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Rating 2/10

"I ordered a PSU sleaving set, a UV light, 100CDRs and 25DVDRs. I put this order in for next day delivery, double checked everything I ordered was in stock, am still waiting after 2 weeks for my order to come.

This is my 3rd and last time ever ordering from this company, everytime I order they go out of stock over night yet I am forced to pay more for next day shipping, they also fail to mention certain things about products on there website.

If you want a trouble free purchase I would just pay more and actually buy from a company that knows what is actually going on.

Rating 2/10

"I bought a Western Digital Raptor 36.7GB from overclockers.co.uk it worked for 2 days and then nothing!I contacted them and got an RMA number to return the item back.I sent the item (28.9.04) with Royal Mail next day special delivery,they got the item the next day!I called them after a week and they told me that the item has not arrived or that it may have been sent to the wrong department(which is not my fault because the RMA was clearly visible in both sides of the package).I got a signature from Royal Mail to confirm that the item was sent.Finally they sent me on 15.10.04 a new WD raptor which is not working at all!!! Now i'll try to get a refund,but I'm not sure if they will do that! BEFORE BUYING FROM THEM JUST TRY TO CALL THEIR SUPPORT!!!"

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"One of THE worst ever internet mail order experiences EVER! Second only to the time I had to travel 50 miles to confront in person some mail order twat who would'nt refund me for a faulty monitor. (Amazing how peoples attitudes change when your stood in front of em and they can no longer be little Hitlers from behind the safety of their monitor or telephone.....)

Do NOT shop here.

Do NOT give these cowboys your Credit Card No.

If you do then the chances are that you'll find yourself ....


I simply can't believe that anyone has anything good to say about Overclockers UK. Perhaps those who do are Overclocker Plants....

Don't be lured by some of the prices and stay away. They are rude, inefficient (Except for the blinding fast speed at which they take your cash), unhelpfull, churlish and downright dishonest....


Rating 2/10

"I had non-delivery of two Liteon dvd burners and support at Overclockers.uk refused to look into the matter until after 15 working days had passed. They evidently don't have shipping personnel take the simple precaution of weighing the packages before international shipping to see if they are under the 2kg limit. After 3 weeks I got a reply that the package had been returned from Royal Mail [never left the country] for exceeding the weight limit.
I will never order from this company again.

Rating 4/10

"Always found OverclockersUK to be a good company, anything ordered was always in stock & delivered promptly.

My only complaint is a faulty Abit IC7 motherboard which would not run in a dual channel enviroment, after alot of hassle I managed to get an RMA sending the board back at my expense for £18.50, They sent me out a replacement board promptly infact within 2 days which is most impresssive, however when i opened the packaging they had sent a second hand motherboard as the external & internal boxes were showing signs of heavy useage, the IDE & SATA cables were all ripped from their wrappers, the motherboard upon closer inspection was evidently second hand as it had dust around the CPU heatsink retention cage & on the rear IO panel, I was mighty annoyed by this & contacted them immediately demanding a replacment, after many emails & threats of further action I was again finally offered another RMA, Im in the process of returning this motherboard to them (again at my expense of another £18.50!! Ouch.. Half way to the price of a new IC7) but hold up little hope for the item I will receive, I always thought this was a company who cared about its customers but now im not so sure, Iam prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt however & they may turn this situation around for me, I will continue to shop with these guys if this situation works out ok for me & im happy but there RMA procedure leaves much to be desired if they think people like myself will be prepared to accept second hand / used replacment goods under warranty.

I will post an update regarding the outcome of this to be fair to the guys at OverclockersUK.

Rating 4/10

"I've ordered many things from Overclockers.co.uk over a few years and have never had problems. I've ordered a TFT Monitor and Bluetooth desktop already this year and have been very happy with the items. Delivered promptly. No problems. I have read many reviews and comments about their RMA procedure being very poor but fortunately I've never had to send anything back.

