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I made my order on 9-22-11. It was a Friday so I figured nothing would happen until Monday or Tuesday. I put in all the necessary information. My address, Phone Number, Card type, Card Number, and Security Code. I ordered two items. So it should be an easy order. I even got a confirmation e-mail. I was a bit confused because the confirmation e-mail had a total for a dollar less than the print out of the confirmation page after making my order. The tax was different. 5 days from my order date I noticed it still has not been shipped. So i'm like what the heck? I've been checking the status every day with no change. I go to the site and check one more time and I see a notification at the top stating that they could not obtain the status of my order from the warehouse system. The money had also still not yet shown up on my bank statement. So I decide to send CS an e-mail. I let them know what happened and gave them my order number and name. The next day I get an e-mail and it says they were not able to authorize my credit card and to call and talk to CS because of course e mail isn't a secure way to give Credit Card information. I'm already irritated because their website sucks and has a lot of glitches. I gave them plenty of information when I purchased the order that they could have authorized the card. What more do they want? My SSN? First born child? And why did it take me to notice 5 days later that something was wrong. If it was a credit card issue they could have e-mailed me or even called my on the phone number I gave them when I signed up. My order probably would have just sat in limbo forever until I called. Or been canceled from being inactive for so long. So anyways I call later that day. It didnt take too long to get a rep. He was polite and didnt rush me. Which was good. But its like he could never understand what I was saying. I had to give him my order number 5 times! Because he kept messing it up. I had to give him my last name 3 times because he kept mixing up the letters. Seriously guy? So I told him about my credit card situation and he just said ok lets see what we can do here. He asked for my name and address. He needed my card number. And the last thing he needed was the 1-800 number on the back of my card. Why would that help with anything???? Plus aside from the 1-800 number that's ll the info I gave when I made my account and order. Why do I need to tell them again? Once he verified my information he said he activated and pushed through my order. The next day the charge showed up on my bank account. So that's a relief. However it's been almost two days and it still says the order hasn't been shipped. But judging by what other people have been saying it will probably take another two days to ship. You know you just really expect more from a company like Disney. Both their website and iphone app are not very well made. I'm still baffled as to how they couldn't verify my card with all the info I gave them. I swear the order better be correct when I get it.
*Update* My order shipped on September 30, 2011 and I received it on October 5,2011. I checked the package and both items where in it and in perfect condition. However I found the sweatshirt I ordered to be too big. I used the size charts on their site mind you to choose the size to order. But this thing fit like a dress on me. So I fill out the return/exchange slip Listing the item number color size quantity etc. of the item I had and of the new item I want. Again I listed the item number and the new SIZE a big L instead of an XL I wanted etc. for the exchange item. I pack it all up in the original box pay for the shipping, which by the way if you choose ground shipping like I did because anything after that was way unaffordable, don't expect your new item for almost month or more depending on where you live. I ship it out on 10-11-11 It takes almost a week to get there which I guess is normal for ground shipping. And it arrives to them on 10-17-11 However It took them 3 weeks! to process and send me back one sweatshirt! are you kidding me?! it took them 2 weeks to grab a different size sweatshirt and a week to mail it back? I didnt receive my order until 11-04-11 and here is the kicker. The sent me back the same size! a size XL! What the heck?! Seriously?! Not only that but they caused me to go negative in my bank account because instead of keeping the money and just sending me a new sweatshirt they refunded the money to my account and a few days later when they shipped it they took the money out again. Not knowing that they do things this way I wasn't checking my bank account waiting for them to do this. So of course I spent the money with out even knowing it. Luckily I had some in another account I could transfer over to avoid overdraft fees. So I'm pretty livid at this point. I had already talked to guest services on the phone about my bank account so I did not feel like speaking to anyone. I sent an e-mail instead regarding the size. I gave them all the information they needed and asked am I really going to have to pay shipping again when this time its was their mistake? When they e mailed me back they basically say we reviewed the order and the size XL has a different item number than the size L.......oh my gosh I'm about to explode. Ok I can accept the fact that some companies may do this with their sizes. Even though most places I've shopped with have the same item number no matter what the size. But I clearly wrote a big "L" in the box labeled "Size" in the exchange column. So regardless of whether I got the item number wrong which I'm sure I'm not the first customer to do so, they should have clearly seen I wanted a large and not an extra large. Why the hell would I want to exchange it for the exact same size and waste my time and money?!!!! So now I'm at the point where I am debating. Should I call and complain and demand they cover my shipping for their screw up and have them tell me I should have put the right item number? Or should I just bite the bullet and pay another $7 and something cents for shipping making that a total of over $14 for shipping and waiting another month for them to send me a size I'm still not sure would fit? Or should I just send it back and get a refund? Needless to say this was my first and most likely my last time I will ever shop with them. DisneyStore.com you really are the worst. And I hope things change or your going to lose a lot more customers and create a bad image for Disney.

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