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AE has anonymous deals with his sellers

AliExpress (AE) has registered a group of cheating sellers in his website. The biggest mistake i have made is to place an order with a big amount. The cheating seller has rejected my cancellation request and sent the parcel. Why is he a cheater? Because he first agreed to cancel the order, which is why i bought an alternative parcel from another store. He however deceitfully sent the parcel. Acooording to AE system, i have to pay for that parcel as long as the seller insists on his proposal. Luckily (or maybe another proof of this game), the parcel was destroyed in the transit. AE didn't realize this fact unil recently. His initial judgement came in favor to his cheating seller. Even when AE has ruled in my favor later (that is to refund me with the whole amount - a fair judgement that we all "AE, the seller, and me" agreed on), the refund process took longer than the time frame of such a routine according to their system. I have raised a complaint, but they are handling it very vaguely. They even refused to provide me an Email as a proof for my complaint. To this moment, i had no refund (despite the fact that they made the ruling to refunding me).
I'm a frequent buyer; buy a lot. Feeling that AE has what looks like anonymous deals with his cheating sellers, I have switched to, a competing online tailor, hoping that this alternative online shop adopts fairer, more transparent, and unbiased set of policies to assure quality items and services, inclusing refund.

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