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Rating 2/10

"I would give them half a star if I could. Just to be clear I did not have a groupon.
I have used this company before in the past and loved them. Recently I ordered some books for my family and for my son's first birthday. One book was damaged. I emailed customer service, which states that you will get a response in 24 hours, and no response was given in 3 days. Then I called customer service who promised me a replacement book which would be sent to me overnight.

I waited 3 weeks and hear absolutely nothing from the company. I called today and was told that they are moving their facilities from New York to South Carolina so everything is slow. Customer service did not tell me when I would get my book. I had to ask. She said at least another week!

They were barely apologetic. Lesson learned. NEVER ordering from them again. Save yourself time and money-DO NOT use MyPublisher. Find another company. I don't care how good the deals look. They are a scam.

Also look at their BBB rating. They are not a BBB certified company, which says a lot, and they previously received a ton of complaints and have a D- rating.

Like I said, I was a previously loyal customer. This has been ridiculous. I just hope I get my book.

Rating 10/10

"I ordered a photo book from mypublisher on Aug 3, website stated 3-6 days, and they would email when shipped, after 2 weeks I looked at status, and it stated should be ready in 2-4 days. Then I came to read reviews, and got VERY worried! SO, I contacted service rep via email, and was told they would look into it, and get back with me within 2-3 days. In the meantime that very day it came in the mail, no pre-email that it had been shipped, then 2 days later got an email stating that it had in fact been shipped and delivered. They also informed me that the company was moving their printing from NY to Shutterfly in NC. I was above and beyond pleased with the book, guess they had some issues, but maybe resolved now with their move. Due to confusion they did reimburse my shipping, which was greatly appreciated! "

Rating 2/10

"I order a lot of photobooks. Lately I've noticed MyPublisher customer service people being rude & unhelpful and the quality of the product going downhill fast.

I just ordered a premium album from them-- $600 without discounts. I pretty much ordered all the upgrades. I wanted an acrylic cover with rounded corners-- but when I went to check out they wouldn't let me choose both those things (after they fact they have informed me you automatically get rounded corners if you get an acrylic cover--- would have been nice to know--- site is very unclear on these things).

Designing the album was a lengthy process... I didn't like their designs and made my own and send them images and they redid them... It took a few weeks of going back and forth-- but they were very accommodating--- though not usually thorough (hence having to go back and forth so much).

I placed my order July 13--- and after paying $26 for shipping I didn't get my album until July 29th. By then I was ready to tear into my product. My face soon fell as I went through the pages--- most of the images had a dark quality about them (and I've printed these photos before without a problem). I tried to shake it off--- but later in the day my spouse came home and made the same observation. I also noticed some white and gray borders I put on pictures were pink and chopped off on two sides in one instance.

I sent a message -- very detailed and full of photos. The email I got back was not at all kind and the message was pretty much "tough" and "it's your fault" was heavily implied.... "The images you sent in had a Thin Pink/Grey border around the image. This was not something we added." "We do not color correct the images. We will print the images just like you see in the files. Keep in mind, when viewing them on a back lit monitor it will always be brighter than a print."

My personal experience. Once you order --- they don't care how you feel about an item. They aren't going to be kind & certainly aren't going to reprint (etc) unless you go through a big hassle and even then ... good chance not.

This is a $600 prize I actually won--- so not a big loss for me--- but the way they treated me just left me feeling icky.I assumed they even gave the prize so that people would experience their new product and tell other people how awesome it is... but at this point I can't recommend them. I certainly would never spend so much of my hard earned money at a company that treats people with a --- "sucks for you" attitude.

Mixbook. I have a problem--- they apologize & quickly send me a code or put it in a reprint right away themselves. I think I know where I'm going to be doing my business from now on. (though fair warning-- they have a problem with the binding on their last page almost always... though they usually give me a reprint.)

Rating 2/10

"TERRIBLE!! At first I was super excited to of found this company. But that quickly went down hill. I wanted a premium album with almost all the upgrades(thicker pages, glossy print, foiled edging, premium leather, rounded corners the list can go on) I spent a pretty penny on this album(Over $1000.00).

I was amazed by how the designers put together the pictures in perfect order in roughly 5 business days. They changed anything I wanted. After that I put in my order. Expecting the order process to be done within 5 business days as stated on the website(lies), I went to check to see were my order was. When I punched in my order number it tells me my order can not be found. WTF?! So I called customer service. Well when they mean customer service they mean people who don't know anything. The person I talked to wasn't able to tell me anything!! She said I'm sorry I don't have the permissions to see where abouts your order is in I'll have to put in a request to my supervisor to look into that. Well come on why on their website does it say please call customer service to see the status of your order!!

Anyways I left it for a couple of days and then proceeded to again punch in my order number to see where it was. Again it tells me my order can not be found. I phone over to customer service AGAIN. They were unable to find my album. Eventually another few days later I get a call from Martha at MyPublisher. She wasn't very helpful either. She blamed the designers for the delay. And that I would have to call them to see why my album was not being processed.

