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After 10+ Years of OnLine Ordering-Adios!

Worst customer service experience ever!!! Placed order over internet...got Order#. Days went by and no Order Confirmation or Shipping Info BUT credit card was billed. Emailed for status..nothing! Called..no one there, had to leave message....no return call for days. Kept emailing and calling. Finally some person responded by saying it was UPS shipped that previous Monday but would not give me tracking number. Friday..still no order. Emailed and called..again no reply....a few days later I get a non descript email stating UPS returned box as "Destroyed".
They would replace order but still NO tracking number! Order arrives BUT it is the WRONG product!!!!!!!! I immediately email and call, again no one replies. I finally get a UPS Return Ship label and send back. I recalled and emailed. Get "Undeliverable-Blocked" email address and emails all returned. I called...phone rings but no answer then disconnects after 10 rings.
Original Item was finally delivered a over a week later.

Goo Goo On Line has become a real pain. Their concern for their Customer's is nada, bill, nothing!

I will NOT buy from them again after eating their product for over 60 years!



Great Idea..Just Lousy Support and Software

Movavi Support is just the worst ever! Takes weeks or longer or never to get support on PAID INSTALLED programs.
Conversions in Audio from WAV-WMA-MPS while they play fine on MOST computers do NOT play on most MP3 players especially in autos.




Company is a scam!!!! They subscribe to "Google Ads" for attention. I ordered from their Google Ad banner and heard nothing from them within 4 days. No order confirmation, no nothing. So I checked my credit card and saw they had billed me for the item I ordered 4 days prior. I tried to contact company, which is in Hong Kong and no USA #, so I emailed them...no response...tried "Live Chat" since they never provoded me with an order number, they had no record of my order. So they wanted a screen shot of my credit card billing transaction...I sent them that....They then blocked my IPA so that I can no longer contact them.
My CC company has "blocked them" and returned my money.

EDITED 12/27/2017.......LIve Chats posted and both show...no such order under name or email.Never received an Order# anyway. Email requests for HELP never responded to

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posted Dec-26-2017

A rep from newchic, NewchicTeam,has responded

“Dear Danpbphoto,

Thanks for your order and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Usually the confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Please check, spam included, as it may be there.

Also, you can log in Newchic account and check order status in Newchic website: My Account -- View Orders--My Orders(--Order Details/Order Tracking) .

We usually reply to your email in 24 hours ( weekend: 48 hours) as there is time zone difference. If you didn’t receive our email, please check your spam. Maybe the email was there.
In your case, we suggest you contact us in time and give us your order number, we will check for you. https://www.newchic.com/Contact-Us-hc10.html . Besides, The delivery time depends on the countries and the shipping methods. https://www.newchic.com/shipping-methods-hc160.html
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Newchic team.”


Fly By Night Company with No Ethics, Customer Support or Expertise in Repairing HVAC Systems Brand New!

