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Have been buying different stuff there since 2016. So far I got all the items that I've ordered with no problems whatsoever. At first shipping was slow up to 90 days with first orders in 2016, but now it's way faster and I'm getting parcels in 20-25 days or so. Besides coupons and bonus points system this shop has fantastic choice of folding knives of all shapes and sizes and the quality is very good for the price.



Good products for the price

I've been purchasing a lot of things in this chinese store since 2014 and overall my experience is rather positive but you have to take lots of things into consideration before buying anything here. Anything at all. Before I name some of them I should probably give you some idea about what sort of things I've been buying there: notebooks' and mobile phones' spare parts like touchscreens and keyboards, all kinds of toolware like digital calipers, ESR meters, different hand tools like pliers, scalpels, screwdrivers, lots and lots of DIY stuff - semiconductors of all shapes and sizes, chips, resistors, neodymium magnets, Li-ion batteries, cookware and small useful things for home and garden etc. Usually everything under 40$ nothing too pricey. The last thing I bought this morning is 10 microchips GD74LS161A for 7$, ebay was a little bit more costly on that one. If you would like to buy something expensive I would recommend too look elsewhere.
Without further ado here is the list of things you should take into consideration:
1. Aliexpress is a union of chinese stores and as a result there are good, bad and mediocre ones with different approach and attitude towards their buyers. You can see each store rating and the amount of time some particular store have been selling things. 100% rating - is a very good one, 95% and below - is often a very bad and you have to be extremely cautious and sceptical about buying anything from stores with such ratings.
2. Aliexpress have a buyer's protection system but it's tricky. It doesn't always mean that the customer is always right, it's more like if a customer bought himself something that doesn't work properly he has to prove it with some solid evidence (photo or video). Why is it so? Partly because there were lots of people who abused the buyer's protection system with false statements of not receiving things that they have actually received and claiming that something that is working perfectly doesn't work at all. And they've got away with it for quite some time. I seriously condemn such a behavior because it's getting things worse for everyone. There are two layers of protection - first of all you can negotiate with a seller directly and if you don't come to an agreement then aliexpress will step in and make some decision based on your evidence and your overall behavior. Take into consideration that if a seller asks you to change the reason of dispute - don't do it. By doing so you will violate aliexpress rules and since that you're on your own. Also watch for the protection timer and prolong it not less than 5 days before it runs out.
3. Feedback is everything on aliexpress. It provides vital information for other buyers about some particular store or quality of items that you've bought. Most of the feedback is provided by russians and most of the time they're being very specific, providing lots of useful information with photos - use online translators. Because probability that you would buy something counterfeit is quite high - that's China after all, they are notorious for that.
4. And the last but not least - communities around aliexpress are very important, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people writing about different things that they've bought on aliexpress and in other stores. It always comes in handy when you have some questions about what to do if you encounter any problems at all or if you want to buy something in particular.
So with all these things in mind shopping on aliexpress can be very pleasant and you could find things you can't find anywhere else.

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