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Victoria's Secret


they use newgistics to lose your order

they use newgistics so you'll never get your package with no recourse



they use newgistics to lose your package

they use newgistics, so you'll never see your package


product is barely adequate if it arrives at all

a very few dollars cheaper than americanpurewhey and one lb more per 10lbs -- but apw actually ships your product, and not using usps intermediaries. My order was placed on 12/17; its first movement moved the week-long delivery estimate back a full week further, for a distance usps and ups delivers in two days. That first movement was significantly west of their warehouse in Hebron, Ky -- I'm east of Ky -- and it hasn't moved in the four days since.

My first email to them was responded to with a request for my address --??????-- After emailing my address to them, I've had no further contact in five days, with two more inline emails from me.

They offer several USPS options, but they are all identically listed, without mentioning an intermediary let alone the one you "chose" by lottery -- in my case, newgistics, which is apparently hated web-wide. For good reason.

One extra pound of protein and 1/4 pack of cigarette money in your pocket are nice, but protein powder only works when you drink it. I'll try to squeeze out some aminos from the next pushed delivery estimate, but I'm not hopeful.



for a shipping company, they really **** at shipping

Package was sat on in their warehouse in Hebron, KY for a week; it started shipping the day after the week-long range delivery estimate expired, but no fear, they just moved that back another week. For a two day delivery via ups or usps. Sat and continue to sit on package after first and only movement -- significantly west of ky, as I'm to the east. BS about "privacy issues" between them and your vendor, even though *you* paid for the shipping "service."

Their job is clearly to nail down contracts -- from what I've read, Victoria's Secret as well as my vendor, myprotein -- rather than actually deliver packages. Myprotein lists identical usps options for shipping, careful not to note who allegedly moves the package to them, so I'm tanking myprotein right after this review; if you can suss out who is actually moving your package, I'd avoid any and all usps intermediaries at any cost, especially newgistics.



easy instant order cancellation

FT is always a seamless process, never a problem



Bait and switch after two weeks

Two weeks after you send your device they'll offer 20% of what they advertise, 30% of what gazelle, usell will actually give you.



Lots of bad reviews for Lasership; knock wood, 3/3 with them so far (SE PA)

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