Sold a Rheem Prestige R20 Prestige Series HVAC system. $12,000. Ran 1st year rerfectly in the hottest summer in Maryland's weather history. Beginning of June in 2nd year, AC was failing daily. Service calls weekly. Each different tech had a different answer for problem. YET 1st YEAR RAN 100%!!!! Condensation dripping from ceilings, duct work and "A" coil freezing up. Told by contractor HAD to buy humidifiers! $700 for 3 humidifiers. Contractor did NOT have a Rheem Certified Tech but did NOT know this until end of September 2017. Also Was given a Rheem SC Claim# and Customer Support person, Peyton, to handle problems. NOT ONE CALL TO ME NOR REPLY FROM RHEEM WHEN CALLED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. From June to end of September still failing. Rheem Engineers working with local contractor could NOT fix problem! Reeated service visits over 4 months. Finally Rheem sends a brand new Rheem Certified Tech from Baltimore who just came onto job. He duplicates problem, Rheem Engineering sends a new circuit board...STILL FAILS!! Rheem cannot fix! Finally after much complaining East Coast Rep makes house call. A "thug" to say the least. No manners, talks down to customer and expected use to know the technical operations of HIS equipment. Gave 2 options replace with a "dumb down" AC portion or take them to court!!!! Replacement would be free and new 2 year warranty. But Rheem would NOT refund guesstimated difference in lower cost new unit! So I filed a complaint with the Maryland Attorney Gernerals Consumer Dept. The Contractor threatened to sue us for filing the complaint. Now I have documents evidence, 100's of pages of service calls, alarm panel readings, alarms..and they want to sue ME!
The lawyer and General Manager of company played mind games with us for a month. They lied repeatedly in emails both to me and Attorney General.
Finally had to get a lawyer. $1000. The contractor was in breach of contract of the Release Agreement.
Contractor(Warner Service-see review) finally agreed to install and refund only $900.
They installed new AC unit that is the "dumb down" unit. A week later furnace portion failed! Coldest day of Fall so far! Temps in house below 50F!
Problem: Defective switch caused by WIND back flow!!!!!!!! We are now awaiting 2 new switches!



Terrible Warranty Service. False Sales Pitch. 4 Month AC Trouble Unable To Fix-Probelms Still Continue into Winter!!!!

Were sold a "bill of goods" from Salesman. Did not perform manufacturer(Rheem) pre site survey as required by Rheem. 1st Year ran perfect in hottest summer on record. June 2017 AC started to fail. No Rheem Certified Tech but did not know this until late Sept2017. Weekly service calls for 4 months. Different cause from each tech. Condensation dripping from duct work, ceilings and "A" coil freezing leaving water all over b'ment floor. Manufacturer was worthless! Do NOT buy any Rheem HVAC.
Took 4 months and complaint to Rheem HQS to get east Coast Rep here, despite an area Qualified Rep visit, to evaluate. Warner got so tired of us calling in troubles they blocked our phone so when we called the line disconnected. We had to call their Hagerstown off to get them to call Frederick office to report continuing trouble. Rheem East Coast Rep was discourteous, disingenuous, and talked down to us! Alternative given was to take new unit and live with problem or take them to court. They did offer to "dumb down" the model. Rheem Engineers nor Warner could fix problem despite repeated electronic replacements and cutting new ducts in delivery system. Yet HVAC ran 100% perfect 1st year!! They could not nor would not address this. Warner would not refund difference between "dumb down" replacement HAVC unit and original. So we had to get Maryland Attorney General-Consumer Affairs involved. Warner's lawyer got involved and they lied to us also.

Yes we finally got the lesser AC unit at no cost to us and rebate. General Manager and lawyer loves to play games. They are unethical and offer substandard service.
Don't waste your time and especially your money with Warner. Research first.

12/13/2017-continued...woke up to no heat! Wind chill -5F. 45F in house. Furnace, which we never had a problem with when AC broke, would not fire! After service call we find out that the high winds, which are nothing new to our area, tripped a switch in the furnace that prevented the heat from firing. Alarms were present. Now Warner has to replace the 2 switches that control the firing of the gas burners!!!!!!!!!!
RHEEM is a farce! Can a company continue to exist when their eqpt is substandard, no customer service at all, nada, bill, and totally ignore the customer! A furnace fails because the wind is to high!???? Have you ever heard such a lame excuse in your life!!!!

eHosting DataFort


Rated #1 By Review Rating Companies But Can't Get Domain Name to Work at All!!

Subscribed to eHost and registered a new accepted domain name. They could NOT get the domain name to work after 2 weeks. They hemmed and hawed and gave excuse after excuse but never could get it to work at all. I had multiple ISP's each with their own email programs and eHost could NOT get my registered domain name to work at all.

THEN, they multiple billed me twice for the same service! This was in November! My credit card company has yet(Dec 19) to receive my credit.
Just plan a scam!


