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Rating 10/10

"Laptop came as ordered and in timely manner considering the back-to-school season."

Rating 8/10

"Ordered an MSI GT72 Dominator G-1667. At the time, Arkham Knight was being included as a giveaway for the Nvidia card. Given it's issues, and MGSV being bundled elsewhere I asked if I could get a code for that. Donald was kind enough to include a code for both.
I had originally requested the standard shipping, but as it got closer to the end of the month and my impatience got the better of me, I called in to look at changing the shipping method and they were happy to accommodate.

The laptop and extras all arrived in time and in excellent condition. I have some minor gripes with some of the Laptop's design choices, but nothing negative to say about powernotebooks. Will definitely be looking at them next time I need to buy a laptop.

Disclaimer: I was asked to come and leave feedback here.

Rating 10/10

"Fantastic experience; this is the best I've felt about a purchase in a very long time - I definitely recommend PowerNotebooks. Starting with the initial call, Donald was extremely helpful, patient, and knowledgeable on everything I asked. The staff are all very warm, welcoming, and sincere. They make sure you know what you want before you purchase, and they don't pressure you into buying. As far as price goes, I definitely feel like I got a great bang for the buck, and would gladly buy another computer from them. Fantastic customization and quality work. When I made the payment, I accidentally over-paid, but they were quick to reimburse me with no issue. Item arrived punctually and in great condition."

Rating 10/10

"My daughter is studying Digital Animation in college and needed a pretty powerful machine. I was referred to PowerNotebooks.com by a good friend and I have to say it was the right choice.

A tremendous thanks to Donald our sales adviser for his help, guidance, and advice through the entire process, especially with an huge unexpected issue that came up. First, the equipment needed for our build was late getting shipped to them and then when it did arrive it was discovered that the laptop we ordered could not be configured with 32gb of RAM due to a change to the motherboard by the manufacturer. This was evidently unknown to PowerNotebooks.com. Donald called me personally and apologized. He then advised me on another laptop that could be configured just how we wanted and it came with an even better graphics card than the original laptop we had ordered. Still at the same price we had already paid. What made me nervous was that my daughter was leaving for college in a few days and we needed it delivered before she left. We had paid for the 2-5 day rush with free ground shipping. Donald and the staff got it built and then overnight shipped it to make sure it was delivered as promised. For no extra charge.

The personal service and effort Donald put in to make sure we got the best product at the best price, all while making sure to honor the commitment to have it shipped and delivered when promised was greatly appreciated. This purchase was a big investment for us and for my daughter and one that hopefully will serve her well throughout her college years and beyond.

It was truly a pleasure doing business with PowerNotebooks.com and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rating 8/10

"Laptops my family has purchased have always been amazing. They come on time and in great shap. doesnt even look as if someone had handled it or opened it up to change its guts.
4 star is due to last purchase. Product took around a month to reach me. The wait wasnt an issue. obv. im ok waiting for my custom laptop, however the lack of communication, and mr having to constantly check up was the biggest issue. lot of money to hear nothing until asked a question. If improve communications, an email start of every week if its late for update kinda thing, I would put a 5 star.

Rating 6/10

"I recently purchased my third laptop from Powernotebooks. All three have been laptops for my children for college. My oldest is a graduated film producer, my son an engineering student and avid gamer and my youngest just got the MSI GS 60 Ghost Pro. She games a bit but mostly is just a hard working student.

As always the order process was easy. I knew what I wanted and the sales people suggested some minor tweaks which were good ideas.
Build time 10 business days.
Arrived in excellent shape, exactly as ordered.
My daughter wanted windows 7 Pro instead of 8, which was standard and I paid over $100 extra for that. Other than an SSD upgrade, it was pretty much as listed on their website. pricy, but really nice quality all-aluminum casing and nothing extra added except the MSI software, drivers and SteeleSeries software for the keyboard. overall about $2000.

Now the fun started......
Windows 7 was not updated, not even a little bit excepting the inclusion of SP1 on the OEM disc.
There were over 250 updates that loaded over the next 48 hours. Unfortunately, if you even half way want to consider Windows 10 (free upgrade for a year) you need to update fully.

