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Ordered an oven on Amazon. Amazon says it will arrive in 5 days. Wayfair corrects them and says a month. A MONTH. They didn't ship it for a week and a half. Then it sat on some dock for another week. Still sitting on a dock half a month later. Spoke with customer service. The goal is to ensure that the customer has to pay the CC bill before the item arrives. Makes the return just that much more painful. I'm betting that the item arrives damaged - I hear they only sell salvaged goods. Wish I had known that before I ordered from them.

Update - contacted by Wayfair. Cannot post the email but it's the standard "we want to help you" stuff.

Although I thank you personally for responding I am unable to believe that Wayfair gives a darn about the customer or service.

Wayfair has
• Provided many contradictory shipment and delivery dates all in contradiction with their partners
• Has modified delivery dates to be in excess of a month requiring the customer to pay for the product before delivered
• Has reduced prices and refused to grant customers that have not received the product (because of the month long shipping time) the benefit of the price reduction.
None of the above is behavior of a company focused on the customer. It is the behavior of a company that is struggling with cash flow and heading towards bankruptcy.

My expectation is that I will be going to court with Wayfair over failure to contractually perform.
This is the last place that I want to be but I have no other alternative.
I’ve contacted local TV stations about my situation to warn others.
Again, I understand your charge as an employee of a the company but Wayfair is not delivering on a commitment to customers, dates or contractual obligations.
I’ll let you know when the interview with me is on the air.

This communication and any response will be made public.

I look forward to Wayfair’s response.

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