I had problems with my last order from this company though. From what I can gather their stock level indications on the web site aren't always up to date with stock levels. Surely they should have a linked database system with their warehouse. Anyway, 8 day passed after I ordered a motherboard, cpu and heatsink from them. Now in fairness this was just before the easter holiday period so only 4 of those can actually be counted as working days. After I ordered an "in stock" cpu I waited for my order to arrive with the next day courier service. Nothing for the next 2 days but they did get back to me AFTER I emailed them to find out if there was any problem with my order. I was informed that the item I had ordered had been out of stock and they had just received new stock of it so it would be sent out the next day. Since it was just before a holiday weekend they couldn't guarentee that the courier would deliver before tuesday of the following week. I didn't have a problem with this, problems like this do occur. So the following week I hadn't received any email with shipping details (they usually send you tracking information for tracking the parcel).

I eventually got impatient (since it had been over a week since I'd ordered something that I expected to receive the next day). I phoned them up and the person I spoke to said "I'm sorry but the processor you ordered has been out of stock, but we have more stock now and your parcel will be shipped today". I pointed out that I was told the same thing the previous week. I was then told that "Oh that was the new guy" who apparently got his wires crossed. The next day their order tracking still reported "Your order is awaiting packing in our warehouse". Usually OCuK have slightly better prices than other online retailers but after this experience I may just pay a little extra for piece of mind and a reasonable level of customer service.

Rating 10/10

"Absolutely superb service from them. Have ordered several items over the years and never been dissapointed. RMAs on the twice that I've had faults have been dealt with promptly, e-mails replied to within an hour, and phones answered fairly quickly. When items have been returned I've had a replacement within 3~4 working days."

Rating 2/10

"Supplied Faulty RAM. Impossible to return, ie needed RMA from support, support impossible to contact. Telephone always engaged or if I got through I was put in a queue which would then drop the line 30 mins to an hour later. After around 10 hours on the phone got through, got RMA. Sent RAM back at my own expense. They confirmed faults and return new RAM a week later. Exactly the same faults as original. So far I've spent 4 hours trying to get new RMA for refund. same issues as before. Feels like they've stolen money from me."

Rating 2/10

"I order a number of products, one of which turned out not to be in stock after they took the money from my account. Delayed the whole order. No delivery date was given or response to my emails. Cancelled my order again no response or confirmation."

Rating 2/10

"I've spent thousands of pounds at Overclockers during the last 3 years - their product range is great, and so are their prices.

However, their customer services is so inadequate, and shows such scant regard for their customers, and our rights as consumers, that I will NEVER EVER use this company again.

I've had to RMA 3 goods in the last twelve months, Overclockers can't be blamed for that, but they have been useless and insulting on all 3 occassions.

They have attempted to charge me a test fee when I was forced to return a faulty motherboard, claiming that no fault could be found. It was only because I kicked-up such a fuss, and got the manufacturer involved that they eventually found a blatant fundamental flaw with the boared (it couldn't boot very often, and when it did, no PCI devices would work). It still took them 6 weeks to send out a replacement, and they never refunded me the cost of returning the faulty mobo.

I have been waiting nearly 4 months for a refund on a Samsung 181T that became faulty after only a few months (Samsung have sent a credit note, allowing the retailer to return the monitor to them, allowing OcUK and me to get a refund) I email customer service every week (no point in phoning) and after a couple of days get a reply saying please be patient. I don't think anyone should have to wait 4 months plus to get a refund for faulty goods.


Rating 6/10

"In general Overclockers do well as they manage to get new products in fast.

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"Not at all pleased with their service and would not recommend them to anyone I disliked. My story is that, I ordered a Radeon 9500NP graphics card. After numerous emails back and forth to their sales dept to determine if it was the correct card, I finally had the assurance to click on the order button.
Well, it was NOT the right card the sales guy was telling me about, left me disappointed and wanted to RMA it, after his mistake I still have to pay a 15% re-stocking fee for returning it, you think that would be the worst of it, right? wrong.
I used my mum's creditcard for the order, so I had no way of knowing the money was credited back into the account (until my mum got her quarterly bank statements). We forgot about the money, because time went by and we thought that would be have been taken care off by overclockers, until one day out of the blue my mum thought she was down some money, I researched the statements and low and behold overclockers had not credited the money, I actually had to tell them after THREE months from the RMA request, what is going on. They apologised and credited the money, so the conclusion is that if my mum had not spotted she was down and I had not contacted them about it, they simply would have kept the money. Oh yea, they still took their 15% re-stocking charge after all that hassle. Pathetic, will never shop there again.

