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Kraken Kratom


Decent Company , Qaulity Product and Good Customer Service

I've only been ordering from Kraken Kratom for a little under 3 months but am really impressed thus far with a few caveats. This review may be amended if my experience with them changes.

I'd grade the overall looks of the site as average but ease of use gets high marks. Prices are consistent with other sites selling the same products but it does offer a few nice bonuses. If you sign up as I did you receive a weekly newsletter which can keep you up to date with new merchandise and specials as well as receiving coupons which offer some really great deals!

Quality of product is really good with a special nod to their "gold standard" Kratom. Merchandise is fresh and comes in easily identifiable packets containing the strains name on the outside of the pouches.

They send quick notifications of invoice number, day the shipment goes out and tracking number so you may follow your purchase anywhere on it's route. You can also choose who you wish your carrier to be and they even offer free shipping.

My one customer service experience with them was a net positive. I ordered several items to be overnighted. Two of the items were small ticket but the third item was one of the most expensive they carry. When my package arrived the higher cost item was not in it. The invoice itself indicated it was enclosed (con) which alarmed me and I contacted them immediately.

Their service rep had no explanation for why the invoice indicated the item had been sent but assured me that the item was only out of stock and would be sent to me as soon as their next shipment arrived. He did not have an exact date for that (sometime next week..con) He was proffecional, friendly and understanding which lessened my stress at having not received the item on time but it was troubling that he didn't have an exact date for arrival. However, he did keep me updated and sent the item out the same day it arrived in their warehouse. When I opened my package, to my surprise, they had doubled the amount of the product I had ordered at no charge to me as recompense for it having been out of stock (pro).

Additional cons: Upon seeing a few other reviews it seems as though late merchandise may be a problem for them. Unfortunately, though this is an issue I have seen with most vendors who sell organic products. I'm not sure any other companies could do much better.

Their sample packets aren't really much of a good deal. They charge the same price for all of the samples and each sample is sold separately. So while you may pay less for the sample, it's counterpart may actually be cheaper. A 13 dollar item may cost you only 10 bucks but when you factor in the amount you are getting (1 gram per sample vs 5 non-sample) the time it takes to deliver and shipping costs you'd make out much better in simply paying a few dollars more to get a lot more product.



Priced higher then normal but this company more then makes up for it in ways that will knock your socks off!! Exceptional customer service via phone or email. They ship your merchandise to you within TWO delivery days (FREE for the customer) instead of the average 7-10 days.

I recently ordered two boots from them and chose Zappos because I prefer offbeat brands which unfortunately causes them to sell out quickly. Once they start getting hard to find, fake business will pop in with much cheaper pricing for the same shoe. These scammers are engaging in bait and switch. They will never give you the shoes you ordered. This is probably why Zappos is higher priced then other stores and end up still having some"hard to find" items in stock. Zappos does not bait and switch and If they say they have it, they have it.

When the boots arrived they were fairly well packaged. Outside box protecting the inside box. I would have preferred a little stuffing in the outside box to help protect the merchandise in case it got knocked around. Nevertheless the boots were fine and packaged inside their boxes with lots and lots of packing, plus rolled up in soft cotton boot baggies to ensure no accidental scuffing.

I have no idea how this happened but I ordered the wrong size. They were on top if it right away offering multiple ways for me to return it, postage free for a full credit to my card. I immediately bought the right size and had those at my doorstep before I had gotten around to returning the other pair. These folks are really on top of things and the shoes are all delightful!

Tree Classics


I feel so sad and a bit perplexed about what happened with regards to this company. My bf and I have always gotten real trees but this year we decided to try a fake tree for the sake of the environment. I read through the reviews here and noted that they have gotten really good reviews and a few bad ones. The bad ones are all mainly the same problem and unfortunately we chose to push forward and have had a terrible time of it with the same issue other reviewers are running into.

We ordered our "Snowy Aspen Spruce tree" on November 27th, 2015. We did not choose any type of expedited service to get it here because their delivery window, December 4th (seven days) was so good we assumed even if it was a few days late it would arrive in plenty of time. They were also only shipping it from one state away. We are literally 11 hours away from the shipping point (note: not the same as the location the company works out of).

They sent us a confirmation email and then a link which goes back to their site (NOT the fed ex tracking service link to the product). It didn't arrive on the 4th. It was rescheduled to arrive on the 6th, then the 8th, then the 11th, then the 16th. Apparently now it MAY arrive on the 18th. I have no idea because it's back where it first started and we know how that went. We just went out and bought a live tree several days ago.

I think one of the things which has been the most upsetting about this is that the tree left the warehouse in Fresno and then was shipped several states away to New Jersey where it sat for 5 days. Then they shipped it BACK TO FRESNO which is where it is today. I have no idea why.

