skills, is an excellent site. Justin Sandercoe, the recording artist (producer, song writer, educator ...) who created this outstanding site, delivers lessons at a very easy pace, taking the time to share essential details on each lesson while somehow magically making it seem as though he's in the room with you.

One of the amazing things about is that Justin Sandercoe has invested a great deal of time, energy, effort, thought and consideration in creating literally 100s of video tutorials and ... at HIS personal expense. If you are burdened by a conscience as I am, after viewing just one lesson, you will feel compelled to donate to as I do on a monthly basis. The closest online guitar tutorial charges a minimum of $14 - $20 per month and without the "personal" feel that Justin somehow manages to build into each of his videos.

Justin Sandercoe is not only an educated, knowledgeable and very talented musician and recording artist but also just an outstanding, positive and charismatic guy. It's no wonder even other top recording artists praise Justin.

If you're sincere and serious about learning guitar, or an experienced player like me, I highly recommend

Oh, and a small (?) value-added benefit of Justin delivers his lessons with just the right mix of levity and humor. After all, even for experienced players. let's be honest ... learning the guitar or new skills can be daunting, challenging or even outright drudgery at times. Justin helps take that "edge" off those frustrating moments and, the reward is seeing your progress under the "personal" tutelage of a talented, professional musician like Justin Sandercoe.

A final word: if you do decide to learn with, please join others in making at least a minimum monthly donation. From a selfish perspective, we want Justin Sandercoe to keep making his invaluable contributions to the arts as an outstanding educator!

Best wishes on your success and ... enjoy!