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Rating 2/10


I just wanted to add, since I too ALMOST got ripped off, that Broadway Photo is a scam. I am so grateful to have found the countless (I mean hundreds, actually) of bad reviews on the internet. Without them, I wouldn't have known what to expect after I placed my order, and probably wouldn't have had the foresight to cancel my order after learning my product was on backorder (8-10 weeks people!). Now, please note that I spoke to them twice to make sure that the item I purchased was, in fact, IN STOCK...to which they told me, that yes, it was in stock. Only to get THE EMAIL stating that is was actually backordered. I promptly canceled my order, only to be hung-up on.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PEOPLE...SAVE YOUR SANITY AND DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE FRAUDS (BROADWAY PHOTO - you guys suck). You might think you're saving a few pennies and getting a great deal, but all you are really buying is a bunch of headaches.


Rating 2/10

"Yep I am a fool as well.

I should never have bought from a store near Times Square anyway - tourist trap. However it was late afternoon, I was tired and wasn't thinking.

I was after a DSLR camera and had been for a while. I did my research on a Nikon DSLR D40x and it retailed for over $400 (body only). As I walked past Broadway Computer and Video, I noticed the D40x was for sale for $389 (body only). To cut a long story short, the "sales manager" (yeah what ever mate) said that the d40x didn't have many lens options and that they didn't have any left. He said, however, I should buy the D60 which comes with Nikon's top of the line ("$700") lens for $1100. I got the price down to $900 and he sold me a 8gb memory card for $100 and a Uv filter for $60 (Originally he had a price tag on the 8gb memory card of $389!!! - you can buy them on amazon for $20). I later learned that night that retailers were selling the d60 (lens included) for $700!

The next day I went back in the store and asked how much the 8gb memory card was (just to see if they changed the prices when ever they felt like it), and the saleman said $150, I asked him how much the Nikon D40x was and he said $2000 (even though the window displayed it for $389)!!!

So I didn't get ripped off as much as others, but never, never buy from Broadway Computer and Video.

The camera is good though (touch wood) even though I paid a couple of hundred more than I should have.

Any complaints you can email them directly at - sales@broadwaycomputer.com.

I believe in karma - so what goes around comes around.


Rating 2/10

"At first, i'd like to say i'm french, so i apologise for my way to write.
I bought a camera this afternoon at brodway and computer video's.
At the moment to pay my camera, the sales clerk added a 4GB SD card that he sold 199 dollars!!
I've seen the price when he gave me the invoice.
I wanted to retract but he said it was too late, that my credit card was already charged.
If you a tourist, don't go to this shop!

Rating 2/10

"I would just like to join the club of people who has been robbed by the Broadway Computer & Video store.

I went (well preparred, I thought) to buy a Sony videocamera on which I knew the price, but during the talk, the salesman asked me why not go for a videocamera that also has a good cameraeffect and thats was were I wasn't preparred. The salesman told me it was a totally new invention. It was the way ahead, he said and it was on a promotion price, normally it would cost about 1,899,- but the promotion price was 799,-. I bought the camera and later (as I came back to Denmark) I found out that I could have bought the camera in the BH store om Manhattan for 245,- (I did go to BH store, but it was closed). What was even worse, was that I could have gotten it cheaper in Denmark (about 400,-). Everything was a big fat lie and lucky Joe Ray (the salesman) that I first found out after returning to Denmark.

So, if you have a fettish to be cheated and lied to and then pay a lot of money for it, then you should go to the Broadway Computer & Video store. Otherwise, DON'T EVER GO THERE!

Will I go there again? Yes of course. To buy something? No, just to say hello to mr. Joe Ray.

Rating 2/10

"PESIMA TIENDA; Aun despues de habernos dado cuenta de que nos vieron la cara, fuimos a reclamar y se portaron pésimo, ya que como enla nota dice Not Refunds por más que trataramos de llegar a un acuerdo no se podía. Nos vendieron una camara DOS veces mas cara del costo en el promedio de las tiendas, te enganchan, te engañan y finalmente te defraudan....POR FAVOR NO VAYAN A ESA TIENDA, a menos que tengan conocimiento de lo que esta´n comprando, si no si siquiera van a tener un punto de referencia. MI COMENTARIO GENERAL ES, NO EXISTEN MAYORES DEFRAUDADORES QUE ESTAS PERSONAS. OJO les ponen etiquetas a los productos con precios dos o tres veces más altos, se suponen que te negocían el precio y finalmente aún así, lo logran. Al final le quitan las etiquetas para que no te lleves el producto con el precio en caja."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ5 online and received an email requesting me to call and confirm my order the next day. When I called, the salesman went to work at convincing me to buy add-on accessories, which skyrocketed the price of my camera. After I got off the phone, I realized I'd just spent over $400 for a camera (and accessories) listed online for $272! I also noted when I went to the web site that the price had come down slightly from the day before. After literally dozens of attempts to contact the salesman, he put me on hold for 10 minutes. When I told him I wanted to change the order, he was very resistant and pointed out what a great deal it was...and wouldn't change the order. He said my only alternative was to cancel the order, even though it had not shipped, and that I could not place an order with them for another 30 days. Fine with me!"