I will state here that I understand the company is not responsible for fed ex doing whatever it is they are doing. Tree Classics has been very courteous throughout this ordeal and at last notice offered "I have also generated a return shipping label so you can return the package to us for free once it arrives" and "Once we receive your package back at our warehouse, we will start your refund process within 48 hours". I think this is fair though if it were me, i would have sent another tree, expedited, free of charge to my customer because once someone has spent several hundred dollars on a tree it's a bit ridiculous that they have to go buy another one on their own dime. We plan on keeping the tree anyway (If it's decent) since we were originally doing this in order to have a reusable one for years to come.

IF the tree ever gets here I will update this to reflect that. I may change the number of stars I give this company based on the tree's shape, look etc.

+ Read the user comments for this survey

forever 21


So, slight disclaimer. I think four out of five stars is a bit misleading. It means "Somewhat Satisfied" which I am but my personal preference would be an average rating rather then the above average I think people just glancing at the stars might interpret it to mean.

My experiences have all been okay with this company but then I only buy shoes from them. They tend to carry all kinds of cute shoes and boots. Shoe sizes run true in general. I am an 9.5 which is a 40 in European. All but one pair of booties over the last two years have fit perfectly. This company often includes sizing charts with much of their footwear. The one time I failed to use them I received booties that were nearly a full size too small. So I would highly suggest using the charts if they are included for an item you are interested in. Otherwise they fit standard. Unlike other reviewers here I had no trouble returning the pair of booties which did not fit. This is the only time I have needed to interact with their customer service department. While I wouldn't call them friendly, they did do their job and got the correct size to me in an even exchange. I did have to pay shipping for the return. The new pair came fed ex next day free of charge so I am a bit surprised that so may other reviewers here had the trouble they did. I am going to be much more cautious with them in the future.

The prices run on the low side which does mean they are not made very well. I tend to buy occasion specific shoes which I expect to only wear a few times a year and would not recommend buying any of their footwear for regular usage and wear. I doubt they would hold up.



What a terrific little store! I found this great shop by looking for grill cooking rubs. If you've got a dude who loves to grill, this is the shop for you. I ordered their "grill master crate" as a birthday gift. It was loaded with goodies like; cast-iron smoker box and some hickory wood chips, steak thermometers, a "brass-knuckle" meat tenderizer and "Bone Doctors BBQ sauces" which includes sauces and spice blends.

I ordered the kit on November 4th and they sent it on it's way that same day via FedEx ground. It arrived by November 6th. I suspect if a person is looking for a great gift during the holidays they may not be as fast as off season times at getting it out there. It came with a delightful surprise of sealing it quite well so that the "manly" man must open it with a hammer or crowbar. The items inside were well packaged so that they arrived without any unintended dings and/or scratches from traveling.

The items inside were great. I think someone just getting into grill cooking especially or (like my bf) have lost their initial supplies will treasure it. The sauces and spices are a unique blend I had never sampled before and very yummy. The only caveat I would give to this is the specific item I selected was a bit on the pricey side for what was in it. However, that was my choice as they do give pictures of all of the items in each crate. I gave this purchase a moderately priced star in the "optional questions" her because they have items to fit every budget. I would suggest reading through the different types of "crates" as they have all kinds of exotic meats, spices, snacks, coffee blends and the like so that one can custom tailor the purchase to meet the needs of whomever it is for.



Here’s the down low on this site. It was created in January, 2015 (This year as I write this). My personal experience and fact checking indicates this is a site offering knock offs at fairly low prices. It may be offering genuine items as well. I found them through a clothing link on a site for the U.S. television show “Scream Queens” as it had a knock off of a sweater one of the characters in the show was wearing. Other reviews stated they received their items though not in a timely manner. I decided to go ahead knowing it might take time to get to me and that it would be a knock off. I don’t think knock offs are a bad thing as long as I am made aware the item is a knock off. The site does not explain that these are cheaper duplicates, unfortunately, so I’ll give fair warning here. I went ahead and decided to make the purchase with them because I really could not afford the price for the real thing and would only need to wear it for a single event.

I created a password so that I could check on my purchases progress through the site. The password didn’t work. I asked for a new password. I was given a new one within 24 hours but it did not work either. I asked for the status on my package and was told it was “shipping soon” and that I would receive a tracking number either the same day or the following day. I didn’t receive the tracking number for an additional week.

Once the package finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It looks good for an imitation and is actually very wearable. I got a ton of compliments at the event and have since worn it on multiple occasions just because it is so soft, comfy and warm. Plus, it really does look lovely on.