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Radeon 9700 Pro from them a couple of months back. Due to other computer issues, and ill health, I have only just been able, in the past 48 hours, to really use my system. Here is the text of an email I sent to Geoff Harris, the Acting Editor of PC Format: -

I first noticed that it wasn’t quite right the day I received it (the system)back, but figured that it must be my fault and that I hadn’t set it up correctly. I formatted the drive, reinstalled XP clean, and downloaded the latest Catalyst from ATI. It made sod all difference. The refresh (which I have always had set to 16x12 @ 85Hz on a Sony P520) was still ‘shimmering’. I woke up the following day with a blinding headache and spent most of the day in bed – coincidence? I think not. I contacted Overclockers who pointed me to the forum at www.rage3d.com (look for yourself under the 95/97/98 section - there are many instances). It’s even worse when it comes to gaming.

I am not what you would describe as a ‘hardcore’ gamer – I am currently playing Exile which plays beautifully on my old P4 1.8 with a crappy GF4 MX440 (or is it 220, I forget). Anyway, on this new system (Athlon 2700+, 512MB OCZ 2700, DRAGON KT400 Platinum Ultra, Audigy 2 Platinum Ex, 2x40GB and 1x200GB – Seagate and WDC respectively) it flickers horribly. The same can be said for all my games – and I have nothing that flings the pixels around at blindingly high speeds (Age of Mythology, SC4, The Sims, and a vast adventure collection). Girls don’t tend to play FPS, flight sims, sport sims or racers. You could argue that the 9700 Pro is overkill, but they don’t sell the 8500 anymore and I’d have been more than happy to settle for another of those. None of the solutions on the Rage3D forum helped. Overclockers tell me that they cannot RMA the card because it’s more than 5 (or is it 7) days old. But this is a health issue. I know my rights – though Trading Standards said it could be argued that it was a ‘feature’. Now, I don’t know about you, but giving someone a migraine is not a feature that I’ve ever seen listed on the box of any card I’ve ever owned. Surely, as this is a health problem, they should be obliged to give the customer their money back however old the card is.

I’d contact ATI (who also know about the problem but are claiming it’s nothing to do with them – they’re blaming everything from the motherboard to the power supply, to the planets being incorrectly aligned) but they don’t appear to have a UK contact number. You may also be interested in http://www.overcockers.co.uk/private/publicity.htmwhich is a letter that was published in your sister mag PC Zone this past issue (April 2003). This gives you a general idea of their level of customer service. I am in personal contact with Ben, sales manager of Chillblast and he said he would have at least contacted ATI, O/C have refused to do even that.

I have never come across such a rude, insolent, churlish, obnoxious – add derogatory adjectives of your choice – turd as their TS Manager Dave Dwyer. I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking to their CEO, one Mark Proudfoot, at the time of writing, but I intend to do so in due course.

I will never deal with this company again, and I will seek to discredit them at every conceivable oppoertunity.

I was even accused of damaging the card myself, just so I could claim my money back!

Rating 8/10

"I've bought 3 M/B and 2 cpu from them. I live in Portugal and i used to receive the packages 5-6 days after i post the order. No experience in RMA."

Rating 2/10

"I will not buy from this company again.

I used to really like them, but they have become extremely lax in the customer service department.

After a recent kerfuffle involveing a total of *3* consecutive dead-on-arrival motherboards, the last of which I am still in the process of returning, a defective harddisc AND its replacement (which wasnt the same spec as the original), and a defective case which I have simply lost the will to be bothered to send back, I am now convinced that they are selling returned stock as though it were new.

I hope their customer support efforts become reflected in their profits.

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