Rating 2/10

"I'm writing this comment about Broadway Computer and Video, on Broadway in Manhattan. I had taken my laptop here to be repaired by a "certified" Fujitsu computer repair technician. After taking my computer to the store, I was told that it would be repaired within one week. Fact of the matter, I didn't get my computer back for 3weeks. The computer technician named Nazir said it was mother board failure and they sent it out to Fujitsu for repair, something that I could have done...to make matters worse, when they received my computer from Fujitsu after being repaired, they gave my machine back with a non-functioning battery, and a broken CD-ROM drive, this was surprising to me since my computer came with a DVD-RAM drive and not a CD-ROM drive. Furthurmore, they gave my machine back to me with a older power cable that fails to stay connected. Recently when inspecting my machine, I just learned that they took out my 512 memory module and replaced it with two 256 memory modules.

After explaining this matter to Fujitsu, they were nice enough to provide me with a new Lithium-ion battery and DVD-RAM drive. I hadn't told them about the memory issue yet because I just figured it out yesterday (several months later). If you are taking anything to this store for repair, please beware of the fact that they will steal good parts off of your merchandise and replace them with older non-functioning parts. The computer technician Nazir was friendly when dealing in person, likely because he knew he would be lifting good parts off of my machine...

Rating 2/10

"I was swindled when I bought a digital camera in that quite big shop on Broadway. For once I went unprepared into a shop, not knowing what the normal value was of a camera that I wanted to buy. One of the camera's shown to me was priced 499 $ on the box itself and the fluent salesguy (Juan) managed to sell it to me at 450 $ while I was quite in a good mood.
It's only when I arrived back in Belgium that I saw the same camera priced at 189 €. On a US website I found it at 200 $.
I believe the trick is to overprice considerably all boxes in the store and then letting believe the customer that a good reduction was given.
My money is lost, I shouldn't have been so stupid but I wasn't vigilant enough. I didn't expect these kind of practices on Broadway, once again, it wasn't a little suspicious shop in the Bronx.
I feel quite pissed and ripped off. I don't expect to get my money back, it was sold to me at the price that we agreed, but the price is not market conform at all. Can I file a complaint to any instance that could stop these practices and prevent other stupid tourists to get lifted ?

Rating 2/10

"Cleary these people are scam artists. I was looking for a small digital camera and they first quoted me a price on a Panasonic Lumix 10x zoom of $869. When I said I was going to look up the price online, they lowered the price to 699 then 399 and sold me a 2gb card for $99 which I knew was way overpriced, but I had not done any homework on the camera. When I got back to my hotel, I found online prices beginning at $220 for the camera and that over 500 pictures had already been taken on it according to the counter. Obviously these guys prey on tourists, for as the other reviewers have noted above they don't tell you that all sales are final. It's only written on the sales receipt. You should expect to pay 4x the retail price and then not know if the merchandise is even new. BUYER BEWARE."

Rating 2/10

"I have just returned from a weeks holiday in Boston. A day before we left Boston for the UK i travelled to New York for the day and found the Broadway computer & video store @ 1623 Broadway.
I went in and enquired about an Archos 605 WiFi 160GB device which the salesman showed me. After some deliberation over price i decided that it was cheaper than i could have got it in the UK and bought it along with a docking station.
The problem arose when i took the box out of the bag and found that they had swapped the unit that he had shown me for the 4GB version which is a quarter of the cost and not the one i wanted. It was done so quick behind the counter that i never even noticed and being in a rush to get the train back to Boston i never thought to check in the bag until i arrived back at the hotel by which time it was too late.
I have just arrived back in the UK last night and found this site after searching their name to find an email address. I am now going to contact our local fraud squad to see what i can do as i believe i was intentionally defrauded of goods that i had paid for. These guys are definately crooks and need to be stopped. They use distraction techniques and forceful moves like passing your goods from one salesman to another while they are still talking to you even though you havent committed to buy the goods then before you know it they are ringing it through the till. They added the docking station on even though i had said i didnt want it then made a big deal out of it and told me how they had discounted it specially for me and made me feel harassed into buying it and while i was debating it with the salesman the other one was completing the transaction. I ended up just saying fine and buying it as i thought it would still be cheaper than i could buy it in the UK.
Steer clear of this place. You WILL Regret it as i and by the look of this forum many others have not including those who have just buried their heads.

