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Couch was supposed to be dispatched in 2-5 days. Ordered Nov 6 and nothing happened. Finally I had to email them on Nov 21. They said a "flood" had ruined my couch and a new one was coming in a week. That is fine but why did I have to reach out to them? No customer care at all and I feel like they probably actually forgot or lost the order.

Finally it shipped Nov 25 and the local logistics company was a farce, almost as though no one there had delivered anything before. They "scheduled" me one day between 8-12 so I booked off work, then changed it day of to a different window 12-4 and so I had to reschedule to a weekend instead. They then came the original day but at 7pm which was outside of both times and I wasn't at home. They then "lost" my rescheduled weekend time and didn't even show up while I waited all day and didn't bother to call me to reschedule. I had to spend endless hours of my time calling them trying to speak to anyone with an idea of what was happening with my couch. I then wasted a second entire day waiting for them because no one could give me a time window other than 8-4 and it didn't matter because they showed up at _9:30pm_ after I had been waiting 13 hours. 13 HOURS. The customer service team promised to contact me during the weekday to make things up. Instead the FEDEXED me a package of a mug and 3 tea bags which look like they were probably from their breakroom. 3 TEA SINGLE BAGS. Beyond insulting way to rectify a situation.

I spent $1600 on this couch including the EXTRA shipping charge and Article's customer service thought this horrible experience was worth 3 tea bags. TEA BAGS. GARBAGE. AVOID.

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posted Dec-16-2016

A rep from Article, article.duncan,has responded

“We made a number of mistakes here, and my team and I have since been in touch with this customer to both apologize and provide a more appropriate and comprehensive response to the issues raised.

It was unfortunate that the first sofa was water damaged in transit, sometimes things like that happen that are beyond our control. However, we could and should have handled everything from that point on much better.

I would obviously rather these situations did not arise in the first place, but I hope that our attention and actions in the last 48 hours have gone some way to make up for these issues.

Duncan Blair
Director of Marketing
Article ”

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