Bottom line. I think it is fairly safe to purchase an item from them if you are in the market for a knock off that is reasonably priced and don’t have a deadline for when you will need to wear it. It took around 3 weeks for mine but I have read that others had to wait much longer for their purchases. Just keep in mind they are not very efficient and possibly being run by one dude out of his house.



Couple of things to know about this site before purchasing from them. First, it is really very important to check how long an item you are interested in will take to ship out. Almost every product says either, "24" hours or "21" days. I ordered an item which would take 21 days. I received a single invoice from them on November 16 th stating it had shipped out. It finally arrived another 2o days later making it a grand total of 41 days wait time.

They will only give you store credit for any returned items. I am used to this as plenty of stores do so but if it's not someplace you plan on buying things regularly from then it might be better to skip this site lest you end up with an item which doesn't work for you and you aren't allowed a refund which is what ended up happening to me.

Next, is product quality and price range. This site has a really fine selection of products. It's just loaded with goodies but buyer beware because the quality of product varies. In the most general sense, the lower the cost of the item, the more likely it will be of poor quality. This doesn't hold true for Yesstyle. The sweater I bought was one of the most expensive they carry. It was scrumptious and close inspection of the picture showed fairly good stitching and thickness so I was pretty excited. They sent me a note saying they no longer had the color I wanted but the sweater was still available in grey. I stated I would take that one.

When it arrived it came in one of those cheap plastic bags some companies use. Those things are very easy to tear when shipping and can snag your brand new purchase before it's even arrived. What I received was SO different from the photo I wasn't sure what it was until I really got to looking at it. I'm not sure they are even the same sweater. What I got was an ill fitting, crooked stitch "black and green with long white threads hanging off of it everywhere" sweater. It is really hideous.

Worse, I had been keeping my eye on the white sweater I had initially thought I was buying but that they were "out of stock" on. While the picture stayed the same throughout the 41 days, new options came up for other colors in the drop down box but still no white sweater even though that was the one they put on display.


The search feature on this site doesn't work very well. I could enter in product numbers and only got a matching hit about 50% of the time. Typing in specific words such as "Black sweater" will find you black sweaters along with dozens of other unrelated in color sweaters, plus black mittens, hat and even a belt. On top of this, if you get frustrated using the search button so just decide to take a look at all things sweaters you'll discover you'l discover (depending on color choice) 30-40 more black sweaters which didn't even show up when you did your refined search. My best advice if you want to use them would be to just go the slow route. You might even find other stuff you didn't know you wanted until you say it, like I did!

I ordered a darling "Bit of Fuzz "Knit Cardigan from this company on November 7th, 2015. The order left it's warehouse on November 9th, 2015. It arrived on November 13 which was well within their delivery estimation window.

I wasn't terribly impressed with the packaging. It came in one of those plastic pouches which end up getting snagged and torn as the item travels to you. Clothing can be easily ripped when sent in this type of packaging so I'd keep that in mind if you want to purchase something from them. Fortunately, mine arrived in good shape.

The sweater itself is nice. It is very soft and the blend of white and black to make gray is quite pretty. However, it is also a very thin fabric and stitching. The picture on site matches the item I received with one caveat, the sweater is more of a poncho the way that it is cut. It fits on the shoulders just fine but it is not a look I would have chosen had I known. The way the model was standing, it is not obvious. However, I returned to the site and noticed that I could rotate the picture and it becomes obvious as you see the model from different directions. Clearly my own mistake. You also cannot tell that the fabric an stitching is thin. It will not give much warmth.

All this being said it's never failed to garner attention from others when I wear it. It does look good and somewhat chic. You just might need to wear a coat over it when outdoors. Lastly, this item had a remarkably low price and I suspect it will not wear well. Might be good for one time events or occasional use, wash by hand only.

I may buy more from this company and will update my review to reflect those purchases.


Okay, before I start I would like to encourage folks reading this to look at the only other review currently up because my experience was very different from theirs and I suspect that is because they had to deal with some customer service issues. I did not and so while my rating is much higher, you might want to consider what would happen if you did need support from them. I know I am going to show caution moving forward with them and if I have any issues with them, I'll return to update my review.

I ordered a lovely pair of "Soda Jervis Womens Booties". I had read elsewhere that their shoe sizes ran small so I ordered a bootie in a size 10 instead of my regular size 9.5. They were a bit cheaper on the price side which made me a little nervous as to the quality but they were the exact style I wanted without breaking my budget having to purchase this style at other locations for triple the price.

I ordered them on November 8, 2015. They arrived on November 13, 2015 within the time frame they stated for shipping. I was not overjoyed with the packing job. It did have an outside box intended to protect the interior box and boots inside. There was NO packing material anywhere inside the box. The boot box had bounced around as the outer box got jostled about on it's shipment. Both boxes arrived banged up and non-usable for bootie storage of when I am not wearing them. The booties themselves were fine though and had the standard cardboard inserts to preserve shape.

