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Customer Service Without Peer: Phenibut FAA

Hi all,
I just wanted to take a time out to sing the praises of Liftmode as a company, and of their most prominent product, their highly pure Free Amino Acid Phenibut. With more and more brands trying to somehow reinvent the wheel, and conflicting reports of different levels of purity, I just felt the need to talk about these guys a bit.
The product, is, in a word, peerless. I can't remember ever trying any other brand that backs up the chemical integrity of their product with the type of standard lab information that Liftmode does. You know what you're getting, who you're getting it from, and when it was made. You know infinitesimal levels of chemical information, prepared for you, with every order (that goes double for all their other products as well). Having been a Liftmode customer for several years, I can personally vouch that their quality and availability has only gotten better. I also think you'll be hard pressed to find a more economically sound option.
On a customer service basis, Liftmode is about as good as humanly possible. I have emailed them multiple times with dosage and product questions, and have recieved prompt, reasoned, and thoughtful replies with 12 hours EVERY TIME.

Recently, I had a snafu that was, in the end, primarily my fault when attempting to order through this fine company. I was handled with the utmost care, and we got to the bottom of the situation in practically no time! They impress again and again.

In short: there is no reason to go anywhere else."

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