Scammers and Thieves!!!!

This company has NO ethics at all! They just don't give a crap about stealing from you! They could NOT get my domain working at all! Not even for 3 days.! Cancelled my subscription and 1 small mailbox. They retaliated by falsely billing my PayPal account twice! Now I have to wait 60 days to recover my money!
They lie and cheat and steal with a smile on their face!



Amazon Not Selling Item As Advertised and Bounces Critical Review!

I have been a loyal Amazon.com customer for as long as they have been around. Have had a few minor problems but all were addresed professional and fast!
I bought an OEM Toner cartridge and what I got was a "generic replacement cartridge. Shipping was aweul. Box was torn open and way to big for item.

I wrote a review that explained this and they wrote back that it "could NOT be posted".

The 2nd party seller sez it WAS OEM! It was NOT. It was a PitneyBowes replacement that doesnot fit FX2100.

Selling items :not as described" is a strict violation of FTC rules. Now they are fighting me for replacement. They want wrong item before original order. They have my money, I have an unsuable item.
Since this was clearly THEIR fault. They should replace item at once and I will gladly sent wrong item in return. Have many photos of box and item/order showing wrong.

Gadwin Systems


Company is A FRAUD! Does it Really Exist????

After using the Gadwin PrintScreen Pro version for about 6 months I decided to buy the full blown version because it is very good WHEN IT WORKS. Turns out they have no landline phone to their business. The phone number given is to a 3rd party "collection agency" who bills you. After receiving my receipt and key number I downloaded the registered version. Well what do you know..it is the same as the watermarked "Demo Version" plus it crashes constantly!
NO phone support for ANY Gadwin Services department. Only contact is by email. So I email for support help. Not a word!!!! Called Commerce Systems which is the 3rd party "biller" and they have no phone number either. Support is by email only!!!! They sent an email to Gadwin on Sunday 9/18..it is 9/20 and still not a reply for help!
Found BBB review of the Company and the number given was the number for the 3rd party biller and address is a PO Box no physical location!
Recalled biller..they can't help!
So I will call my credit card company and "dispute" the transaction. All the PC mags gave the software high reviews and yes it is very good WHHEN IT WORKS but these magazines NEVER follow up after the product is used by users!!
The BBB of Washington State gave Gadwin the lowest rating they can..a 1
Don't waste your money or time. They are frauds, scammers and cheats!!
ADDENDUM-09/30/2016- FBI IC# has opened a case against this company and the Attorney General of the State of Washington likewise. It has been determined that the company has filed wrongful information to the State for its license and the phone number of the business actually belongs to their billing company, "My Commerce."

ADDENDUM>>>>10/2/2016..Attorney General of Washington is going after this company.
They have scammed hundreds of other people...DON't GO NEAR THIS COMPANY!!!



Lay In Comfort While They Rip You OFF!!!!!

False advertising, fraudulent sales practices and just plain LIES!
Promised my wife a gift card, advertised one with purchase. Have been waiting 3 months..they say they sent it but we never got it. Said they sent us a voucher by email, never got it!! FRAUDS!!!


Liars, Fraudulant Dealings, Ignores Clients, Scammers- Corporate Counsel Disingenious and Lies

Do not invest your life's savings with this company!!!!! They do NOT have your best financial interests in mind. The bottom line for the financial advisors is to ignore SEC laws and invest your money into plans that get the biggest commission for them.
Their Corporate Counsels are a bunch of "slick Willies". They do not know how to speak in plain language and do this to intimidate you on purpose. They are disingenuous, ignore the complaints of former clients and only allow their side to be presented. They lie, they distort facts and create fictitious accounts of communications with clients to avoid being acknowledged for unethical standards and violations of SEC Laws.


Works Great But God Help You If It Fails!!!!

