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    Product & services pricing Rating 7.50/10 7.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Customer service: 0.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
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Rating 10/10

"The two products I wanted (gourmet pretzels and a game) both had great prices on LTD. I was quite hesitant to buy through LTD due to the several negative reviews on this site. I decided to take a chance, figuring that folks are most likely to post a review if they've had a bad experience. Well, I got both items VERY quickly, and they're both PERFECT. Yay, LTD."

Rating 4/10

"I wont order from this place again. They provided me with a bad tracking number and I couldn't track the parcel which was a gift. I told CS the PO has no record of this package and CS could not even verify if the TR# was correct. Just wait wait wait is the answer. They said after 10 days if I wanted a refund i would have to fill out forms. I guess they even make that a headache for you. Thankfully it didn't come to that. The package was delivered indicating a completely different TR#. Plenty of better places to do business with in the future."

Rating 2/10

"Ordered one simple item, my address was automatically transferred directly from my credit card. Ltd Commodities put the wrong zip code on the parcel and when I contacted them their customer service blamed me. I still have yet to receive the item. I would never recommend them to anyone."

Rating 2/10

"Very strange experience. I ordered two items for Christmas, both items were listed as being in stock and ready to ship. I checked the status of my order the next day, and both then were listed as being backordered, with no available date. I gave it a few days, and called to cancel my order (no toll free number, by the way). The customer service rep said that she could cancel one item, but the other item was ready to ship. A few days later, I received a confirmation of return via email on the item that supposedly shipped just two days prior. I'm VERY glad I did not prepay the items, or I have a feeling I would still be dealing with them."

Rating 4/10

"What you save in price, you make up for in shipping charge."

Rating 10/10

"I have been ordering from LTD for four years now and have always been impressed with quality, price, and shipping!
Only once in four years did they ever forget to package an item (it was a coin, so it could have easily been lost during packing) and I called them and received it free of charge a few days later. I've had to return an item once and yes, I had to pay return shipping, but it was a good lesson for me to learn to never buy clothes online!! And only once have I ever been notified that an item I ordered was on backorder. Those are the only three relatively negative experiences I've had with this company in FOUR YEARS!!
You get what you pay for- make sure you read all the specifications before you order. I always keep a ruler or tape measure handy so I can figure out exactly what size an item will be before I order it. People shouldn't compain about something they didn't read into in the first place. User error and ignorance should never be blamed on the company.
I love LTD so much and will continue to salivate over its catalogs and spend lots of money in the future!!!

Rating 2/10

"I did not receive two items and when I did finally get an e-mail, they stated it was backordered for a month. A month went by and then it was now backordered for another two months. No compensation from the company except cancelling with no charge to me. I will no longer order from this compay. Horrible Service."

Rating 10/10

"I wanted to order some Christmas presents from the LTD catalog I received and decided to do my research on the company first. After all the negative comments about shipping and overcharging etc I was hesitant but decided I would risk it. Boy was I glad that I did. I received my order within 5 days and there happened to be one (out of 9) items missing so I emailed the company and they sent it out the next day free of charge. After that pleasant experience I ordered another group of xmas presents and again, here within 5 days of placing the order. Absolutely amazing! I will continue to shop with LTD. "

Rating 8/10

"I've ordered from here for years, and yes sometimes you get what you pay for when its really cheap. I've gotten things I've loved and then some not so good things. Sometimes the quality isn't what you think it should be. They take returns back easily but be prepared to pay for the return shipping! I ordered the wrong color curtains, which then of course the color i wanted was out of stock, cost 20 for the curtains but 10 to ship them back. My mother-in-law also had me order her this glass mosaic thing in "red" and really it was pink. My most recent orders were for the cheapest dvd storage bags I've seen, very nice by the way, and an awesome pool raft at the best price. You really just need to watch what you buy and you should be fine. I couple years ago I got my father a wine rack that was absolutely phenomenal and is still holding up great! Definately give these guys a try. Shipping is slow, it takes them a long time to ship out, so don't buy it if you need it fast! And there's no option for faster shipping, probably because it takes so long to begin with, but when it does ship, its UPS. (think tracking)."

Rating 10/10

Outstanding products, outstanding service. My family (mother in law, sister in law) have ordered from LTD Commodities - love their products, love their catalog. Orders have always been correct, always on time. Been ordering for 5+ years now. - Mrs. Munden

Rating 10/10

"After reading all the negative reviews of LTD that are posted on this site, I am really shocked & wanted to post my own review. We've had a business account with LTD for many years, & I've placed many orders with them for myself & many of our employees. The only minor complaint I would have is that sometimes their items are back ordered, & you may have to wait a substantial amount of time to receive your order. For that fact only, if you need something by a specific date, it's a gamble if you place an order with them. If there's no rush in getting your order, then by all means, place your order. Most orders arrive anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks. They do keep you updated on the back ordered items either by email or by you going to their website, logging into your account, & checking the status of the order. If the back order date changes, you'll be able to see it there. If it's back ordered for a long time, they'll contact you to see if you want to cancel the order. I wouldn't be afraid to estimate that I've placed over 100 orders with LTD over the years. Of those times, there have only been a few instances where I've had a problem that I had to return the item.
They've always been prompt & cooperative with resolving the problem. If the item needed to be returned due to damage or some other reason, they've always sent me a return label for UPS for free shipping on returns. Even though their shipping costs can be slightly high, you still save money over all if you compare their prices on an item you're buying with the prices at other places. Also, if you place an order online, you have the opportunity to review your order, along with seeing the cost of shipping, before you place the order. I'm not sure what the high unexpected charges are that some of these other people are talking about. Also, I've never had to prepay for any of my orders. During the checkout process, you can check the box to send an invoice with the order. They do ask that you pay the invoice within 10 days of receiving your merchandise. Since I've never had any problems with LTD, I have no hesitation in continuing to deal with them after seeing these reviews. In fact, each summer I can't wait until I receive their Xmas catalog, so I can start my Xmas shopping. After all the negative reviews that are posted here, it almost sounds like these people are dealing with another company than LTD, because I've never experienced any of the problems they are describing. I guess I can be described as one happy shopper!!