Next, none of the software worked. Now we didn't want any added things, but to make the laptop function fully, you need certain software (MSI exclusives such as the system monitor and SteeleSeries for the keyboard).
Nothing worked, neither before or after all the windows updates.

Now, Powernotebooks has very good customer service.
I contacted them by email and we worked through the problems.
Eventually I had to uninstall and reinstall the proper software obtained from the MSI site.
I tried using in particular the SteeleSeries driver from their website first and it did not work.
Apparently MSI modifies some of the software to work with their laptops.

Now, I give cudos to the customer service. Problem solved pretty much. I did have to do some research of my own on line to understand the nuiances of the laptop software, but it was quality learning that was helpful.

My biggest concerns are the following:
The laptop left their business without being up to date on the OS.
The laptop left their business dysfunctional as it applies to software particular to the function of the machine.

Those QA issues are unacceptable. Especially when you are asked to pay extra for the OS version (now 2 generations old).
My daughter is not a software engineer. Sure she has grown up using a computer, but she should not be expected to know how to troubleshoot.
The product should be 100% ready on arrival. Anything else is just not acceptable and is why one pays the premium price.
Powernotebooks explanation: our customers are primarily "power users" and want to do those things individually, to their liking.
I think not.
Sending out an incomplete product is unacceptable.
I like the laptop, it is very well constructed and finally works like it should. But I could have purchased the same thing from newegg.

Update 26 August: Powernotebooks has contacted me and we have discussed the issues with this particular order.


Rating 10/10

"I recently contacted PowerNotebooks.com for help with choosing and purchasing a new notebook. I reached Donald, one of their associates. I explained that I was looking for a powerful machine, that could handle occasional gaming, photo editing, and something that was future proof. I already had several machines in mind, but Donald helped make the decision very simple. Just FYI, I am electronically savy but by no means a computer guru. He dove into CPU's, GPU's, the different connections and interfaces. He explained why some are replaceable and how others aren't and the Pros and Cons of both as upgrading was important to me. We also got into HHD's, SSD's, and internal vs external optical drives - comparisons, speeds (writing/reading), connections; USB 2.0 vs 3.0 vs internal. He gave me stats and real performance comparisons, everything I could have found online in a day's worth of research all in a matter of an hour. Yup, he spent an hour on the phone with me going into more detail than anyone would ever ask for. Now that's customer service! He also explained how to properly use my SSD for the OS and other programs and the HHD for storage, as well as touching on the different displays available, viewing angles, picture quality, etc. I ended up choosing the MSI GE 62 Apache Pro 055 and I'm very happy with my purchase. PowerNotebooks offers a cash discount that is relatively simple to complete that saved me approx $50 on the full purchase. They even offered me a code for an older title game since I wasn't intetested in Batman Arkham Knight. I was so pleased with PowerNotebooks I elected to give them my business and wait two weeks to receive my purchase even though my local PC shop had these in stock and available. Plus, I knew I was getting a machine directly from MSI versus one sitting on a shelf in a warehouse for an extended time.

My only complaint is that the notebook I bought was reduced in price $100 before I even received mine and the only way for me to get the discount was to return mine and reorder another. I would have deducted 1 star for this but after contacting PowerNotebooks I learned that they paid the full price as well and that the reduction came from MSI and not the vender. However, I do urge vendors to be transparent about any known future price drops with their customers as I would have gladly waited for the discount.

To summarize:

Customer Sevice: 5+stars

Ease of Navigating Website and Completing Purchase: 5 stars

Ease of Completing Cash Discount Through Bank of America Online Wire Transfer:
3 stars (checks are not excepted, but money orders would be a nice option, the wire transfer option does take a few days to complete)

Turnaround Time: 3 stars (10-14 business days)

Price: 5 stars (best I could find)

Overall Satisfaction: 4 stars

I gave 5 stars in review as I didn't feel that the 3 stars had an impact on my overall experience with PowerNotebooks.