I have used Linksys Routers(now Belkin) for 20+ years. They really perform well UNTIL you have a problem! Then a shot in the head would put you out of the misery of dealing with a bunch of incompetent, inept, bungling and just plain ignorant Tech Support people. Had a very minor problem with a great Dual Band Router(EA2400). WiFi range was "the best" But in setting up the router somehow a user with an unsecure wifi link was inputted. Probably was me but my fatal flaw was to call LinkSys Tech Support! ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS DELETE THE UNSECURE USER!. It worked perfect otherwise. WiFi range was outstanding. Tech took 2 hours just to figure out how to access the software in the router. Then the IP address didnot correspond to what LinkSys said it should be. He had no idea how to fix. I said well let it go....NO NO, and this is partially my fault, buy the latest and greatest WiFI Dual Band Router with LinkSys Smart software so you can program it in 5 minutes. PLUS "Have I got a deal for you"! Turns out his deal was still $20 more than ANY online store. 90 days free warranty tech support AND 90 days "No Hassle" free return if not satisfied!!"
Router came...took Tech 2.5 hours to set up!!!!!! It was supposed to be plug-n-play!! Not even a set up CD with it! Seemed to work great! Checked WiFi from where my wife's computer stays. Worked fine! Took it about 100 ft away and no WiFi! Tech said just try it for a week or so, you have a 90 day free return.
After 1 week started experiencing constant loss of internet connection..all day everyday! WiFi still would not work where the old EA2400 worked flawlessly.
Started calling Tech Support both on "LIve Chat" and land line.
I have NEVER worked with such doo -doos in my life. When they could not understand the problem, now remember UNDERSTAND, the problem, they would hang up or "End the Chat" Of course when you called back in or did another "live chat" the 1st question was "What is your Case Number?" Well gee what case number?..I was never given one!!! Well back to square 1..this went on for 3 weeks. minimum of 3 hours each call, not one EVER addressing the real problem..loss of interconnect connection. They were fixated on the annoying WiFi problem. Had me access Smart WiFi software..AOK there...Get this even asked me if it was plugged into an ac outlet..oh that is the cause!!!! Your problem...How the hell does the router work if it is not plugged in idiot????? Hung up....Now remember I still have 30 days left on "no risk" free return.
They never address it..have to prove to engineers that it is the routers problem first.
So I spend $120 bucks for Verizon to analyze the DSL line AOK..I run the 3 computers that are directly plugged in to the router alone with just the DSL modem 4 days of not 1 interruption!!!!
So today, 8/4, I recall Tech Support..4.5 hours on the phone..all 5 times hung up on. Asked for a Stupidvisor.."Not one on the floor".
So I called my credit card company and "disputed" the transaction with screenshots of who and what the flow of troubleshooting was.
I will NEVER buy a piece of crap LinkSys eqpt again JUST because their Tech Support is "stuck on stupid".
If you buy and yours works fine good for you but lo and behold if you need help. Tried to get my money back, they hung up on me. Even asked for a credit and upgrade to the new version of the old one they told me was defective! Wouldn't do it.
So we will see what "dispute" finds! They want their router Come and get it idiots!!

Haband Online


Poor Products, Service, Website and All Associated Companies

Just plain piss poor company! Products are indeed cheap but you get what you pay for! Seams not sewed, stitching unravels, inseams missing sewing, belt loops so small not even the thinnest belt fits!
Customer Sevice just plain terrible! They cannot view order for at least 3-5 hours after placing.
LOG IN with account..website sez No such account yet order confirmation just arrived! Checkout is a nightmare! Promo codes aren't applied.you can place orders from other suppliers and they go to your Haband cart and are charged on it BUT you cannot apply promo codes to individual stores yet Haband will bill you for all stores!!!
Just plain idiots!!! "Duke Haband" is a dork!




Tried to take advantage of their Canon Papers coupons! Tried to order on line..No go! Called Canon Store..CANON DOES NOT WORK WITH TECHBARGAINS.COM!!