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Rating 2/10

"Ordered 144 tea lights for a program. AFTER the order was processed, the window came up with an additional $24 of shipping charges/taxes without allowing me to ok it first, and a note that it wouldn't ship for 10 - 14 days. The program was in 10 days, and there was no way to cancel or call anyone. I emailed immediately, asking to respond by the next day or cancel the order. They did neither. Instead, the order was backordered. I've filed a complaint with BBB and filed a form with the VISA company to contest the order. I've also closed out my VISA for fear they'll use it again. Even the VISA had no phone number, but I found they were in Bannockburn, IL. They also have an office in Northbrook, IL which I found out from the BBB.
If anyone's interested, their office address (from BBB) is 2800 Lakeside Dr. in Bannockburn, IL 600151246 and their Northbrook office is a PO number. Good luck!

Rating 10/10

"I ordered from LTD just last week, however had almost $175.00 additional charges to my account from them. These charges were unauthorized. I have been trying to get ahold of someone for two days. I have been waiting 50 minutes each time I call! Nobody is answering. I paid for shipping initially or that's what the confirmation read anyway. This is starting to scare me."

Rating 2/10

"DON'T DO IT!! DON'T BUY ANYTHING FOR THESE PEOPLE. I wish I would have read the reviews on this company before I purchased anything. I spent $240 I placed my order online on 11/2/09 no where on the site does it say how long it will take until you actually enter all your credit card information and the order is processed then it says 10-14 business days. I called the next day to cancel the order and they told me that I couldn't cancel because the order was being processed. So they REFUSED to cancel the order. Then I see things were on back order even when it showed that the item in stock so now I have to wait 3 weeks before those items get to LTD Commodities and who knows when I will get them. I check the order status on line and it stated that the order was scheduled for delivery for 11/12/09 which was total BS because I called UPS and checked the tracking and I was informed that the package wasn't picked up yet. So they are telling you to expect your package but the only thing that you can expect is for them to LIE and BS you. Spend the extra free bucks and buy it from a more dependable place. When you want to speak to a rep you have to wait a minimum of 30 minutes on hold just for them to laugh at you or hang up. When I told them I was going to lodge a complaint against them their response was go ahead we'll make that note on your acct and they hang up on you. SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRIVATION AND DON'T, DON'T, DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STUPID COMPANY. THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!

I contacted the BBB and low and behold I received an email from LTD saying tha my order was shipped and OMG I receive the package the following day and Michelle J responds to mky complaint with the BBB saying that she tried to get in contact with me which is TOTAL BS. Still missing the socks and seat cushions. Then I check my email and it says tht te socks were shipped on 11/17 today is 12/1 and I have yet to receive them. I wrote a rebutal to their response on 11/27 and I get a phone call from Michelle talking about how they have 14 days for me to receive the socks and that they are unable to track it because it was put in the regualr mail. TOTAL BS. You pay for shipping and they drop it in the mail. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? I think not. Then she informs me that the chair cushions are there but she doesn't know when they are going tobe shipped. I think now they are being totally spiteful. Then Michelle tells me "OH, I'M GOING TO HAVE YOU REMOVED FROM THE MAILING LIST!!" Boo who who. Is that a threat? like i would ever buy anything from them ever again. OH here's another thing...
I brought towels and I just took them out of the package and washed and dryed them, I'm LUCKY THAT I DIDN" BURN THE DAMN HOUSE DOWN!!! When I took them out of the dryer there was so much lint aka material that the towels were made of that the filter couldn't take anymore Imean it was like an 1"-1.5" of lint!!!!! I can't wait to be done with these people. I suggest that you get in contact with the BBB and REPORT THESE SCAMMERS. Good luck to all of you.

Rating 2/10

"LTD Commodities has to be the worst company to order from. I placed an order of 3 items in late march and i recieved the first item 3 weeks later, than i recieved the second item today (3months later). The 3rd item i still have not received.
This company does not tell you how much is the shipping and handeling fee. I made a call asking them how does their shipping and handeling work, their response was, they divide the shipping and handeling based upon the deliveries. I said ok thats fair but when i recieved both printed invoices the shipping and handeling was around $7 each. My opinion, that is expensive especially because most of the products are not made well. I advise anyone to "just" save their money and purchase a more expensive product. I learned my lesson and now know what they mean by the saying "you get, what you pay for".
Hopefully someone from the LTD Commodities company takes notice of these reviews and makes a change in their actions.

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