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Rating 2/10

"Bought a Satellite C650 just over 2 months ago. It worked fine for 6 weeks and now needs to go for repairs. I was just informed that I have to pay not only the shipping to the depot but also the return shipping and that there is no one who can waive the shipping fee. Seriously???? I just paid hundreds for a piece of junk lemon and I have to pay shipping to make it right???? Obviously this company cares nothing for its customers or providing decent products or making it right when they sell something that doesn't function."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Toshiba 32" IHD LCD television model 32A500U in 2008. In July, 2011, the picture feature failed completely although the audio was functional. I took the unit to a factory authorized repair shop; paid $50 for an evaluation of the problem, and was informed a week later that it would cost $300 to make the repairs. As this is almost the cost of a new tv, I declined. I then called and wrote Toshiba requesting some financial assistance in repairing the unit. Their response in all requests was that since the unit was outside their one-year warranty, there was nothing that could be done.

I am now faced with a $300 repair bill or placing the tv out for garbage (which is what it is). It seems completely irresponsible for a manufacturer to produce a product that has a lifetime of three years given the cost of that product.

Being totally disgusted with Toshiba's attitude, I will never purchase another Toshiba product again.

Rating 2/10

"Toshiba themselves does not care about their customers. I am quite irate about being so ripped off. Their laptop is unreadable due to such a small screen at such a high resolution. Money back guaranty. Right! only 5 days after my purchase, they would not take this piece of junk back. Phone calls get left on hold, emails get ignored, and posts get deleted. They may or may not fix a defective part, but a defective design, their attitude is ha ha we got you."

Rating 2/10

"I bought a Toshiba SATELLITE C655-S5060 for my son in Dec 2010. Within 4 months, the Hard drive crashed and now they want us to pay shipping fee to send it in for repairs UNDER WARRANTY. Don't buy a Toshiba as my other Toshiba has been sent in for warranty repair for the keyboard. Talking to my friends who have had Toshiba laptops, they all tell me that they had problems with their Toshiba's. So much for Japanese technology...I think they are all made in China with crappy worksmanship."

Rating 2/10

"I brought the Toshiba C655-S5193 laptop recently. In a months laptop hard drive failed and I have to spend another $30 bucks to ship the laptop to Toshiba even though the laptop is covered under warranty and the support website clearly say i don't have to.

I called customer service multiple time and no one could answer why is this and there is no escalation process either.

I small piece of advice for anyone looking to buy a neither buy this Laptop nor buy Toshibha unless you have a lot of money.

I have posted this review on Toshibha and they removed it.

Check HP/DELL or LENOVO Laptops.


Rating 2/10

"Poor business ethics, poor customer support service.

I placed an online order last Thursday (April 21st) on a Satellite C650D-ST2N03 Laptop
AMD Athlon™ II Dual-Core Mobile Processor P360, Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), 3GB DDR3 memory, 320GB HDD (5400rpm), ATI® Integrated Graphics PSC16U-069036. It's a pre-built laptop which means, according to their web site (http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/ebtext.to?page=laptops-netbooks), that it ships within 1-2 business days. This was very important to me as I had to leave to Europe in 9 days. When I called them on Monday their Customer Service representative told me that Friday did not count as a business days (Good Friday) and it normally takes a-2 business days to process the order. She, however, told me that it is too late to cancel my order and that it will ship by the end of the day (Monday) but it did not. When I called them on Tuesday their Customer Service representative told me that it will ship on Wednesday, April 27th. By the end of the day on Tuesday, however, I received a shipping confirmation email. This email confirmation had missing (blank) tracking number. On Wednesday I tried calling their Customer Service again to request the tracking number but gave up after waiting for ~30 minutes. Then I decided to check the order status online and found out that the package was indeed shipped on Tuesday, 26th. After reading all the negative reviews about Toshiba business practices on http://www.resellerratings.com/store/view/Toshiba/page/1 not sure what to expect next... Very disappointed.

Rating 2/10

"Toshiba had the worst customer service ever. I needed to fix my laptop and called for customer service. I paid $35. to have them tell me I needed to send it in for repair costing anywhere from $299-$600. After being promised a refund they hung up on me. When I called back they said they would not refund my money even though their represenitive promised me they would before I paid. Im am a broke college student and they are liars who manipulate people and STEAL money. They were horrible and I will NEVER buy any of their products again."

Rating 2/10

"Toshiba is JUNK!!!

20 days after I bought this L675D-S7103 laptop a message popped up warning me of a cooling issue, instructing me to shutdown immediately and to return for service. Over 2 weeks later it came back from warranty service with the cooling issue fixed but it now had a new issue! They did bad job putting the laptop back together and now the mouse pad left click doesn't work properly. Toshiba wouldn't let me return the laptop after the first problem and still wont let me return it after the problem they created. They wont let me get it serviced at a local shop either. They claimed it would be sent to a "better" repair facility but would still take another 2 weeks to fix and get it back to me. This is not what I expected from Toshiba; what a waste of money. I should have bought a Hewlett Packard for hundreds less, but now I'm stuck with this junk! BUYER BEWARE! It looks like Toshiba is starting to use cheap internals in their products to save a buck; hoping they'll last till the 1 year warranty expires. Toshiba is NOT what they used to be!