The boots themselves look terrific. They have a medium price range look to them even though they were in the cheaper range. Side zipper. Easy to get on and off. They have good color and are a soft leather black. THEY DO RUN SLIGHTLY SMALL. I ordered only a half size larger and it's a good comfy fit. Unfortunately the sole and heel are very stiff with not much cushioning for your feet if you will be doing a lot of walking. I tend to run into this a lot when making purchases in the low to medium price ranges. As long as you aren't using them for hiking or long walks they would be fine for most folks. I find this to be a easy fix and recommend using inserts made of soft gel or Dr Scholls socks which are super cushy if you are concerned about foot fatigue. It is worth it for the lower price you will be paying as the outside looks sharp and well made for normal wear and tear.


I only recently discovered this site where I found a fabulous pair of "Naughty Monkey
Zip Dee Doo" black boots (shorties--sit just over the ankle) which I subsequently ordered. This is the only purchase I have made with them so far. If my experience with them changes drastically then I will update my review.

I ordered the boots on November 7th, 2015. They arrived on November 13th, 2015. It fell within the "expected" arrival time frame they promised it in. The item was double boxed so that the outside box would take any of the damage it might receive in the back of a UPS truck. This left the boot box itself in great shape so if you are like me and like to keep your boots/shoes sorted by the box they are in, then you can be sure these boxes won't be damaged. The box inside was also wrapped in bubble rap and cardboard inserts were in both boots to keep shape.

The boots matched their online photo perfectly. They are true to size. For instance; I am a 40 in European sizing which is 9.5 US. They fit perfectly and are reasonably comfortable. They have good color and are a soft leather black.

My only complaint is that the sole and heel are very stiff with not much cushioning for your feet if you will be doing a lot of walking. I find this to be a common problem with boots/shoes in the mid price range but is and easy fix leaving you with shoes which look more expensive then they are. I'd recommend using inserts made of soft gel or Dr Scholls socks which are super cushy if you are concerned about foot fatigue. It is worth it for the medium price you will be paying.



I've been purchasing items from Wayfair for about 3 years now and overall have been very pleased. Their site offers multiple ways to find what you are searching for. You can narrow your search by things like cost range, color, style and theme. The site is massive and has a little bit of something for everyone.

They have good, courteous and prompt customer service available by email, phone and live chat. I've had minor issues here and there and they were fairly responsive and easy to deal with. Shipping and handling is impressive. Items are well packaged with lots of good stuffing to help ensure your items aren't damaged. Con: While they arrive on time for the most part I wouldn't suggest choosing a faster then normal shipping speed. They have little control over when the merchandiser ships the product out to you. So while you may have ordered it 3 day select it may take 10 days for them to put it on the truck. It's only once it's on that truck that the 3 day select (or second day air etc) kicks in. That's a big waste of money and at this time they are unable to remedy that problem. Usually does arrive in the window they give you for delivery when using standard shipping.

Some minor cons: They do not photograph their items. The seller does. There have been several occasions where I have ran into an item not looking the way it did in the photo. However, if the item has any customer reviews, said customer will explain the color differentiation. Some of the items are no where near worth the cost they are being sold for and quite a few others are very cheap. A good rule of thumb is you get what you pay for.

In order to ensure as best as possible that you are pleased with your purchase I would suggest always looking at the reviews for an item. If a product is overpriced or cheaply made the customer reviews will tell you that. Wayfair does not appear to censor or alter user ratings at the bottom of the page of the item you are interested in and i have found reading them to be very beneficial.


This company has multiple issues including but not limited to extremely difficult formatting for searches and rejecting purchases without explanation. I spent days searching for just the "right" ring. If you click upon a specific picture to get a closer look at an item and decide you are not interested in that item you must go all the way back to the first page to begin your search again. I was searching among thousands of rings so being booted back to page one when you are on page 50 is very problematic. I couldn't find a way around this as their search by artist name doesn't work.

The worst problem I had with this company though is that I discovered, by accident that they are baiting and switching. When I found the ring I wanted the site claimed there was only one in stock. Since my payment was rejected (no error on my end as I contacted my bank) I couldn't purchase it. I went back to look for something similar and found the same ring, plenty in stock but now priced over a hundred dollars more then when I attempted to purchase it only a short hour prior. There were also suggestions for other rings at a much higher cost.

Irritated with the company I then decided to look elsewhere and found the same company selling the same ring anywhere from $55.00 to the $220.00 dollars they were now selling it for on their main site. Out of curiousty I then searched for other items which had only "one" in stock, with high priced alternatives and various other higher prices for the same item on different sites. This is not the only item they are doing this with.