Rating 10/10

"I thought it would be difficult to post a review right after purchase because of the emotions you get when you open the box. It has been a couple of months since I have purchased my computer, and my emotions haven't wavered since that beautiful moment. My computer is amazing, but I expected that with a custom built laptop. Playing games from 10 years ago is a completely new experience, but again I expected that with a custom built laptop. What I didn't expect was the customer service. That was a selling point to me. Donald, the Sales Associate, I owe a debt of gratitude. I am not in the "know" with computer technology. Now, that fact right there is enough for most salesman to rub their hands to gether with the evil smile on their face as they are about to prey on a new one. He was on the phone with me for more than 2 hours. This guy right off the bat explained to me how people buy "testosterone" driven custom laptops. Meaning that people are adding on the moon, but in their computing experience would never use the moon. He then explained every add on and technology, and how each add on and technology are used in real situations. This gave me a crystal clear idea of the type of computer I needed to build. When all was said and done I had built one heck of laptop, but with Donald's thoroughness I saved about $1500 dollars of unnecessary add ons. I was in complete shock at how Power Notebooks wanted me to know what I was buying, and I was even more impressed that they wanted me to save money. Literally that's how Donald sold me my computer. I am forever grateful and thank you Power Notebooks for being so amazing."

Rating 10/10

"The people at PowerNotebooks.com were great to deal with. Donald answered all of my questions and was very helpful during the whole process. My machine was built exactly like we agreed upon and ran smoothly right out of the box. Highly recommend these guys!"

Rating 10/10


This is the second laptop that I have bought from PowerNotebooks. I bought a 17" in 2009 just as W7 hit the market. It is still in use and my daily workhorse. My recent purchase is a 15" that I use when traveling. I am very impressed with this machine. It is fast and powerful. I returned to PowerNotebooks (PN) as I was pleased with my experience as well as the product in 2009. They take the time to determine what one does with a machine (needs) and then assists to tailor a machine to those needs. I have not had to use support to date on either machine so cannot speak to that but on the other hand it does say a lot about the quality of the machines. Clearly after purchasing the 15" the 17" is quite slow and does not have the power. So I suspect that I will be back to look at a replacement for my workhorse in the near future.


Rating 10/10

"This is my first purchase from PNB. The whole experience was very pleasant. Of course the new toy factor always makes things seem slow. Don and the staff was super patience when I changed my specs (3 times!). Will definitely choose PNB for my next workstation / gaming notebook"

Rating 10/10

"Overall, I am very pleased with the built-to-order laptop I bought from PowerNotebooks, and I am definitely satisfied with the service I received. The sales representatives I spoke to were friendly and responded promptly when changes had to be made. The order arrived on time and everything worked like a charm. I chose to order from PowerNotebooks because I needed a high-end laptop (for gaming and computation-intensive research) capable of meeting some fairly specific requirements, and Power Notebooks had a great deal on Sager machines. I'm happy I made that decision and I would gladly recommended the company."

Rating 10/10

"I heard from PowerNotebooks through a friend that had bought a notebook from them a while back. He kept telling me about how good a costumer service they had, and i got the chance to experience that first hand. I had originally ordered an msi ge62 apache laptop. However after i had placed the order msi decided to cancel the production of that laptop and cancelled the last shipment. They immediately contacted me and suggested a complete refund or to discuss buying another model. I called them and agreed on buying another model which turned out to be a tad more expensive (around 40$) but they chose to ignore the difference due to the delay and the issue i encountered. I just received my pc and i am more than satisfied with what i got. And i appreciate the professionalism powernotebooks showed in dealing with the situation. And for that i think they deserve another 5 stars. So thanks powernotebooks and a special shout-out to Donald Stratton who was the one who helped me chose an alternative notebook. Thanks guys you're the best ! "

Rating 10/10

"I am very pleased with my purchase. I bought a Sager NP8278-S. I recommend powernotebooks.com

In the future I know where to buy all my laptops from. Great job!

Rating 10/10

"My decision to buy my new laptop from Powernotebooks was based on the many reviews and forum posts about their excellent customer service. They have a very knowledgable and polite staff, and it really makes the whole process a lot easier. But don't take my focus on their customer service to mean that they lacked elsewhere: shipping speeds were good, the prices were lower than anywhere else, and they offer a large number of convenient ways to pay. This is an all-around wonderful company and I will certainly bring any cuter business I have to them. "

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