WILD GOOSE CHASE!! When I got ahold of the designer let me tell you she was a real PEACH! NOT!! So rude. Asking why MyPublisher is sending me over to them and that the album is in the hands of MyPublisher. Again just a game of point the finger.

I was FURIOUS by this point! I then try phoning back to MyPublisher to talk with Martha. Well guess what she is now gone for a few days and will get back to me then. At that moment I am very very mad and start to show my frustration with the agent on the phone. When I finish there is no response. She had passed me off to Tianna in customer resolutions or something. Tianna was ok to deal with. In the end she basically tells me that my album was pushed aside for all the fathers day albums that were submitted. SERIOUSLY??? She then tells me that my album should be mailed out EXPEDITE by the end of the week.

Well it did ship out but not in the manner they told me. It then took another week to finally recieve it. By this time I'm just happy to have it....That was short lived. After only flipping through it with family in ONE evening the pages started to peel. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I have left numerous voicemails with MyPublisher to try and get this fixed! NO RESPONSE! I've emailed Martha again NO RESPONSE!!




Rating 2/10

"I'M GOING BACK TO SHUTTERFLY! Everything about MyPublisher SUCKED! Had I done my homework, I would not have purchased 6 Groupons, now I'm stuck with them and rather throw them away that try to use them. Everytime I made a book, or attempted to make a book, I ran into issues during every single step of the process. Their folks in customer service are complete idiots and completely useless! I hope they go out of business so no one else gets suckered into using them. "

Rating 2/10

"I have been using MyPublisher for years. The last 2 books I ordered were horrible. I couldn't get a supervisor to speak to me was on hold over 27 min. then disconnected. Told to return the books (I checked with PO actual cost to mail $6.49 was originally charged $56.97) Told to calibrate computer and reorder which I did and they turned out worse. Pictures blurry & dark. Told to take pictures of the problem and email them to the returns dept. i never heard from them. SOMETHING has changed at MyPublisher. No longer customer friendly & No longer superior quality. I am completely frustrated and now I'm in a bind trying to get new albums made in time for Christmas. They could care less!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Never again. I've used MyPublisher for years, since 2008, and been increasingly dissatisfied with the service. This year however, despite the annual photobook looking fine on the software when uploading, when it arrived most of the photos were arbitrarily rotated through about 90 degrees. The book was unusable (as a present) and a call to the customer service revealed they were completely disinterested in helping, fobbed me off with a range of "can't help you" responses, leaving me to redo the entire book with another publisher at considerable extra cost and waste of time. I will never use them again. "

Rating 2/10

"Years ago, MyPublisher USED TO BE an excellent company to deal with and to create photo books, calendars, etc. More recently, I used them to create a photo book and had the most frustrating and disappointing experience. Don’t get me wrong – the end product still seemed of good quality but everything leading up to it was horrible! Starting with the software to create the book, it took so much extra time to create the book because my photos kept disappearing when I would go back through the book to preview! At first, I thought it was on my end, but then quickly realized there was a problem with their software and it was moving and deleting my photos on its own. When I FINALLY finished the book and ordered it, I used a Groupon (be forewarned, don’t do it) and the correct pricing would not show up. The Groupon clearly said it was FREE supergloss printing, but it tacked on an extra amount for this and in desperation, I ordered anyway and thought their customer service would easily adjust. Big mistake. Not only could they not easily adjust it, but I waited on hold for over a half hour and then was rewarded with Raneesha, the rudest representative that could care less about my dilemma. She said her manager would get back with me, which to no surprise never did. I contacted someone through email that instructed me how to cancel and reorder so that I could get the free supergloss printing, which still didn’t adjust correctly. I gave up and paid the extra money and vowed to never again deal with MyPublisher."

Rating 2/10

"I have ordered loads of albums from MyPublisher over the years and they had really great customer service in the beginning, but over the past month, Their service has taken a toll for the worst. They are either under new management or things are falling apart over there. I don't know what's going on. I ordered 2 albums this past month that came out terribly. I contacted customer service and no one has been able to help me. I returned the albums, never received an email that they got it. Called a million times and was told the manager of returns would call me, they never did. Eventually after much calling I got my money refunded, which was not what I wanted. I put lots of hours and weeks into making those albums, and I wanted a reprint. Finally placed another order to get the damn album to send to family and I was supposed to be refunded shipping, but in emailing them, I got an email back saying they have no record of me ever being a customer. Basically, their service is shit and I am extremely disappointed. Their new updated software has also been really glitchy and when I called customer service about it, the man basically called me an idiot and said there was nothing wrong with the software. When I explained to him I have never had issues with the older versions, he said I'm imagining things. Not the way you should be taking to a customer that has been ordering albums from you for years. I am really never ordering anything from them again and I'm going to find another place to get my albums printed. I'm also letting my friends and family know that the MyPublisher that I used to purchase from is no more. "

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

"Absolute rubbish!!
Having been a customer for many years in February 2014 I had two books printed with an overall green colour caste. Despite numerous emails, phone calls and proof of colour caste I was totally ignored. No exchanged, no offer of refund no service. never , never again this company stinks.