Rating 2/10

"The 1/23/08 I bought a Super Telephoto Lens High Resolutin Professional Series 2X and a Super Wide Panoramic High Resolution Professional Series 0.45 X at Broadway Computer and Video when I was I New York, it do´nt work with my camera Finepix S9500 even if VAL a salesman said so, because it have a manual zoom on it. I payed 1050 +tax for the first lens and 599,99 + tax for the other, and when I look it up at the internet the price for the first one is 68$ and the oteher is 23 $, how stupid can one get I call them but only got a funny man saying it was ok to send it back but that was a lie, we do´nt give you your money back, I was toll when I got hole of the rigth store and talk to salesman VAL, and I got angry and said hi was full of s... He said he could give my some new lenes but I only what my money back, which I can´t get because they dont give money back for thing Your can´t not use. And all the time he call my a sir and I do belive I´m a women not a lady,that way I belive I can say he is full of s... I made him sad and that is a pile of s... I got scam, for the first time in my life and I´m not the foregiven one I will call them again and maybe I say to him he is still full of shit.By the way I from Denmark, I did send back the lenses but they refuse to take them back, of cause got the wrong store at the phone the first time. Maybe I get my good friend to call them he does´nt get so agree.


Rating 2/10

"These guys are scammers. Keep away from them at all costs. I got burned to the tune of $2,750.

I was actually on my way over to BH Photo Video. I had done my research and had my price list so I knew what I was after. On the way down 50th from my hotel I saw Broadway Computer and Video and thought I may as well check some prices in there before I make my purchases at BH. That was the biggest mistake of my life.

When I got to the store they asked what I was after. I showed them my wish list with the prices I wanted to pay. Things started of well. They matched the price on the Rebel XTI camera that I was chasing, and that gained my trust. When they told me they didn't have the lens I was after they offered something different which supposedly was much better. At this point I was in deep waters because I didn't have knowledge of that product (my bad), but I foolishly trusted that they would stay on track with the first good price they gave me and keep the prices reasonable.

To cut a long story short I purchased several items, most of them having a markup of 400-700% more than market rate. Memory cards worth $50, sold for $350. They kept trying to distract me with 3 or 4 people serving me at once, asking me if I wanted a drink or anything. I was served by Marty, Tito, and Robert. They were all super friendly and warm at the time but meanwhile they were ripping me blind.

When I got back to my hotel I had realised that they actually charged me $5,200 for $2,200 worth of products. At the end of the day I was stupid for believing their deals and I don't mind being overcharged a little and paying "stupidity tax", but this is absolutely ridiculous.

I actually went back and asked for a refund, but they said no chance. The store manager Robert said "we have a right to make whatever profit we want".

I can't believe these people can get away with this. I was really enjoying New York, but now I don't know what to think of this place.

Contact me if you would more information on taking action against this business theimmovableobject@gmail.com

Rating 2/10

"These people are scam artists who target tourists. I walked in off the street looking for a memory card for my digital camera. The salesman, Michael, led me to a locked case and said he had 512 Mb or 2 Gb cards available. He took out a 512 Mb card and handed it to me. I flipped over the package and saw a list price of $162 or $169 (I forget, and he peeled the sticker off the package so I don't have it). While I had no idea how much memory cards cost, that seemed a little much. He said the price was actually $89, but he'd sell it for $75. While I was paying, he opened the package, then asked for my camera so he could insert the card. I later called the company that made the card because I was suspicious, and was told the list price was $8. I called to complain and the manager, Sam Cohen, said I could mail it back and he'd refund my money. I sent it back by certified mail, but it was refused and returned to me. The credit card company took the charge off my account, but later called to say the company claimed it had refused the package because there was no return authorization number, which they'd never mentioned before. I've now sent it back again and am awaiting the outcome. These people prey on tourists and those who didn't do their homework before coming it. I recommend reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and the NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs."

Rating 2/10

"was as tourist in NY - had problem with camcorder Canon Hi8, entered 1623 Broadway and accepted exchange proposal for new digital Sanyo VPC-CG65EX at 1,516$; were told "a special promotial price"! The day after found out these camcorder could be bought at less than 400$!!!
Even a tourist 'in trouble' deserves a fair treatment: Shops with this kind of business practice( Italian maffia?) SHOULD BE BLACKLISTED!!

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT BUY ANYTHING HERE! These rip off artists mark items 2 - 3 x manufacturer suggested retail price. This is designed intentionally to rob people visiting NYC or peope that haven't had an opportunity to research a specific product. This practice actually violates NYC Administrative Code Title 20 Chapter 5, Subchapter 1 (www.nyc.gov/html/dca/resources/law/shtml). It's a disgrace that NYC doesn't do anything to stop these thieves from damaging NY's image and reputation."

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