Rating 2/10

"I ordered two Toshiba Tecra A-11 laptops last year and have had problems ever since!! The customer service is horrible, I now only deal with the local provider in our city since they luckily are under warranty. Otherwise, I would've gone crazy!! Both laptops hard drives have crashed unexpectedly, one within the first 3 months and the second a week ago. The first time we started having problems I called the service department and they were unhelpful and told us we would have to send it in since our warranty wouldn't cover a local provider. After calling several times and talking with different people I finally got someone that actually looked at our account and said we could take it in to our local provider without a problem! Good thing I didn't listen to the first couple of useless customer service/technician people.
We just ordered replacement feet for the bottom of our laptops as they have come off and it took two months to arrive and instead of shipping the 4 tiny feet in a padded envelope they mailed each foot in a padded BOX and then shipped all four boxes in a medium sized box. They charged $12 to ship the 4 feet that weighed less than a 1lb!! The feet didn't even cost that much!! Toshiba is useless with customer service and so far am not impressed with thier products. We will be going back to Dell!

Rating 4/10

"Save yourself ALOT (and I mean a ridiculous lot) of trouble and DO NOT call their main tech support line. If you do, you will have to spell your name 3 times (if you are lucky) and don't even mention trying to spell your address or email. Then you will wait anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. If they can't help you, you will be placed on hold again where the whole process repeats.

I'd recommend going this route:
1) Call this number: Tel: (949) 461-4321
2) If that doesn't work, open a BB report here:


Rating 2/10

"Let me start off by saying that the owners of Toshiba are a bunch of PIGS! All they're in it for is to make money just like every company. Never have I experienced such horrible customer service in my life! I received my Toshiba L455D laptop as a Christmas gift from my parents, I had the computer for 48 hours before it was "completely destroyed" as put by one of Toshiba's support team members. And the reason for the complete destruction of said laptop is due to an update from the “Toshiba service center” named ”BIOS”. I figured what harm would it do to update my laptop with an update from Toshiba, after all,a it is the maker so there should be no worries correct? Well I was sadly mistaken. From what I could understand from their technical service support team member I had wrecked the motherboard. Simply by installing an update that was sent to me from Toshiba. Now I remind you I only had the laptop for less than 48 hours. So I was completely speechless when he told me that it was wrecked beyond repair. And of no surprise to me it was not covered under the 1 year warranty that comes with all of their laptops, but that’s how it always is with warranties nobody wants to pay up. What is really frustrating about this whole situation is the lack of compassion, knowledge, and general tone of their customer support team member. Basically he showed me no mercy; their support team “threw me to the dogs” so to speak. The demeanor that I received from him was “Oh well your problem now, you screwed it up now deal with it.” Never have I experienced such horrible customer service. Not to mention that the gentleman’s accent was so thick I could barley understand what he was saying. However I would expect this kind of treatment from a large corporation. That is how most company’s run these days once you, purchase their products they don’t want to “see your lights” again. That is unless you’re back to purchase more. What I fail to understand is “Why would Toshiba make updates like that available to people who are completely unaware of what substantial damage it could do to their computers?” I’m not quite sure if they are unaware but not all of the customers that purchase their products are computer savvy, they know the basics like everybody else would. From what I was reading about this update, it was a fairly complex one in which an intermediate computer user should have installed. As for that “completely destroyed” laptop I was able to take it back to the retail shop from which it was purchased, luckily it had not exceeded the 15 day grace period for returns on “lemon products” as the store calls them. Needless to say I will never purchase another Toshiba product on gods green earth, and DEFINITELY will not recommend them to any of my colleagues unless I want to look like a complete embarrassment that is. I've noticed all the reviews on here have the same tone "Toshiba sucks" and for those who are considering purchasing anything Toshiba related YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


Rating 2/10

"Steer clear of Toshiba Direct and Paypal. Just another horror story on Toshiba… I wish I would have read these before I placed an order with Toshiba Direct. They book your order and sit on it until you call only to find out they can't fill it. Cute. Worse part is my money is tied up with Paypal who refuses to release it until Toshiba officially acknowledges that the order is really cancelled. Get this - Paypal refused to believe me and release the funds - interesting, oh yeah real safe way to transact folks - guess who they're really protecting. Ouch, my back-side hurts… "

Rating 2/10

"I placed my order for a laptop on November 29, 2010. At the time of my order, the website showed that the laptop is in stock and would be shipped out within 1 to 2 days. I called and talked to the customer rep on the 3rd day and was confirmed that my laptop will be shipped out the next day. However, when I checked the website on December 3, the estimate ship date has changed to December 9. An almost 2 weeks delay! I tried the online chat support, the rep was very ruded and impatient. When I talked to the phone support, the rep is not willing to help either. When I explained the situation to him, all he offer was "Do you want me to cancel your order?" without actually trying to resolve the problem. Overall, a customer service nightmare. I would never purchase from the the vendor again,and I would not recommand the website to anyone."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a Toshiba Laptop, in January, and it malfunctioned 3 weeks and 1 day later. They would not replace the computer, and now it is August, and I am sending it in for the 3rd time for repair. They replaced the malfunctioning system board and now I have no wireless access. Each repair means I am without my computer, which I use for work, for 2 weeks. I also have to re-install everything since they wipe the drive clean each visit. I will NEVER buy another Toshiba and will do my best to spread that message to others. Buyer Beware!!! "

Rating 2/10

"If you are about to make a mistake and buy a Toshiba laptop please understand that you will not receive any decent Warranty Service. Toshiba does not have a service center. They farm their work out to UPS Supply Chain Services. Upon receipt UPS aka Toshiba Notebook Depot will put your laptop on a parts "HOLD". while I cannot state that this is in all cases, if you Google "Toshiba laptop Complaints", it seems everyone's repair winds up on "HOLD". They can not be reached by phone either. You can leave a number at the Depot but they won't call you back. If you're lucky you can get your laptop back so you can repair it yourself or pay someone else. I didn't write this to badmouth Toshiba. As most businesses, they want to make money without providing after sales service.
So avoid this company's products if you can, unless you have money to burn. I didn't.

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