Rating 2/10

" I have been a satisfied costumer with Mypublisher for several months now, I have spent a lot of money ordering from their website, and have recommended them to other people (by positive reviews on line and in person) on multiple occasions. Normally, I do not have to call costumer service. Unfortunately, I did have the displeasure of doing just that over the past couple of weeks.

I have been talked down to, put on hold for indefinite periods of time, and denied the opportunity to speak to a manager when asked for one, by Mypublisher costumer service.

On October 24th, after multiple attempts to do so due to website malfunction, I was able to place an order for an album. With rush production, I was guaranteed that it would be completed by 28October2013. I needed it by 31Oct2013 (1Nov 2013 at the latest), so I paid for it to be shipped 2 day FedEx. I got confirmation that the album was completed on 29October2013 (one day late). I tried to track it to make sure it was shipped but was unable to do so. I started calling Mypublisher and was place on hold by several of your costumer service representatives for indefinite periods of time. I would wait for 20 minutes then hang up and call again only to have it happen again. Occasionally, the costumer rep. would say that that she/he would check on my order and call me back. I never heard from them again. On October 31st, I called FedEx, they told me that while the shipping label was printed on the 29th, the order was not given to FedEx. I started emailing and calling my Publisher asking to help figure out where the problem was. On November 1st, I got an email from "Melissa" stating that my order was in transit with her "regards". I tried to respond to "Melissa" for help but my email came back as un deliverable. I also got an email from "Chanavia" who told me that the order was shipped on the 28th, which it was not. The people that responded to me did not have a return email or direct phone extension. You can email their main helpdesk and call main help line and start this process over.

On November 1st at 930 am, I (once again) got a hold of a costumer service representative (named "Allen" this time) by calling 1-877-411-6978 (I believe he was in New Jersey or Philadelphia, not sure) who very boldly told me that Mypublisher did everything right and that I did not pay for 2 day shipping. Even if I hadn't paid for 2 day shipping (which I had) the order still sat "somewhere" for several days after it was rushed produced. I found "Allen" to be extremely unsympathetic and rude. I asked to speak to Allen's manager and was (once again) placed on hold for about 10 minutes.

Eventually, Allen came back on line to tell me that after looking at the order, the manager sees that I did pay for 2 day shipping and that shipping charges will be refunded to me. "The Manager" never came on line to speak tome. I didn't want my shipping refunded, other than my order being here on time, I want a friendly, helpful, respectful costumer service representative. I want an acknowledgement that Mypublisher didn't do what it said it would.

My publisher is in the business of making sentimental presents, presents that are given for special occasions by sensitive costumer base. It was my impression (prior to this experience) that Mypublisher cared about it's costumer satisfaction. I was always patient with my orders, this is the only time that I needed it in a hurry.

When the book did arrive on November 2nd, it was nice. However, I will not work with Mypublisher again because they have horrible costumer service.

I was sent a shipping label to return my book for a refund. I will do that.

Rating 8/10

"First off, we were pleased with the final product. But it was a saga to get there. The software was a nightmare to deal with. First, it crashed multiple times, with loss of many hours of work in the course of the project. Secondly, in the final printing step dozens of portrait-orientation photos were re-rotated seemingly at random, starting halfway through the book. What a downer when we got the books. While according to policy we were responsible for catching this, customer service nevertheless promptly issued us a voucher to reprint the books. Three stars overall, with one extra for good service."

Rating 2/10

"I live in Canada and my boyfriend's cousin showed me a photobook she had made of her wedding, and told me she made it with mypublisher. It looked great, and I decided to try it out for a book for my sister's bridal shower present. I paid the extra 15$ to have it rush-printed and $15.99 "shipping costs" (really? for a 500g book?) to have it sent to Vancouver Island.

Anyways. The book comes in the nick of time (5pm on a Friday) and everyone is happy. Then I get a surprise notification one week after the book arrives that I owe Fedex a further $15 in customs tax. Huh?

I ended up paying and extra $45 for a $35 book, bringing my grand total to $80 plus tax. I'm not impressed and won't be using this service until they sort out a more reasonable shipping policy that doesn't include gauging the customer. The quality of their photo books is great, but the shipping BS sours the whole experience. After reading other customer service reviews, I'm not expecting anything to happen with my complaint, either.

Stay away.

Rating 2/10

"They stole nearly $1,000 from my bank account by accident without us ever actually confirming or receiving any purchase, said they would return with-in 1 to 3 day. It's day 5 and now my bank has charged me fee's. I don't want to waist anymore time on this (10 minutes with bank, 37 minutes with mypublisher support, 17 minutes with bank again) but thought I should contribute to their rating."

Rating 2/10

"WORST PHOTO GIFT APP EVER! It runs extremely slow while you're putting the book together. And purchasing a book can take hours! I had a Groupon voucher and the book was still a lot more expensive than using Snapfish or Walmart photos which is what I normally use. Shipping is overpriced too. DO NOT USE MY PUBLISHER!"

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