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Canon Coupons Cameras & Camcorders


The Worst Customer Service and Repair EVER!!!!!

The worst EVER. Did not fix nor would return to fix problem for 5 days bringing entire wait to 2.5 weeks. Non fluent English people at Arizona Call Center cannot communicate properly, Customer Care blantantly lies. Just a total screwed up company. We are 69 and my wife is disabled.
Part2-4/16/2016- spent 2 hours on phone with various Sears contacts. None of which was truthful, forthcoming, trustful or had any common sense. After receiving poor service on Thursday evening, when problem was immediately identified as "not being fixed and worse", not 30 minutes after tech left I recalled Sears Home Repair and was told that they would page tech and he would call back withing the 1/2 hour. He never called at all! I recalled at 830pm..Call Center in Arizona-previous call had NOT been statused on repair ticket. So they had NO record that problem was NOT fixed. I was given the total "runaround" about warranty, coverage, problem, which appliance it was( they had the order number right there WITH the appliance involved. The CSR was having a completely mental breakdown. I suppose it was a ruse/coverup to keep from doing any further immediate response to my problem. Jorge was the CSR's name.
By Friday mid morning still no call..recalled Sears Repair Center...got another dunderhead who passed me from 3 different departments ending right back to the same call center. I asked to speak to a Supervisor. Got the reply..Haven't come to work yet!!!!! No Supervisor's on floor at this time. CSR took 15 minutes of information and set a time of 1pm for a Stupidvisor to return my call. BY 8pm NO CALL!!
In the meantime I called Sears Customer Care Center in Illinois. Again was passed on and on and ended right back up in the Arizona Call Center to reschedule an appointment for NEXT week!!!!! THis is Sear Corporate pulling this crap!!! Tuesday was the earliest and they would do nothing further with my problem. There is no problem escalation procedure within Sears.
So I called the local Sear store where we have bout over 10 BNIB large appliances within 4 years and 15 withing 12 years! The Sales person told us she would email the local Reapir Center here in Maryland that handles our repair area. About 1130am I get a call from a disgiused number saying it was Sears and that they would send a special repairman out on Monday 4/18-8-5pm. They would do NOTHING else for us despite the fact that the washer was repaired in WORSE order than before.
About 8pm Friday night a Supervisor did call and apologized for all that had transpired and now that an appointment had been setup for Monday would call Monday 1st thing to see how it was going. So the story continues ...Will update log on Monday..JUst shameful and what is even more frustrating is the COMPLETE lack of care in helping!
After 60+ years of grandfather, father and myself, I will NEVER EVER shop nor recommend Sears again for ANYTHING. Yes "in store" is great! But dont look forward to help AFTER THE SALE! THERE IS NONE!!
Well Monday has come and gone and Sears LIES again. Appointment scheduled for today by Repair Manager in Glen Burnie, MD was not met! Called Sear Store here in Frederick and Appliance Manager re-emailed Manager..no response.
Scheduled appt is tomorrow.
I have NEVER seen such blatant, blanket lying..not mis-statements but blantant LYING company wide from Corporate on down. All landline phone numbers with 1 exception are masked. What compnay would mask their phone numbers except to purposefully deceive customers. BBB complaint filed but since product is over 1 yr old..it becomes only a review.
What a scam! As bad if not worse that politicians and newspeople!!!
REpaiman showed up Tuesday, 4/19..could NOT diagnois the problem. Ordered a slew of parts, left scene while washer was doing a load...not 5 minutes after he left..washer froze! No power(On Button wouldnt work) PLUS LID IS PERMANTELY LOCKED!!!!! WITH CLOTHES IN WASHER. Spent 4 hours on phone being shuffled around, lied to, scammed on Warranty purchased and still have not received paperwork....No one would come out nor would Sears help to unlock lid so we could get wet clothes out. Told have to wait until 4/29 until new parts arrive and repairman returns.
This is a lyin' theiving company!!!!